Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Holiday Weekend

Hope your holiday weekend was full of fun, food and rest.
I on the other hand worked the whole time.

Too many hours in the store trying to get people to just decide on something to take with them or to order.
I have to admit that lots of people were nicer about ordering cameras and the free stuff than I expected. I totally planned on them being all mad that we didn't have it, but when they could get it at the same price by ordering it, they were fine.

I left work early on Monday to get some of my lights up. Especially the outdoor lights. It is cold out there today and the rest of my sub had there lights up on Sunday. We came home from the movies and the street was completely lit up.

Three more actual classes to attend and I have officially finished my Masters in Teaching.
Just have a couple more papers to write.
And finish paying them.

Tell you about Casino Royale later.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Emotional roller coaster

The ups and downs of the last week or so.

Tuesday last week - Down - Tom left on a road trip for the new cars they are building.
Wednesday - Up - school was nice and realized I have next Wednesday off school for holiday.
Thursday - Down - Giant shipment and so much work to do.
Friday - Up - Paul and I polished off the crab legs I bought and Tom called from New Orleans telling me they were having a great time.
Down - crappy pay check.
Saturday - Down - Dropped car off for Oil change and they tell me - oh hey - your car is now leaking coolant all over the place. YOU can't drive it home. (Thank Goodness for Gordon - drove me home.)
UP - Tom came home at midnight.
Sunday - Up - Mom finally cut and colored my hair - much more natural this time.
Down - Pet Expo at the rock Finacial showplace wasn't what I was hoping for. Though I was impressed with the number of animals up for adoption. Almost anything your heart desired. I managed to go home empty handed.
Up - Boston Market with Tom and Paul and watched TV. All the stuff we missed all week.
Monday - Up - Got my eyebrows waxed - was looking a little bushy.
DOWN - Told it would cost $1100 to fix my car.
UP - Shop I like better quoted lower and even went to rescue my car.
Down - couple of very cranky shoppers in the store.
UP - Got the call for our Deer. Yes, we asked someone who gets deer on his farm to bag us one. Tom and his father are currently skinning and cutting it up to get it in a fridge at the moment. I guess when it has chilled enough, he will cut it into appropriate sizes and cuts for cooking. After 5 years of asking, FINALLY found someone to get us a deer.

Tired, whipped and not looking forward to working the day after Thanksgiving. Well, I might get some decent sales.
Hope you have a great Holiday, if I don't get back here before then.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Stranger than Fiction"

We don't go to the movies much anymore.
Mostly because I am working Retail and things are busy for Tom making new cars.
But Sunday we decided to get out and see something.

"Stranger than Fiction" is playing and we LOVED it.
Yahoo, or whoever gave it like a B- and the only reason we can come up with is that there are no explosions, no car chases and it has really good writing.
Will Ferril plays a regular tax guy, who starts hearing a voice narrating his life.
Turns out it is Emma Thompson, playing a writer, working on a book in his city.
Dustin Hoffman is an English Professor at a local University and Will goes to see him to figure out what kind of story or insanity he is in. They have great interactions, and I loved watching Emma Thompson just tear herself to pieces trying to finish her novel.

I think the movie was an A+.
Someone in the audience sounded like they were sobbing, so I warn you - bring the tissue.
If you can't handle a little literature in your life, than don't see the movie.
For those proliferate readers - you will love the 24 questions Hoffman comes up with the figure out what kind of story Will is in.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

GO VOTE!!!!!!

Now that I got that out of my system, I certainly hope that everyone gets out there and does their civic duty......
I just want to party that the PHONE CALLS WILL NOW BE OVER......
Two years of phone free from Republicans.. (and Democrats..) HURRAY..

What else...
Work sucks- still in the hole after a week - had a return on the 1st of Novemeber....

Went to Court on Monday - we are done. Now the lawyers have some crap to do, we have to pay for the transcripts and umm then maybe in March the Judge will decide the case.

Also, it looks like Naarah and Rob found a home for Monti and Mortimer. I can hardly believe it. I have become a tad attatched. Now, I am going to give them up, because I really can't give them the time they need. I don't have enough time for my own piggies.
They are cute and I will really miss them.

Hope you have a good week.