Sunday, August 28, 2005

Had to turn it on.....

Well, I finally had to turn on "WORD Verification" for the comments section of my blog.
Considering that Naarah posted one lovely comment to my last post and then there were 7 more advertisements.
I noticed when I had logged onto blogger the other day that they had a note up about Word verification. It's just like when you order tickets to a concert online. Keeps the computers of the world from just hitting your blog.

It's Sunday. I need to do my lesson plans, and I don't feel like it.
Tom and I went bowling this morning, then saw "The Brother's Grimm" and had bad Wings at Buffalo's Wild Wings. Mild, is well lets just say, Vinager eee.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Friday, August 26, 2005


Yup - I'm looking forward to Prom. (ALREADY)

It seems that As the Seniors English teacher I am really the only one that has them all together in class. All their other classes are split with other students. So, they sort of asked me to be their sponsor.

Hey, works for me. So, I remember how much I enjoyed my Senior Prom. We had it on the Star of Detroit (oh so long ago) and I thought what better place to have prom than the new Detroit Princess. If you haven't seen the commercials or heard it on the radio, there it is on the website. I have been dying to go see it. Now I have an excuse.

I understand how our CEO of the School thinks. Trapping the students on a boat for a couple hours is something he would go for. They can not leave, they can not come late, they will be under control the whole time. Hard to hide booze getting on a boat. :~)

Hmm, gonna need Photographers.... Do I know any? But you need backgrounds or maybe not, they might have a pretty corner?

Anyway, yes, we talked about Prom today. Hope we can find a way to afford it.

Our First Year - Number 2

Our First Year - Number 2
Hey, just checking everyone's blogs. WOW, people have been updating.
I finally caught up on some blogs that Naarah has linked to on her blog. Rat boy is a Wee bit behind there laddie.
Carrie finally posted.
I also watched someone's black and white footage of their cat.
Ok, I found it really funny because they play some of the games that I used to play with our cats. The one labled Halloween reminds me of many days I was so very happy the cats were missing front claws.

Once again, I survived a week of school and feel like we got SOMETHING done. We really needed to get the students used to a schedule. The last two days I have asked them, "what do you do in Mrs. Frederick's class after the bell rings." Some of them were very clueless, but happily almost all of 4th hour got it right on the nose. (BTW - we do Journal entries and then do the Wordly Wise homework.)
I graded two hours worth of 3 paragraph essays today. I couldn't take it anymore and went blog hopping. My 2nd hour class has 29 students in it. That is a lot of horrible grammar to wade through.

I also thanks the lords of Freon. The weather has peaked at 80+ the last few days and today if I didn't have Air in the classroom, I may have done something drastic. Lets just say stuffy and a little bit rank in the hygeine area on someone.

Well, off to do the school blog.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

How to delete a comment?

I can not seem to find the rules for how to delete a comment someone made.
If you know how, please let me know.

Hmm, was expounding on my time in school and you know what....
You don't care.
Overall they are being good. I have a few goofballs, but that is the extent of it.
I think the seniors are the toughest to teach, they know enough, but do not wish to do any work.
I am also beginning to think some of the classes are getting an ugly group of different people in them.
ok, that's enough- again.

What is going on for Labor day. Anyone have anything fun to tell me to go to? Maybe Ren Fest. It is that time of year again.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Week 2

oh, well I had a nice post and opps.
Stuck it on the other website and this dumb thing does not let you copy and paste from your posts.

Survived one week with the students.

I am wearing a skirt again. Someone please tell me the name of some really comfortable tights for ok legs and a big butt. I am going crazy. I swear the leg part is fine, then I am dying all day because I can't breath or the tights are trying to crawl down my leg because they are so tight.

And for the thought, don't wear any--- Not allowed.
Especially not with a skirt that comes to my knees. I sneak with the long ones, but it will not work with this one.

Paul came to interview at the school. Let's see how long it takes to get in touch with him.

Had a semi busy weekend.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Stupid tests

I know I'll get spam, but I gave them a rarely used email address - I scored 124 on an IQ test.
Not bad.
The older you get, it seems you might get a little wiser....

Off to find more stupid things to do on the internet.

Some pictures and SPAM

Ok, for those of you dying, there are some pictures.
OK - slightly angry at Blogger for losing the RANT part of this blog. It was in the middle- how did it do that???
Could they have decided to edit me - how that quickly - people put porn on their blogs and I get edited. I think it just all screwy.

But my main concern this morning is that I got a SPAM comment on my blog. I am trying to decide if I want to be mad, depressed, impressed or what?
MAD - how dare someone post a SPAM in a comment - get your career started call us today...
Depressed - How low can you go??? You have that much time to post comments on blogs, or someone is paying you to sit there and paste that comment on how many blogs a day. How much do you get paid for such a demeaning job.
Impressed - That someone other than friends have actually looked at my blog. LOL Sure, ok they probably were just passing through.. But - they could have looked at my rambling post and realized, cool a teacher with something to say... I doubt that.
WHAT? - You put all those feelings together and get what? I have posted and sort of kept up this blog for over a year. (Much better than some people I know.) I try to make it interesting with pictures, which is what most of you want to see.
So yeah, Spam on a blog. How sad......

I have to bad mouth a company..... (reinserted) Bluestarshows (Computer shows)

(shortened- for having to redo)
At the Novi Expo center this weekend Bluestarshows came in with computer stuff. If you know me, I have been buying and putting together computers for 7 years or so now and been going to that show for a long time.
WELL - IT SUCKED. It is now a crappy laptop and some printers and major bad software show. Oh yeah, don't forget the crappy gold jewerly and car audio shakers - boom machines. I went in looking for USB Floppy drives - hmm $12 to get in and you want $40 and only one place had them. I could walk across the street to Compusa and probably get one for that. WITHOUT THE $12 entrance fee. $5 for parking and $8 to get in.
I didn't mind paying to get in when I could buy something cheap, but walking out empty handed and mad at all the pricing on what little they had, STUPID.

I saw harddrives at the show for the same price as STAPLES 15 minutes earlier when I went to get stuff for school.

So now, I want my money back. I need to email the company and complain. That computer show used to be great. I understand the overstock and eBay and everyone else online has really cut into their business, but man I was really disappointed. I have gotten several computers and parts for myself there, and the following people computers or a lot of parts there, Tom , Paul L and Jane. It was where I enjoyed shopping. Now it is like a stupid flea market. I swear I saw more stuff at the Gibraltar Trade center shows and that only costs what $3 or $5 to get in.

That's my two cents.
OH, The kids start school Tomorrow. We are 15 teachers short..... Make of that what you will.


Hi forgot the river boat on the Mississippi, very nice. Yeah, the water was sort of blue, brown here. No where near as dark as what it will be a couple hundred miles south. Posted by Picasa

slightly blurry - no tripod - picture of downtown Chicago from a point near the science Museum. forgive me for forgetting the name of the point. We visited Chris Bard in Chicago on the way home. Wonderful time to stop. 8-9 hours from Minnesota and then 4-5 more home on the morrow. Posted by Picasa

Touching the Mississippi. I have driven over it 4 times now, and have finally touched it. We didn't fit in a paddleboat cruise. Forgot to schedule that in. Posted by Picasa

BIG TREE, on the Mississippi River in a town called Lacrosse in Wisc. Stopped on the way home, Nice day. Posted by Picasa

Nice kitty. I love 5 mega pixels and the ability to crop. He was about 30 - 50 ft below me. Posted by Picasa

Minnesota Zoo, yes Camel rides. No, I did not go. Tom kept asking me if I wanted to. I'll pass thanks. The zoo was very interesting. Posted by Picasa

The man we went to see. Rich Grant. Nice town, lots to see and do and EAT. Oh yes, always must find good food.... Posted by Picasa

Yes that really is Tom on a Horse. I can get him to do fun things. Posted by Picasa

Dinner Cruise. VERY NICE, I totally suggest going on that if you go to Wisconsin Dells. Posted by Picasa

Mount Olympus water park, with Go Carts and Rollercoasters. Nice designs, right on the road, so much not like Cedar Point. Did not need to go in, could almost all from the road. Posted by Picasa

On the Catamaran Ferry crossing Lake Michigan, Muskegon to Milwalkie. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Last day of Freedom

At least I think it is my last day......
I have not heard from work. It is just like them. The small things always go flying under the rug and they forget the little things. Like calling teachers to tell them when and where to be on the first day back. Unless they changed the schedule again and whatever?

I have been updating myself with everyone else's blogs. Sometimes I get busy (or go out of town for almost 3 weeks) and forget to check up on everyone else. Sorry, it has taken me a while to even get back to my own blog.

Some People wanted ALL the pictures from Wisconsin and Minnesota posted, NOT gonna happen. For one, Tom and I took over 200 pictures. I did get 91 printed at costco (sorry all the Ritz people - but I can upload them now AND get them cheaper). If I have your email and thought you might be interested - I sent you an invitation to go check out the ones I had printed.

As some of you know - I have been working on a DVD of Naarah's wedding and photo's that at least 6 of us took. I started adding up the hours in my head and realized that I have at least 5 days (8 hours or so) wrapped up into that work. Now, everyone is always complaining about how much it costs to get someone to tape things, or Photograph stuff and I can tell you - it is not just showing up - taking pictures and getting it printed.
I gave Naarah 2 versions of the wedding yesterday. They wound up staying rather later waiting for it to burn again. It seems I just can't spell her name. Don't ask me why, I just get it wrong all the time. At least that wasn't all I was fixing in the video.
Anyway, I am now doing the tape back up version of the whole thing. Let's just say, I was really busy when I made mom's first two DVD's and well, Now I am paying for not doing the TAPE backup.
OK, So back to my point. The next time you hear that someone pays $1000 + for their wedding video (and it looks anything or better than mine) you should be impressed. If they pay $2000+ and don't have more than one camera (they may have been gipped) depends on if they are using big ole' 3 chip or new HD cameras. You got to pay for that stuff.

Now I remember WHY I did not go into doing wedding videos as a job. The stress of doing it right (without equipment failures) and making it look like the vision in the parents or who ever is paying for it's head is way too much for me. Not to mention lighting (a problem at Naarah's wedding) audio (which I had mostly covered) and a million other little things.

The funny thing is. I do miss spending more of my time editing. It is as addicting as playing Everquest 2. I know I don't mention playing much (because most people wouldn't get it) but I am just as addicted as most people like to joke about it. Editing can be a lot like playing the game. You keep finding little things to fix. And in no way am I a perfectionist!!!!!
If it didn't take so darn long to have the computer make it all perfect and then burn it, I would probably be fixing things forever. Naarah's wedding video is 52 minutes long. It takes at least an hour to Render the show and another hour or so to burn it to DVD. It took at least An hour and 15 minutes to get it to Render for the tape layoff and now it will take exactly 55 minutes to put it out to tape. AND during all that time - I can't play my game or anything else on that computer - and everyone wonders why I insist on having 2 machines.

I have to admit - that I have a nice computer. When I know what other people are using for home stuff. That would be this computer that I am posting and emailing and playing with pictures on and compare it to the video computer - DANG.
And you know, I still don't have enough Ram, or a fast enough Chip set - I need the dual processor set up. Then it might not take as long. HA HA Nope, then I'd just add more impressive things to the video to bog the computer down more.
Yep, I certainly would.

Oh yeah, I got a green screen this summer (updated editing program and got it) so, if you want to be the weather man or umm, something else like that - I'm game. I hate having new toys I haven't played with yet.
Well, have a good day.