Saturday, October 30, 2004

""" CRY """"

It really isn't fair. They came, They had TV and

TV IS BROKEN. Whaaaaaaaa

I called to see if I could borrow a truck and go pick one up, but I would have to go to Pontiac. That would take all day. And I don't even know if parents would lend the truck. UGH
It looks like the soonest would be Tuesday. Cry
Well, the HDTV Directv box wont be here until Saturday. But no fair. UGH
I hope the couch has better luck tomorrow.

Friday, October 29, 2004


I don't think I can take anymore........

Today has been way to rough. Come to school thinking we would try to have a little fun and WHAM - we find out that there was a threat to the school last night. UGH
Someone wrote stuff on the wall in the bathroom. DUH The police were called and they dusted for prints and stuff.
We hope to catch the student - they will be expelled.

I dressed up some to help lighten the mood. I guess it was a good thing, because we really needed it. We have candy that was given out today. I think that helped a little. Basically we could get nothing DONE. UGH
Oh well, give them quizzes next week.
Talk to you soon. Hope to have pics of our new stuff this weekend.

Sunday, October 24, 2004


Wow, Saturday was the world of shopping.
Tom actually had the day off work. (I had written this all this morning but the computer acted stupid...)
Anyway - We went to Lazyboy and found a couch. Yes, a sectional. We did not get the whole thing. We got the two ends, without the bed and the corner. So, a chaise and a recliner. We were having a hard time deciding on what we really wanted.
They were on sale and it should be here on the 30th.

Then we actually looked at TV's at the New ABC warehouse in Novi. They took over one of the expensive furniture stores. Surprise, we got a TV. I figured we would just look, but the guy kept dropping the price. LOL Its a Sony, rear projection. We could not afford the thin LCD or plasma TV's. Too much money.
I think a 46 inch is going to be way bigger than expected.

Ok, so that's enough, they are starting to try to put some baseboard down.
I have to get out of the way.

Friday, October 22, 2004


Hmmm, I think the early mornings are getting to me.

Well, I have bad news. We shall not be playing Football on Saturday. At ORA the students have to maintain a 2.5 average for them to play any given week. I would say that coach found maybe 8 players yesterday afternoon with grades strong enough to play.
This Evil English teacher had warned the students that if they didn't turn in their homework and get on the ball - they would not be playing in the game on Saturday. Well, now they don't get to have a game at all. UGH
So, I shant be seeing all the peeps I went to school with. (like my use of old English and rap?)

We had the first PTSO meeting yesterday. I stayed. (Yawn) Nice people, but not enough showed up. I met a couple parents and pleaded my case for help and money for cameras and a play. I guess I went over well, they clapped.???
Love ya all, miss you all.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Oh this weather.
I am soo very tired. Work has a great deal to do with it. Although I think the football team had just a tad bit to do with that also.
Yes, I have the football team for study table every Wednesday. Although this weekend is their last game. HEY GUESS WHAT!!! They will be playing Saint Mary Catholic Central from MONROE, MI. Hmmm- who went there???? I can hardly imagine.

YES, that is where I and several people who read this blog went to high school.
Have a good night.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Still don't have any work done.

I had to get out of the closet in the spare bedroom. I could not take it anymore.
So, on Saturday I drove around looking for desks and decided on one. It's at Staples. Z-Line L Gemini desk - Light colored top and black legs.
Of course, I had to order the desk, it wasn't in the store- just the model.

I bought a hanging file cabinet, and shelves (one also on order.) Think Tom will be surprised when he sees what I'm doing with the shelving units. :~)

I guess you can saying putting all the stuff together is work, but I have school work to do. LOL Don't want to. LOL
Ok, so I have to go.

Hurray, I have some work space back. OK. I ordered my new desk - it will be in this week. The little cart with the phone on it is the color of the top and the legs are all black. So, all the black wire stuff I bought will match. I need something to place both computers on, underneath. I have an idea, but it might not be big enough for both. Time to hit another store. ANYway - I bought the shelves, hanging file drawers, wire stuff, and the new desk for about $200. Less than the one desk I liked at all star-desks. Not sure what to do with the old computer desk, prob in bedroom down here, and I like the little table, I have an idea for it. Posted by Hello

I WANT THIS DOOR. It is to the pantry that you can see in the background. It is sooo cool. Well, maybe some day. Posted by Hello

And here is the incredible new kitchen, just one side - with the giant stove that is giving them problems. Yes the granite tops are not there yet. You can see the new floor, the new ceiling, and the fridge in the far room. This was 2 weeks ago, the counters still aren't in, but I think the fridge was moved. Posted by Hello

Two of the dogs at Mom and Pa Frederick's house. I think it is Mario in front and that is certainly Gibson's brindle butt. They would not sit still. Posted by Hello

Here are the shelves. We tried to make the white around them smaller and well, it's uneven. So we are going to put wood around them. I hope that works. Posted by Hello

Monday, October 11, 2004

And Low there were detentions.......

MAN - I finally had to give out detentions today.
3 of them. I guess if you have to do it, Do it BIG.

The students are really just getting out of control.
I don't really blame them, I get tired of sitting and standing around here for 7 hours straight.
The students have to stay until 4:45pm because of the detentions. Heck, I'm here that late on a bad day.

MY BACK IS KILLING ME. I have a disc out of wack and it has hurt since last friday.
Yes, I am going to the chiropractor tonight. Hopefully he won't make it worse.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

A little sad

Well, it as been a weird weekend. We are supposed to get together with Rob and Naarah and I think they are trapped in the mall. The Jennifer McClintok store is there and well - I bet she is trying on dresses and Rob is crying in the corner.

I have been checking my friends blogs and wow - they get comments on their blogs. I know you are saying - I don't want to sign up to make a comment! You don't have to - you can make an a comment without signing in. Just click on the anonymous thing.......
I know you come look at my blog - the number keeps going up.... But you know, sometimes I want to know what you think of the strange things I find.

Congrats to Chris and Kelly - she is pregnant. WHOHOO. Excitement galore. And your basement is almost done. MINE IS NOT. NO money from the insurance company yet - making it impossible to finish.

We are supposed to go to the cider mill today and then maybe Stout's for dinner. Wow, hanging out with friends. What a concept.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Couldn't help it.

You won't believe this crap.
Dreamworks wants people to see the new Jim Carrey crappy movie so bad they started a blog. SO, of course I see this weird name of a blog that just got posted to and I check it out. The guys sounds so pretentious.
OK, I HAVE never seen one of the books. SOOO, anyway, if you want to read the insanity, here ya go. Also you can click to the main movie page with the weird trailer and stuff.

Margaret Cho

Wow! Ok, some of you are not going to care at all, but I found (through Blogger fun stuff) that Margaret Cho has her own blog. She has become rather political this year.
Ok, politics aside with her, she is very funny. I haven't read much of her stuff, but the democrats out there would probably enjoy reading her musing and audio interviews with people all over the country. She is even looking for sponsors to do a new TV show.

Work, I'm going and that is about it right now.
Talked to Schawna Thoma last night for almost 2 hours. We caught up on a lot of stuff. Yes, you heard correctly - she lives in Alaska and now works for the Mayor of Anchorage. DANG She said it is fun and crazy. Sounds perfect for her. Oh, the sad news - no TV (which isn't bad), but that means - no John Stewart - we have to remedy that.
Off to work again. Lets see if we can make it through today.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Tuesday Morning

Dang it, I am beat.
Work is just annoying. The kids are cool. And if I got to spend as much time working with the kids as they expect us to - we could actually get somewhere.
But of course, due to the fight last Wednesday - they ruined a perfectly good 7th hour for me.
I have at least 6 to 8 kids who missed the quiz last Monday. Gee, you'd think with a Sub they might actually just have them sit in the corner and take it, because they didn't do a DANG thing all week. But no, she made them wait till I got back... HMMMM So, I tell them all to come to my class 7th hour to take the stupid quiz. THEN I can't HAVE them 7th hour.
They were all trapped in their first hour class - I had 2 take the quiz. And had to wait for admin to run around like chickens with their heads cut off.
They sent home a form on Thursday or Friday that the students were supposed to bring back - it was about how they get home. (the fight was after school across the street in the shopping center) (they just lost all privledges to go get goodies after school). Of course, Admin did not get the forms to all classes, they also didn't inform the teachers we would be stuck with 1st hour students all of 7th hour and well - once again managed to just peev all of us off.
I know there are some teachers there (especially) the new ones who don't really care or mind about the 7th hour business. Considering they didn't have groups or have no life or just didn't know what to expect. But those of us who have been teaching feel like we are getting smacked every day.
Admin wants us to prepare the students, give them our full atten - and then they sort of make it impossible. Interrupt classes constantly, don't give clear instructions and certainly don't let you know what the plan for the week is before Monday at 11am. When we have to hand over lesson plans before school starts.
I should really make a list. Expected of us, and what they are doing.
I know, every job has it's problems. I'm just not sure how much I am willing to deal with. No, I'm not going to quit. But it makes me not want to put in 100 percent.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Back in Michigan

Due to my need to have at least one or two sick days left for the entire year, Tom and I returned to Michigan.
Today we are trying to get things back in order here. Our wonderful neighbors cleaned up the dead tree in the back yard, and I think they cut the grass. I need to stop by to retrieve our mail.
Michael, Ron, Pat and Ken are all still in Tenn. I'm not sure who is going home when. I'm also not sure who else is heading down and when.
Everyone is doing some yard work at mom's, or cleaning the boat (Tom and I did that Thursday). I few things that just needed to get done, that she couldn't do and keep an eye on dad.
Thanks for all your prayers and messages of love.
We will do something next year in Michigan.