Friday, December 31, 2004

Paul Thoma and Michele, finally come to visit us. Thursday. wow, and now we are off to a party tonight. Friday. Posted by Hello

Tom the action man Posted by Hello

Dowtown Greektown, nice day - Wednesday Posted by Hello

4 of us in the Greek Restaraunt, thanks to Alex the photographer. Posted by Hello

Heidi, Rich and Alex Grant, visiting us on Wednesday. Busy, Busy Posted by Hello

Schawna, Elizabeth and Chloe (sp) - Elizabeth's Baby. Monday Posted by Hello

Schawna, Mike and Tammy - Monday Fun in Ann Arbor Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Ok, so he was really scarey this morning..... Posted by Hello

x-mas morning madness........ (c)thlf 2004 Posted by Hello

Happy Holidays, Look we finally met Michael's new girlfriend. Do we remember her name, no,,, oops. Posted by Hello

Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve - We made it....

Ok, so I made it......
Tom is passed out in bed. He worked the night shift yesterday and did not drag himself into the house until after 5am today. He didn't come to bed until it was about 8 am. I can't believe it is 10:30 already. EWWWW
We were supposed to go shopping with UNK, but I hope he already made plans. I should call over there.

Our first holiday as actual Husband and Wife. I have one good surprise present for Tom, and he claims to have one for me. Even though I have been using my Christmas Camera for weeks now.
It will also be the first holiday without my dad. Thanksgiving wasn't quite as bad. Tom and I were at his parents - that was normal. Moving my mom to Michigan, that was not normal.
Tonight we go to my Aunt's house and I'll see some relatives that I haven't seen since last Christmas.

I'm feeling ok, just tired - too much snow shoveling yesterday. And some last minute shopping.
I guess I better shower and wake Tom up, to see if we are going to his parents. I have to take some stuff over there.

Have a great Holiday. If you don't have 100 presents to open, ENJOY sleeping IN.... All my poor retail friends. I have been there, I remember. Take Care

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Ah, some of my favorite people from work. Jonathan on the right, Keira, Erma, and Kristy. Jonathan is Myra's son, and well we sort of adopted him. The holiday party was fun. We did have a good time. I have lots more pictures, just ask and I'll post them... :~) (c) TLWF Posted by Hello

Hmm, this picture didn't post earlier. I like the camera, it takes very nice pictures. (c) THF Posted by Hello

Got the highlights to come up on this particular fish. Dad raises the discus. They are a little hard to take care of. Lets just say Tom got carried away with the camera on Tuesday night. 12-21-04 (c) THF Posted by Hello

Unk made it to town. Back from Asia and here ever else he traveled this year. In Michigan for the Holidays. (c) THF Posted by Hello

This is the newest addition to the Dog population of the Frederick families. This is Duncan, he was rescued by Amy and Todd. All I can say is he has the cutest face ever. He may be part pitbull, so they had to save him quick, because that is instant death in Washtinaw county. (c) TLWF Posted by Hello

Hi, time for a picture update, this is Gibson, our favorite cutie bulldog. He seemed very sad, we think it is because he lost his mommy dog recently. (c) THF Posted by Hello

Monday, December 20, 2004

What, What - It's Monday before Christmas?

WOW, I almost thought it would never get here. Not that I am ready by any stretch of the imagination.....

Would you believe I spent Saturday at the mall? I know, there must be something extremely wrong with me. I did catch a really good sale, surprise. I dodged the millions of people in horrible long lines. JC Penny had like one line open to buy stuff, Thank goodness I was in the shoe department. I had to replace my winter boots (I loved the old ones, but got more traction like ones this time.) Yes, those boots died in the flood. Anyway, it's a good thing I got the boots, DID you know it is 1 degree Fahrenheit out there right now. I'm Not kidding.
We are hoping for the snow, no school on Wednesday - do the snow dance with me.
For some reason my neck and shoulders hurt this morning. hmmm
Well, I guess I better get the car started.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Dang, My Bad

Sorry, I haven't blogged in a while...
Lets see, I hurt my back. I think it's better now.
The high school kids finally won both games last night. Jv and Varsity. They will be impossible today.
We are stuck in school until next Wednesday. Yes, check your calendar, almost everyone else's last day is the 17. Ugh
What else. I want to see people over break.
We are considering a New Years party.... Depends on what I can get done over break. Just an all day, stop by type thing.
Ok, that's it for now.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Finally a picture of the new Perdita. Picassa doesn't do it justice.
Yes, Everquest 2 - the fun and excitement.
I am home today with a messed up neck and back. So, time to spend time playing online.
I made a character called Amaging - she will get a last name - who will be the craftperson for the few people that we know. That takes a lot of time. Which, I guess I have a little more time than all my friends who work retail and factory jobs.....
Anyway, crafting is going well, and she is high enough to get off the island now. Later
Tam (c) Sony and TLWF Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

This is the 1st quarter of the truck. We used every blanket and even the rugs. Hopefully we have a full picture somewhere else? Posted by Hello

Friday Night of the Move - Mom's living room Posted by Hello

Nice, Tom's parents place Posted by Hello

ThanksGiving and the first snow in Michigan Posted by Hello

Monday, November 29, 2004

Washers, Rakes and staples- OH MY

What a weekend!!!!!
Where to begin... Ok, first - Dinner at Tom's parents was great. Mom wasn't happy with the turkey, but the rest of us didn't care. I loved it all. Very happy and full. We played Dominos and Tom wasn't happy with the rules. LOL
Thursday night I drove to Michael's house (my brother) and stayed there. Friday morning, Mom, Mike, Ron R and I drove to Tenn to pick up all of Mom's stuff. It was a LONG drive on Friday. We got to town about 4:30pm. We had to hit a couple stores and finally made it to the house. There was plenty of furniture to take apart and finish packing up on Friday night.
Saturday was insane. We went early to get the truck and trailer, the guy at Uhaul was SOOOO slow. We wasted a good hour or so waiting for the guy to finish stuff. I was sort of standing there going, which trailer? Which trailer? I'll go hook it up.
We started loading as soon as we got back. I must inform you that Ron Retzler is a better packer than even I. I was amazed at how well we got everything stuffed into the trailers. The boxes were literally stacked all the way up to the ceiling almost ALL the way back in the truck. I spent a lot of time tying the stuff in. Making sure that if stuff shifted, it didn't have far to go, and could not start an avalanche of boxes.
About 1:30 on Saturday it started to Rain. At least it wasn't a downpour. It just made the ramp slick and a little harder to get things into the truck. Ron and I were pretty much soaked. It rained off and on all the rest of the day. Once we filled the big 20 foot truck, we had to fill the pull trailer with all the stuff in the basement and garage stuff. That was a pain, walking in the wet grass, getting rained on, and trying to put stuff in a Dark trailer. Yes, it was around 6pm by then and well - it was DARK OUT. Plus - I got hit in the Face with a rake. Yes - the infamous metal rake left sitting there- one foot out and WHAM right in the forehead. I have a bump, too bad it's not all colorful now.
Would you believe we got into the trucks and left about 7Pm? We hit Wendy's for dinner and was on the road out of Ooltewah by 8pm. A couple hours later than we wanted to be.
We drove to Lexington, KT. We went to bed around 1am. ewwwwwww
Sunday at 8:00am, we were finally out the door again. After breakfast and stuff. We were still rather starving all day and had to stop outside Toledo around 1pm to eat before it was time to unload the trucks in Monroe, MI. While unloading I did the rest of the damage to myself. The washer started the fun. I was trying to pick up the hose and dragged my face along the stupid plastic clip on the back of the washer to help hold the hose up. (OUCH) I certainly have a mark from that one. Then while digging out some boxes while climbing over furniture, a STAPLE, found it's way into my hand. Luckily I noticed it before bleeding all over the other furniture. I grabbed some water and washed it out and actually had a bandaid in my luggage. LOL
We want to greatly thank, Tim, Allison, and Jason for coming to the storage units to help unload the trucks. I could not believe it.
We started around 3pm and were out the door by 6:00pm. We dropped off the trucks, hit the bathroom and managed to get to Mike's house by 6:55pm. I got home at 8PM on Sunday night.

So, I hope that everyone else got some major sleep over the weekend, because I did not get any at all. I was not happy getting up at 5am today to try and go to work. I'm at work, only because I didn't fall asleep in the car on the way here.

You are probably wondering.... Where was Tom during all of this damaging fun....????
I agree with you. Well, Friday I managed to get him out of the house to buy some Christmas presents during one of the morning sales. As far as I know he also bought me a present, but it might be hiding somewhere. I didn't see it sitting out when I get home last night and didn't have time to look real hard this morning for it.
Saturday, Tom spent the day dying in Everquest 2. LOL He made level 15 and then kept dying. He now has to get enough experience back to redo 15 again. Sunday was the kicker - Tom had to go to WORK. Which is why he wasn't with us. That was awful.
I hope everyone else had a great weekend.
Tam and Tom

Thursday, November 18, 2004


DANG IT- ok, life isn't that bad. But next Thursday is Thanksgiving. You know what that means.......... The insane shopping of the year shall begins. This year that shopping will have to start without me.
Mom has decided to move basically the whole house (what's left) over that weekend. She is going to drive her truck down to Tennessee with Mike and I and we are going to load a big truck and trailer and bring it all back up here on Sunday. EWWWWWWW
Well, there goes my weekend. Hope you didn't have plans to hang out with me.
Also, the weekend will be a loss on Everquest. Now you know why I am ahead of everyone else. You'll get to play without me for the weekend. Opps, no healer. LOL Well, that's the scoop of the day.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Everquest The insanity

Well, we are level 10 and 11 now. I have become the Priest. Tom is the warrior.
We took a couple breaks this weekend. Saturday we went to a party with people that I work with at the school. It was fun.
Sunday we ran to Brighton to help dad with a door problem. Wound up doing a bunch of little chores all over the place. I guess dad was bored.
So, that certainly cut into our playing time. I should count the number of quests I have finished. I have had fun with those. I did enough stuff that when I finally dinged 7 and 10 I dinged twice. LOL So, currently I am level 11. Hurray.
The floor is shaking here at work, the cheerleaders practice next door. LOL Wow, do they stomp a lot. :~)

Thursday, November 11, 2004


I'm already addicted.
Perdita is LEVEL 7 actually - but I have to claim citizenship in Qeynos before it gives me level 7. So I'm level 6 and 132 percent. LOL
I'm going to grab a screen shot and hit the blog with it. I like the game a lot, it is much easier to play with a smaller group of people.
They have the zones split up A LOT MORE. You have to be careful when you log in to make sure that all your friends are on the same "incident" on the same server. Just /tell me and I can inform you how to hook up.
WE are officially on the OASIS server. I liked the name.
I still have to figure out how the Heroic "Thing" is. I can do it for myself, but I don't know how to make it work in a group yet, I don't know the symbols, so it is hard to follow. Basically you have to do specific things in a row to get a bigger slam, or better heal, or better nuke. That will be a learning experience for me. I hate trying to watch stuff on the sidelines. UGH
Hope everyone is raring to go. I'm off the stupid island tonight. I am way behind those who have been playing 48 hours straight now.
See you ONLINE.
Perdita - cleric

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Tv also Arrived. WOW, yes the basement is already looking lived in... Posted by Hello

Hey, finally got the new couch Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

OH NO...........


I think I might just have to cry.
I can't believe it. I should have know to order the game over the internet. The game is not in the stores yet and the servers are live and people are already playing. Once again we are going to be behind.
Although I am happy to let you know that in a contest of 24 hours straight, a guy only got to level 16. That makes me feel good. He did it soloing. I'm hoping it will slow a few people down.

By the way - the TV is incredible. The Sony Dream system surround sound plays like everything. I have to test my DVD in it though. We watched Walking Tall last night. WOW, I still have to get an optical audio cable for the dish box to the surround sound.
Talk to you soon.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


I think I am going to lose my mind..........

The end of the quarter is tomorrow and wow do I have a nice pile of crap that students will be handing me in order to save their grades.
I know, why did I give it to them the day before???? Well, I haven't had printer ink all week and today was the first time I could actually print anything. Sooooo, there you are.
I think it really woke a few of them up. You can not argue with an F on paper. That is what it says, that is what the computer says. I didn't add it up, the computer did.

Anyway, the big TV saga still continues.

They did not deliver the TV on Tuesday. Tom and I were really not happy. We stopped by Circuit city, after voting, - on our way to ABC warehouse to have it out. Circuit city was willing to grab one and drive it to our house that night. I told this to the guy at ABC.
Well, he panicked and said - what can I do? We wandered around and I sort of decided on the Sony dream system 5 DVD player and surround in ONE little box. HOT DOG They guy gave it to us for his cost, he then gave me speaker wire and two stands to put the front speakers on.
Tom was soo tired, he just sort of stood there looking at the guy, while I was sort of freaking out.

I laughed hard when we left. I noticed our sales guy had a note in his hand that said "She is REALLY Mad." It was underlined too. LOL So, I guess good husband, freaky wife works for us. OH YEAH - The TV - I guess we get it on Saturday. At the same time that DirecTV comes with our new hookup.
I think the money is now gone. YUP that would be about it now.
Nap time.

Monday, November 01, 2004


Oh so not cool.
We are freezing to death at school today. NOT KIDDING...
The boiler would not turn on and I guess we are waiting for a chemist to come mix the stuff right to get it to start. UGH So, we have resorted to putting on coats and letting the kids. Today is Monday and the girls are to be wearing skirts. This is ridiculous. UGH

I am also missing a normal of 5 to 8 students per class today. Not sure if some of them will be back. Could be they left for other schools after the fun that we had on Friday. There was a parent in the office today complaining and trying to get their kid into our school I think. Hmmmm I don't think she knows there is a waiting list. LOL
Anyway, have a better day than freezing, No new TV ME..........


Saturday, October 30, 2004

""" CRY """"

It really isn't fair. They came, They had TV and

TV IS BROKEN. Whaaaaaaaa

I called to see if I could borrow a truck and go pick one up, but I would have to go to Pontiac. That would take all day. And I don't even know if parents would lend the truck. UGH
It looks like the soonest would be Tuesday. Cry
Well, the HDTV Directv box wont be here until Saturday. But no fair. UGH
I hope the couch has better luck tomorrow.

Friday, October 29, 2004


I don't think I can take anymore........

Today has been way to rough. Come to school thinking we would try to have a little fun and WHAM - we find out that there was a threat to the school last night. UGH
Someone wrote stuff on the wall in the bathroom. DUH The police were called and they dusted for prints and stuff.
We hope to catch the student - they will be expelled.

I dressed up some to help lighten the mood. I guess it was a good thing, because we really needed it. We have candy that was given out today. I think that helped a little. Basically we could get nothing DONE. UGH
Oh well, give them quizzes next week.
Talk to you soon. Hope to have pics of our new stuff this weekend.

Sunday, October 24, 2004


Wow, Saturday was the world of shopping.
Tom actually had the day off work. (I had written this all this morning but the computer acted stupid...)
Anyway - We went to Lazyboy and found a couch. Yes, a sectional. We did not get the whole thing. We got the two ends, without the bed and the corner. So, a chaise and a recliner. We were having a hard time deciding on what we really wanted.
They were on sale and it should be here on the 30th.

Then we actually looked at TV's at the New ABC warehouse in Novi. They took over one of the expensive furniture stores. Surprise, we got a TV. I figured we would just look, but the guy kept dropping the price. LOL Its a Sony, rear projection. We could not afford the thin LCD or plasma TV's. Too much money.
I think a 46 inch is going to be way bigger than expected.

Ok, so that's enough, they are starting to try to put some baseboard down.
I have to get out of the way.

Friday, October 22, 2004


Hmmm, I think the early mornings are getting to me.

Well, I have bad news. We shall not be playing Football on Saturday. At ORA the students have to maintain a 2.5 average for them to play any given week. I would say that coach found maybe 8 players yesterday afternoon with grades strong enough to play.
This Evil English teacher had warned the students that if they didn't turn in their homework and get on the ball - they would not be playing in the game on Saturday. Well, now they don't get to have a game at all. UGH
So, I shant be seeing all the peeps I went to school with. (like my use of old English and rap?)

We had the first PTSO meeting yesterday. I stayed. (Yawn) Nice people, but not enough showed up. I met a couple parents and pleaded my case for help and money for cameras and a play. I guess I went over well, they clapped.???
Love ya all, miss you all.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Oh this weather.
I am soo very tired. Work has a great deal to do with it. Although I think the football team had just a tad bit to do with that also.
Yes, I have the football team for study table every Wednesday. Although this weekend is their last game. HEY GUESS WHAT!!! They will be playing Saint Mary Catholic Central from MONROE, MI. Hmmm- who went there???? I can hardly imagine.

YES, that is where I and several people who read this blog went to high school.
Have a good night.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Still don't have any work done.

I had to get out of the closet in the spare bedroom. I could not take it anymore.
So, on Saturday I drove around looking for desks and decided on one. It's at Staples. Z-Line L Gemini desk - Light colored top and black legs.
Of course, I had to order the desk, it wasn't in the store- just the model.

I bought a hanging file cabinet, and shelves (one also on order.) Think Tom will be surprised when he sees what I'm doing with the shelving units. :~)

I guess you can saying putting all the stuff together is work, but I have school work to do. LOL Don't want to. LOL
Ok, so I have to go.

Hurray, I have some work space back. OK. I ordered my new desk - it will be in this week. The little cart with the phone on it is the color of the top and the legs are all black. So, all the black wire stuff I bought will match. I need something to place both computers on, underneath. I have an idea, but it might not be big enough for both. Time to hit another store. ANYway - I bought the shelves, hanging file drawers, wire stuff, and the new desk for about $200. Less than the one desk I liked at all star-desks. Not sure what to do with the old computer desk, prob in bedroom down here, and I like the little table, I have an idea for it. Posted by Hello

I WANT THIS DOOR. It is to the pantry that you can see in the background. It is sooo cool. Well, maybe some day. Posted by Hello