Saturday, April 16, 2005

OK, your turn to decide

WHAT in the world should I call the blog now.
It's not our First year anymore???
I want your suggestions. So, either send them in E-mail or post them as a comment.

I just have to complain.
I don't normally complain on my blog, not like Naarah anyway......
Sprint must be the most messed up phone company I have ever dealt with. My original reason for using them is A. I didn't like SBC or whatever it was then. B. I got miles on my Northwest account. (real reason.)
So, anyway - I have had Sprint long distance for YEARS. As most of you would guess I pay most bills online. It seems that Sprint and Discover have done things to make it impossible for me to long into their sights. (Hated Discover already) (Oh yeah, Northwest dropped them like 2 years ago for the points, hmm should have switched then....)
I called SBC to see what it would cost me to have Long Distance with them, since I rarely use it. (Ie. I love cell phones) Well, you'll never guess what? I don't pay SBC a dime (because I have local) unless I actually make a long distance call.
I changed my Long distance right there and have been waiting 2 weeks for Sprint to call me with my last amount, because they stopped sending paper bills like 2 years ago, when I was still able to sign on and pay bills.
This morning they call.
I GOT THE DUMBEST GUY EVER!!!!! He wasn't even logged into the computer, He wasn't ready to take my information. I guess he was ready for me to hang up on him. I told him, A. Can't get on website to pay. B. I don't get paper bills anymore, so could not pay that way. C. Waiting for you to call, so I cancelled.
Not sure if he was so busy writing it down that he got confused, because then he put me on hold. (Guess he had to move to another computer.)
So, the thing that should have taken 5 minutes to do, took 25. Ok, that doesn't seem long. But I was busy grading papers....... Doing my job. WOW
Well, done with Sprint. HURRAY

Ok, that was my k'vetch for the day.....

ARG - OH MY GOODNESS - he made me burn my lunch. I was so busy waiting on the line with him, I missed the beep of the stove and ran up their to find lunch completely ruined. ARG I hate Sprint........
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