Monday, September 25, 2006

Went to Paremeters to meet Naarah and Rob on Friday. We didn't quite hook up, but I got hard cider and some duck pictures while I was there. Tried for different kinds of shots this time around. Not sure I was real happy with all the colors.. The water color sort of bothered me.. Posted by Picasa

Everyone was giving themselves a bath. I thought lets try for some real movement pictures. I think it turned out cool, his butt is totally in focus, just him moving is out of focus.. Posted by Picasa

Simple picture. I liked the composition. She was rather sure of herself...  Posted by Picasa

Poor Monty and Mortimore. They don't know what they are going to be facing. I decided while cleaning their cage today that they STINK. Time for a bath. My foster piggies need love and care just like my own silly pigs.. Posted by Picasa

Mortimore asking me to PLEASE remove him from the tub. It was just too much for him. Overloaded little brain circuits... Posted by Picasa

SWIM, SWIM AWAY... Actually I was very impressed. Montgomery swims very well.  Posted by Picasa

Here we are trying to run from mom, she keeps putting this silly smelling stuff on us. Posted by Picasa

The indignity of it all. Wrapped in towels and dragged around in a plastic tub. We smell funny too. Posted by Picasa

I must now wash the cooties off of me. Mom touched me too much and it's just time to finish washing.. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 22, 2006

Tired, and feeling run down

I don't know what I wanted to post today. Little bit of everything I guess...

Winslow still won't take his medicine. We are getting more creative all the time. Burrito pig worked last night, but it takes two of us.
I gave him banana with meds on it this morning - after getting chewed on for 10 minutes. I think its working.

Cleaned cages, So I have happy piggies. But tired me.
Did I mention I made the cage bigger??
They are EXTREMLY happy about it. Everyone has full circle run space.

Some of our house guests should be leaving on Sunday. HURRAY. Not that I don't think they are cute, but I don't really like that they do have a SMELL. Rats smell, sorry no two ways about it. You might think piggies smell, nah you really only smell the hay, rats put off some smell.

Paintball last weekend was fun. I finally picked up some bruises. Right upper arm, left lower arm and high upper almost inner thigh. (OUCH) They don't hurt anymore, but it was certainly an interesting day. Nice weather and not many people.
Paul Thoma showed up and so did Karen from work. Karen and I are bottom row with our scary helmets on. Tom on far right.

OH - Alumni weekend is at SMCC the weekend of 29-oct 1. The game is Friday night and Alumni stuff starts at 5:30 I read. It is Paul's 20 year reunion. Oh are we getting old. I hope to make it to the game.
That Saturday I'm supposed to take pictures for the big High School Equestrian event in Adrian. I have to get someone to cover me at the camera shop. CRAP... I could make decent money if some pictures sell. I'll tell you later who I'm working with. HA HA

Tom wants me to post pictures that he took of bugs in the back yard. Ok, but they are on his computer. I guess I'll do that later.
Enjoy your Friday...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Picture from the deck of the realy cool web. I don't really want to meet who made it. Posted by Picasa

I have a picture of a spider that is living sort of on the doorwall. I didn't want to totally wig anyone out, so if you want to see it, leave a comment. I would guess it is a wolf spider, but will have to ask Paul.
It was the perfect morning to find the webs. I was shaking out the guinea pig blankets before they get washed, and oh what did I find.

BTW - Winslow is sick. He has an upper respitory infection and is more sneezzy and snotty than normal. I took him to the vet on Thursday. This morning was the first time that he and I saw eye to eye on taking his medication.
After a good 1/2 hour of fighting over it, he gave in and let me shove the syringe in the side of his mouth and took the medication. We had to stop for a potty break in the middle. (He really won't go on me, he will fight to the death to get back to the CHUBE (or poo tube as we call it.)

I told him, "You are the smartest pig of them all, you know the medication is good for you. Just take it and you will get left alone." Not more than a minute later, he gave up and took the medication.
And He never bit me once in the whole ordeal. In the spring I would have been left bloody. I really think breaking his upper teeth really changed his outlook on biting people...

This was a really cool web, between the tree and the deck. Problem was, to go straight on, it was just sky. Posted by Picasa

Couldn't get a good angle for the back to be dark enough. Also had to go manual focus, because it couldn't see the web, just the tree. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

September Blues

School has actually started almost everywhere, (Except for Detroit) and I don't have a teaching job this year.
Tom was basicaly surprised. He really thought that a job would just jump up and get me. I had a feeling that it wasn't going to happen this year. Especially since we still have to go back to court on Sept. 26th..

I'm working at the camera store (Ritz) and it is going ok. The pay fluctuates a great deal depending on what I manage to sell. Sales incentives can be evil things, there didn't used to be too many camera with them, so you wound up pushing the same old thing all the time. Now, most cameras have one (SI) so you feel better getting them something they will more likely enjoy.

Tom took some vacation time, as when they start building the car he is working on - he won't get any vacation time until after January or February. Christmas totally depends on if Chrysler decides if they are going to take a break for the regular break... IT will probably be very short.
I will be stuck working retail hours. Not something I really want to do.

I tried signing up for Substitute teaching and was told, we have too many - in Walled Lake. Tried Novi but I haven't heard anything. I think I need to call them.

I am taking my last Master's class. Hmm, guess I better sign up for graduation..
Hope September is being better to you...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Matt is gonna kill me, but hey, he posed for the photo........ Posted by Picasa

Welcome Captain Jack Sparrow, to Michigan's Holly Grove. A long way from the Carribean. Posted by Picasa

New fountain. Very pretty with all the flowers, and umm. Tom took most of the pictures today.. (He may get inducted into the geek photo club.) Posted by Picasa

How could anyone say that is the face of a mean dog. A puppy pitbull, he is the cutest thing. Posted by Picasa

Kiss, Kiss- Naarah's new hat. Posted by Picasa

The group, actually Mike and Ashley were wandering around somewhere, we saw them at the Washing Well Wench show.  Posted by Picasa

Ok, I thought this was a decent picture of me. Nice job honey. Posted by Picasa

Ok, Here is Matt enjoying Jason's new Horns.... Really, Jason bought them... Feeling a little horny are we??? Posted by Picasa

Me, Karen, and the German Interns from Karmann. We continue to have almost 8 or 9 people go play paint ball each time. COOL! Cupcake, the guy all the way on the left, is the only one that has gone all three times with Tom and I. Posted by Picasa