Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Funny Picture

Ok, So I talk and hang out with people who like Guinea pigs too much and well, one guy on our website made a great picture.
My Winslow and Squiggy made it into the picture.
Hope it gives you a little laugh in your day.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Holiday Weekend

Hope your holiday weekend was full of fun, food and rest.
I on the other hand worked the whole time.

Too many hours in the store trying to get people to just decide on something to take with them or to order.
I have to admit that lots of people were nicer about ordering cameras and the free stuff than I expected. I totally planned on them being all mad that we didn't have it, but when they could get it at the same price by ordering it, they were fine.

I left work early on Monday to get some of my lights up. Especially the outdoor lights. It is cold out there today and the rest of my sub had there lights up on Sunday. We came home from the movies and the street was completely lit up.

Three more actual classes to attend and I have officially finished my Masters in Teaching.
Just have a couple more papers to write.
And finish paying them.

Tell you about Casino Royale later.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Emotional roller coaster

The ups and downs of the last week or so.

Tuesday last week - Down - Tom left on a road trip for the new cars they are building.
Wednesday - Up - school was nice and realized I have next Wednesday off school for holiday.
Thursday - Down - Giant shipment and so much work to do.
Friday - Up - Paul and I polished off the crab legs I bought and Tom called from New Orleans telling me they were having a great time.
Down - crappy pay check.
Saturday - Down - Dropped car off for Oil change and they tell me - oh hey - your car is now leaking coolant all over the place. YOU can't drive it home. (Thank Goodness for Gordon - drove me home.)
UP - Tom came home at midnight.
Sunday - Up - Mom finally cut and colored my hair - much more natural this time.
Down - Pet Expo at the rock Finacial showplace wasn't what I was hoping for. Though I was impressed with the number of animals up for adoption. Almost anything your heart desired. I managed to go home empty handed.
Up - Boston Market with Tom and Paul and watched TV. All the stuff we missed all week.
Monday - Up - Got my eyebrows waxed - was looking a little bushy.
DOWN - Told it would cost $1100 to fix my car.
UP - Shop I like better quoted lower and even went to rescue my car.
Down - couple of very cranky shoppers in the store.
UP - Got the call for our Deer. Yes, we asked someone who gets deer on his farm to bag us one. Tom and his father are currently skinning and cutting it up to get it in a fridge at the moment. I guess when it has chilled enough, he will cut it into appropriate sizes and cuts for cooking. After 5 years of asking, FINALLY found someone to get us a deer.

Tired, whipped and not looking forward to working the day after Thanksgiving. Well, I might get some decent sales.
Hope you have a great Holiday, if I don't get back here before then.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Stranger than Fiction"

We don't go to the movies much anymore.
Mostly because I am working Retail and things are busy for Tom making new cars.
But Sunday we decided to get out and see something.

"Stranger than Fiction" is playing and we LOVED it.
Yahoo, or whoever gave it like a B- and the only reason we can come up with is that there are no explosions, no car chases and it has really good writing.
Will Ferril plays a regular tax guy, who starts hearing a voice narrating his life.
Turns out it is Emma Thompson, playing a writer, working on a book in his city.
Dustin Hoffman is an English Professor at a local University and Will goes to see him to figure out what kind of story or insanity he is in. They have great interactions, and I loved watching Emma Thompson just tear herself to pieces trying to finish her novel.

I think the movie was an A+.
Someone in the audience sounded like they were sobbing, so I warn you - bring the tissue.
If you can't handle a little literature in your life, than don't see the movie.
For those proliferate readers - you will love the 24 questions Hoffman comes up with the figure out what kind of story Will is in.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

GO VOTE!!!!!!

Now that I got that out of my system, I certainly hope that everyone gets out there and does their civic duty......
I just want to party that the PHONE CALLS WILL NOW BE OVER......
Two years of phone free from Republicans.. (and Democrats..) HURRAY..

What else...
Work sucks- still in the hole after a week - had a return on the 1st of Novemeber....

Went to Court on Monday - we are done. Now the lawyers have some crap to do, we have to pay for the transcripts and umm then maybe in March the Judge will decide the case.

Also, it looks like Naarah and Rob found a home for Monti and Mortimer. I can hardly believe it. I have become a tad attatched. Now, I am going to give them up, because I really can't give them the time they need. I don't have enough time for my own piggies.
They are cute and I will really miss them.

Hope you have a good week.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Probably Squiggy asking me to save him. I had the camera and wasn't washing them at the time. Poor baby. Posted by Picasa

Hmm, just enough white on the chin to make me think this is Lenny. A very soapy and unhappy Lenny. Tom did the washing. I just clipped butt hair and took pictures, in between cleaning cages. Posted by Picasa

Montgomery looking for a way out. We was pretty good over all. Posted by Picasa

Ah Piggie bath time. Mortimore unhappy with the whole idea... Posted by Picasa

What a weekend.... Happy Birthday Tom

Ok, so I'm a couple days late. We were busy...

The celebration began on Friday, Tom's actual birthday.
He worked and so did I.... I picked up binoculars that he wanted and then in the RAIN of the century, we went to Greenfield Village with Paul and his sister Elaine for trick or treating and some other spooky stuff.
The evening would have been awesome without the rain. Even though, we all had umbrellas and they gave out snack things every 1/4 mile or so around the village. There were spooking things in windows and about a million carved pumkens with candles lighting the pathways, they were run over by walkers, strollers and people who could not see because of the giant umbrellas everywhere and the rain.
Ronald McDonald - or a rather short version of him was there and they were giving out those COOKIES, that you never see anymore in the restaurants. We also got Ty Beanie Baby black cats. They were so cute, and rather wet.
Tried to take a couple pictures and the batteries died in the Sony camera. Did not want to drag the big camera in the rain and the 2 tons of clothes we were wearing to stay warm and dry.

Saturday began with baths for all fat piggies and clean cages. It took all morning. Lenny and Squiggy also had hair shortening. Oh the long butt hair.....
Then they all received revolution preventative mite and flea treatment.

Saturday night was the secret trip to Second City comedy club in Novi. I emailed most people inviting them, and I'm sorry I didn't get to most of you sooner. I had just realized that it was sooo close and convenient. Just don't get excited about eating at that restaurant. Needless to say, Andiamo has good food, but crappy service and too expensive.

Too many other places to eat in Novi to waste time and money. Oh our biggest complaint the BAD LOUD JAZZ 3 some. Oh they were horrible. We complained to the water guy. He agreed they were too loud.

Once again the picture loading ability does not want to work for me.
I guess I will post them in front of this post... darn.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Halloween Spirit

Halloween Hangman created by The Dimension's Edge, Inc.

Been trying to get into the spirit and two different people sent me this.
Have fun..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Vet Check

Took Winslow to the vet today.
He is doing well. Still had some bad antibodies and stuff of his Snot slide, but not as bad as last time. Think he is mostly just got fall allergies... or just his permanent allergies.

He KNEW he was at the vet and got a little upset with me. He rumbled in his sleeping bag, and refused to come out of the carrier.

The vet techs were at lunch, so I held him for the exams. I have some teeth indents on my left hand, but I had no bleeding.

We clipped his toenails (one bled a little) and then I got some revolution to use as a preventive messure. I'm not sure if anyone has mites, or anything, but the vet said he has been doing a once a year treatment on all his guinea pigs, so it doesn't hurt. I got the stuff, just need Tom's help to give it to them.

Applied for a couple jobs and REALLY wish I lived closer to Lansing for one job I'd like a lot.
4-H youth agent for Ingham county. Too bad it is soooo far away. I'd have to live there to do it. Considering that Tom goes to Sterling Heights everyday now for work, isn't going to help that situation.
No moving for us...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ok, I tried to get this stupid thing to do a regular post and it just would not do the darn pictures, so it will just have to be the seperate posts again. If ever there was a show duck, here he is. Check out the wild Feathers on his head. Yes, those are just feathers, or at least we are pretty sure. He was floating in the shallow end of the pond, and no other ducks like him were around. Posted by Picasa

This duck is a little confused about what kind of duck he is... We think a mallard got some other kind of duck.... Posted by Picasa

Tom really liked this one. He is very much a mixture duck. Part Mallard and part everything else... Posted by Picasa

There were several strange ducks, this is one. All brown shades. I don't know what kind, ask Tom's dad.. Posted by Picasa

These two were out in the middle of the pond most of the time. Everyone stayed clear of them... Posted by Picasa

The swans were really pretty. Can you see the water dropping from his beak???  Posted by Picasa

Tom and this goose were sort of having a conversation. It even hissed at him. I kept saying put your hand out so I can focus. He said no way, I'd like to keep my fingers. Posted by Picasa

The seagulls were fighting over something, it floated - I think - cause one dropped it and this one got it and flew away. Not quite sure what it is, think a tomatoe would squish more??/ Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 13, 2006

Yes it has been days

And no I really don't have any pictures...
I spent that weekend taking a million pictures of horses and people and really am not in the mood to take pictures right now.

I'm getting depressed at my lovely crappy paying job and the weather is going to make it all worse.

Took the Jeep in to get the tires fixed - have that free for life thing on them. Not the tires, it is the RIMS.... OH MY GOD - thanks to aluminum - DON'T GET THE ALUMINUM RIMS. Tell them to take them off your car. They rust, get gunky and just let all the air leak out the sides of the rims.

I almost wound up with black steel NASCAR rims on the Jeep until the guy started looking harder and found something more simple and even less expensive. Take the Jeep back this coming week to get it fixed. (Oh, the Chrysler same rims that are on the Jeep are like $400 a piece- how you like them apples?)

Been cranky, not absolutely sure why. Got a couple ideas, but you don't want to hear all of them. Try to have a nice weekend while I spend it at work.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy October and man am I tired...

Thought I would catch people up...

This weekend I was soo busy I don't know how I'm going to make it threw work today.???

-I went to the Leniway (sp) county fair grounds to shoot horse show pictures in the second ring. Would you believe Scott Weisler asked me to help.. Yes, I am getting paid. It depends on how many people buy pictures.... Anyway - I'll put up the web site when he gets around to uploading them. Too many people there to sell all at the show.
BTW- it was Regionals for the MIHA. Michigan Interscholastic Horsman Association??

Both days, it was a 1:45 minute drive both ways. It rained off and on all day Saturday and that sucked. OH well, Sunday the weather was great and the trail class pictures look really good.

-Court, got pushed back to october. YUCK... Opps, I have to email the laywer..

-Job, Still work at Ritz, get to work 10 hours today... September is a bad month for sales...

-Piggies, everyone is mostly ok. Winslow is on medication again and not happy. Although, he isn't fighting about taking as much as he did a week ago. More medication in him than on him.

-Paintball, missed this weekend as I was at the horse show and Tom didn't want to play in the mud. The weather was awsome on Sunday, but the mud from Saturday rain was probably not that fun to play in. Almost all our friends had other plans anyway.

-oh yeah - School - Looks like I'll be finishing my Masters Degree this Semester... I just have to pay the school... Hmm, they might like that. The class isn't that bad - just a lot of writing. Speaking of which, I'd better run.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Went to Paremeters to meet Naarah and Rob on Friday. We didn't quite hook up, but I got hard cider and some duck pictures while I was there. Tried for different kinds of shots this time around. Not sure I was real happy with all the colors.. The water color sort of bothered me.. Posted by Picasa

Everyone was giving themselves a bath. I thought lets try for some real movement pictures. I think it turned out cool, his butt is totally in focus, just him moving is out of focus.. Posted by Picasa

Simple picture. I liked the composition. She was rather sure of herself...  Posted by Picasa

Poor Monty and Mortimore. They don't know what they are going to be facing. I decided while cleaning their cage today that they STINK. Time for a bath. My foster piggies need love and care just like my own silly pigs.. Posted by Picasa

Mortimore asking me to PLEASE remove him from the tub. It was just too much for him. Overloaded little brain circuits... Posted by Picasa

SWIM, SWIM AWAY... Actually I was very impressed. Montgomery swims very well.  Posted by Picasa

Here we are trying to run from mom, she keeps putting this silly smelling stuff on us. Posted by Picasa

The indignity of it all. Wrapped in towels and dragged around in a plastic tub. We smell funny too. Posted by Picasa

I must now wash the cooties off of me. Mom touched me too much and it's just time to finish washing.. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 22, 2006

Tired, and feeling run down

I don't know what I wanted to post today. Little bit of everything I guess...

Winslow still won't take his medicine. We are getting more creative all the time. Burrito pig worked last night, but it takes two of us.
I gave him banana with meds on it this morning - after getting chewed on for 10 minutes. I think its working.

Cleaned cages, So I have happy piggies. But tired me.
Did I mention I made the cage bigger??
They are EXTREMLY happy about it. Everyone has full circle run space.

Some of our house guests should be leaving on Sunday. HURRAY. Not that I don't think they are cute, but I don't really like that they do have a SMELL. Rats smell, sorry no two ways about it. You might think piggies smell, nah you really only smell the hay, rats put off some smell.

Paintball last weekend was fun. I finally picked up some bruises. Right upper arm, left lower arm and high upper almost inner thigh. (OUCH) They don't hurt anymore, but it was certainly an interesting day. Nice weather and not many people.
Paul Thoma showed up and so did Karen from work. Karen and I are bottom row with our scary helmets on. Tom on far right.

OH - Alumni weekend is at SMCC the weekend of 29-oct 1. The game is Friday night and Alumni stuff starts at 5:30 I read. It is Paul's 20 year reunion. Oh are we getting old. I hope to make it to the game.
That Saturday I'm supposed to take pictures for the big High School Equestrian event in Adrian. I have to get someone to cover me at the camera shop. CRAP... I could make decent money if some pictures sell. I'll tell you later who I'm working with. HA HA

Tom wants me to post pictures that he took of bugs in the back yard. Ok, but they are on his computer. I guess I'll do that later.
Enjoy your Friday...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Picture from the deck of the realy cool web. I don't really want to meet who made it. Posted by Picasa

I have a picture of a spider that is living sort of on the doorwall. I didn't want to totally wig anyone out, so if you want to see it, leave a comment. I would guess it is a wolf spider, but will have to ask Paul.
It was the perfect morning to find the webs. I was shaking out the guinea pig blankets before they get washed, and oh what did I find.

BTW - Winslow is sick. He has an upper respitory infection and is more sneezzy and snotty than normal. I took him to the vet on Thursday. This morning was the first time that he and I saw eye to eye on taking his medication.
After a good 1/2 hour of fighting over it, he gave in and let me shove the syringe in the side of his mouth and took the medication. We had to stop for a potty break in the middle. (He really won't go on me, he will fight to the death to get back to the CHUBE (or poo tube as we call it.)

I told him, "You are the smartest pig of them all, you know the medication is good for you. Just take it and you will get left alone." Not more than a minute later, he gave up and took the medication.
And He never bit me once in the whole ordeal. In the spring I would have been left bloody. I really think breaking his upper teeth really changed his outlook on biting people...

This was a really cool web, between the tree and the deck. Problem was, to go straight on, it was just sky. Posted by Picasa