Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Paul is trying to make an offering to the piggie gods. I don't think beer is quite what Winslow is looking for. Might want to think of something else real quick. Posted by Picasa

Oh No, Look at the scary teeth on that guy, he might just have them for lunch. After he finishes his greens of course. Nice action shot. Nice reactions. I need meaner looking piggies. Posted by Picasa

I guess I should have made them smaller. This was my first try. Have to have something for them to be hiding behind. Posted by Picasa

Tom didn't quite get it. But that is ok. He looks sort of cute that tall. :~) Posted by Picasa

Basically Mid-Summer

Well, if you haven't made plans to visit someone, or go somewhere, I have to warn you. Summer is half over. Especially for those of us who have to plan our year around some kind of school. Whether it is college classes or k-12.

Monroe County fair is NEXT WEEK, if you didn't already know that.
I will be at the fair grounds on Wednesday and probably Thursday. Wish I could say I would be there more, but I have to go to work. Yes, that horrible thing that teachers usually don't do in the summer. Other than fret about what to teach this next year.

So far no luck in the job hunting category. No calls even. I have to check the sites again, but not much going on. I figure it will be insane at the end of August.

That is today's update. Ok, for those of you waiting for pictures. I just loaded Elements on the big machine and have to load the pictures I'll be using over there. So just hold on to your britches.....

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Party - I know I'm late.

First - Thank you to everyone who came and brought something. I did not need gifts but they were really cool what people brought with them. I was greatly impressed at the creativeness..

Second - We had a great time and hope you did too. So much food and yes, almost every Rib was eaten... wow those were good.

This was Jason, Matt and Yana's first trip to our house. I guess my directions are pretty good, everyone found the house - who had my directions....
Ron, my mom and my cousin Alicia were enjoying the shade of the deck. I think at this point they were trying to make room for dessert.

We played with my green screen and so far, this is what I have managed to get done. I plan to clean the piggie cage tomorrow and then take pictures. I'm not sure what the piggies will be doing, but it should make for an interesting picture. My poor low end computer just does not have enough resourses to run Photoshop Elements for long.

We had lovely weather, and plenty of fun. A little bit of Texas hold'em poker, where Naarah won?? :~) Then we watched the first Pirates of the Carribean. There were actually people at my party who had not seen the movie. I will not shame you by naming names..... Tom, Paul and I saw Pirates 2 on Sunday night after I worked. Yes, My LiFE is insane.
I hope to have more fun pictures soon.

Monday, July 17, 2006


On the Hotest Sunday of the Year, Tom dragged Me, Paul and Tedd to play Paintball with a bunch of people from work. They have a lot of German interns over here for the year. They wanted them to have interesting experiences. Paintball is a very interesting experience. Tom took me and Paul to Dick's on Sat night to buy camo and Ted met us at the game on Sunday out near Brighton. I think we had a pretty good time. TOOOOO HOT!!!!
Tom and Dave from Karmann, and Ted our friend from D&D. Posted by Picasa

4 of the 5 people actually in camo for the day. We did very well in the woods. I did very well over all, just bug bites not paintball bruises. Posted by Picasa

Ted showing us the proper way to wear your face mask, very important, my first hit of the day was in the face. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Finally the picture you have all been waiting for. I had to break the key chain to get it out of there. A little too hot on the picture, but I took it down as much as it would let me.
As you can see, Mike and Chris are happy at the beginning and the end of the ride. Mom and I behind them are trying to be calm at the beginning and are ready to pee our pants at the end. I did manage to open my eyes at the top of the hill, but mom kept hers shut the whole time. Also, the identity is now safe of the poor guy in front of us.. Look I finally found a use for Photoshop Elements. Thanks Cedar Point for the fun picture.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What a week already...

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July.
I guess you can say I enjoyed myself, considering that I had to work for most of the day.
Also, as a side note, it is a little difficult to post with a piggie in your lap.

Winslow has discovered the love of the piggie sock. Usually if you pick him up, he will fight and squirm and want to be put down again. Now will the invention of the sock, he will gladly sit in your lap for a long time. I think today has been the limit, more than a 1/2 hour. I think one of my legs is falling asleep.

News: Poor Winslow has a rough life. Somehow last week he managed to break his two front top teeth. (I have ideas.) Well, he went to the vet on saturday and was not a happy camper. The vet forced him to show his teeth and even sort of clipped one. I figured it out because he wasn't eating a carrot. Piggies can not ignore carrots.
He has been eating lots of cut up lettuce and veggies and is back to eating his pellets. The Top teeth have grown enough that he can pick some things up again.
I have a much more cuddly pig now that he really can't bite you. HA HA HA

Interview - Had a good interview last week, now waiting for them to call for the 2nd installment. Of course they will call today right after I leave for work. I hate that.

Work- tired. That is it. I haven't sold much in the last couple of weeks. Not really trying that hard at the moment. Too much other stuff on my mind. Have to work 12-9 today. Not happy about that. SO, here I sit with piggie on my lap and considering getting ready for work.

Have a great week, see you all Saturday.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Here we are loading up the shuttle craft for an evening of music and fireworks at the Green Field Village, it was what I wanted for my birthday. Paul, his sister and parents, along with my mom decided to tag along. We had a great time. Posted by Picasa

The ugliest bridge ever... Built for the superbowl.. Posted by Picasa

The famous tire on 94. Posted by Picasa

The fountain at the front Posted by Picasa

It was really hot out, I don't know how she could stand it, Posted by Picasa

Street in Greenfield village Posted by Picasa

They chatted the whole evening away, I would guess they had a good time... My mom on the right and Paul L's mom on the left. Posted by Picasa

Flying Fortress from the Willow run Museaum. Posted by Picasa

I love the way the ends drift off like that. Yes, trying out the new camera taking firework pictures. Posted by Picasa

Cool but they shot too close to the trees. Or should have gone somewhere else to shoot them off. Posted by Picasa

I like the way these fan out. Posted by Picasa

New Squiggly sort, that does weird twists on the way down. Posted by Picasa

More greens and blues Posted by Picasa

One of the nicer looking shots Posted by Picasa

The men right before we left.. Posted by Picasa

Right before we left Greenfield Village Posted by Picasa