Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cedar Point

We survived a crazy day at Cedar Point. In case you were wondering - YES I did actually ride the Drag Thrill Racer. 420 feet tall, and 120 miles an hour. Mom and I had our eyes closed, we were scared to death, Chris and Michael were insane with their hands up or something.. I do have a picture. But I have to scan it, you'll see it later...
Here are some other pictures I took with a throw away 800 asa film camera (Fuji) from Ritz.

Mike and Chris went on a couple of rides that Mom and I said no way too. We don't do circles and especially circles where you go upside down, or rock like a boat. Ocean motion is not my friend... This ride on the right is called Chaos, yes the cars flip upside down. Mom and I were in charge of all their loot.

The one on the left is called Max air. I do believe that Mike and Chris really are on the ride. I was going to zoom in, but then you lose the scale of how big the ride really is.

These shots are us on the Blue Streak for like the 4th time that day. It rained really hard around 4:30 and we hid in stores. Once it stopped we put the goodies in the locker had some dinner and stayed until they threw us out of the park. IT WAS EMPTY, everyone got wet and went home.

We rode all the rides.. The Gemini finally opened again and the Mine Ride.

This is my favorite shot of the day.....
We were bad and took pictures on the ride, we could have been removed from the park... opps lol
Anyway, enjoy. I have a couple more, but these were certainly the best. And needless to say, we looked rough at the end of the day...

Throwing a Party

Hi All,

I know I mentioned once before that we are planning a party..
I realized that we have to get the roof done, so better plan the party for after?? whatever...

I do know that I wont be ready in 3 weeks. So.....
The party is in July.. The question now is July 8th or the 15th?
Does anyone have a major preference???
You may leave a comment here, or send me email... I guess I'll send email to most people about it anyway...
July 8th is the end of the 4th of July week, so how many people will be on the road returning from somewhere???? Let me know.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Darn, moving to much to actually get the name of the place. Oh well, it is near the Best Buy and stuff on Haggerty. Posted by Picasa

Was going through my stuff and forgot about these pictures. Tear down the old to put in the new, don't know what is going there. Posted by Picasa

Old Motel on 8Mile and Haggerty in Novi/Farmington. They were tearing it down, on our anniversary. Tom and I were out driving around, so we took a couple pictures. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Seeing things...... (EDIT)

I must preface this post by saying that YES and NO - I was seeing things... My husband did leave the note on my desk from Detroit Country Day Middle School. The problem is that it was from the original message on the answering machine. Tom has dyslexia and it was Call back on Tuesday, meaning she originally called me on Monday and there was a lot more to the message on the machine..... (we had to go listen to it to get it right.)

There was also another message from an insurance company stating - I have your resume, I think you would fit in here, give me a call. Well of course they have my resume - it is posted on the internet. Tom thought I sent it to them. I doubt it..... Anyway, I'll call them and ask, and how does one get paid at your company. If it is 100 percent commission you can kiss my A**.
I have a teacher friend who got into a mortgage company - 100 % commission, that was February - ummm it is the end of May and she STILL has not seen a paycheck.

So, here is the original post in all my too early in the morning to function glory.

I feel like I am seeing things..
I think my husband is trying to make me crazy... Or I already am and just don't know it.
(How could he go all day yesterday and not call me or tell me when I got home last night?????)

There is a note sitting in front of my computer.. It says.

Persons name (keeping the masses safe)
Detroit Middle School
(phone number)
Tues call Back(s)
Did they really call and want to see me again. NAARAH - I need to get into your closet? Where is that suit? I only have the one now....
I work 11-7 today and 12 to 8pm tomorrow (or later as it is inventory)
Heart attack, I think I am going to have a heart attack...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Interviews and Work,,,, union anyone

Ok, I still feel run down - no sun - I feel mold growing on me...
But, hey everyone else in Michigan feels the same way right now.

Monday - Interview at Detroit Country Day Middle School. For those of you who don't know, that is probably the most prestegious school system in Michigan. Ask me later what the tution is..... I thought the interview went well, though I am not sure that I am type A enough to work there. I would guess they don't sleep...

Sun-Mon-Tues - working for a living at Novi Ritz camera. It isn't bad, I am making my goals and seeing people that I enjoyed meeting long ago when I first worked at Ritz. They are all so very nice and the new equipment makes doing photos so much more fun.
I sold a camera to a lady who bought a 360 lens, to do those virtual reality room shots, like in the hotel rooms and realitor sites. Very cool, we had fun playing with it.

Tuesday - Well, off to the lawyers for all the fun to go with my previous employement. We are working on it. We may know something come July...

Tuesday - The teachers at Old Redford Academy charter schools voted FOR the union on Tuesday evening. I expect there to be a big write up in the paper and hopefully some stuff on the news. This is a big deal for Charter schools and the MEA.

Wednesday - I am hanging out at home doing laundry, and cleaning some. I should be painting but man everything feels a little moldy to me.. ewwww
I work the next 4 days straight and we are doing inventory on Sunday night. This will be a long weekend. ugh.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


That is how I feel...
Whether I really am or not, is totally up for grabs.
The weather here isn't helping, although I sort of like the rain, getting tired of being cold.

I have an interview tomorrow and that is probably part of my problem.

Well, off to work today.
Happy Mother's Day to everyone that applies too. :~)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Off to WORK....

Ewww, the 3 most horrible words on this planet.
(I can think of others, but this will do for now.)

I actively started looking for work on Saturday. And well, today I go to training for Ritz.
I stopped a couple places on Saturday and realized that yes, I would rather work at Ritz camera again.
So, I called The District Manager on Monday and ask for a deal. Basically I said I would cover for people on vacation and work with Gordon at the Novi store.
She tells me she needs help at the Summersett Mall store, they have a good business going there. Well, the Dm and the manager at SS have different ideas of what they need......
Gordon will get me hours, and I will probably make more there than other places. (Get commission)
I thought I had an interview for a key holder position yesterday and opps they got that wrong.. No way am I doing clothing for 6.50 an hour. NO WAY...

Anyway, wish me luck.. Naarah and I go to training today. LOL see ya there.