Friday, June 24, 2005

stupid blogger went crazy

Hopefully they will fix it later.
I can't believe its way down the page.


Finally, As you can see the date, we are so much later than anyone else.

Yesterday the kids were here for a 1/2 day and most of them hung out in the Gym all day. I had a few that wanted to hang out in my room. So, we worked on getting all my stuff organized. It went ok.

TODAY - Friday - I am like at the bottom of the list to get checked out. (it's about noon and I got here at 8am) My teacher books are checked in. My room has been checked, my grade book has been looked at and now I'm just waiting to see Mrs. Trout to get my new contract and hand over stuff.
Yes, I'm coming back. I know a bunch of you were starting a bet as to whether we would go to Vegas or not. NOT. You were right. Tom and I just didn't prepare for the moving this year. Too much time spent surviving the new job and stuff. I'd like to teach the same class twice, so staying here isn't the worst.
Plus, we need to finish working on the house.
ANYONE FREE to help me this summer.......... Going to try to get the basement finished, paint and decorate the front room, paint and finish decorating the bedroom and paint the back room.
This does not include the work that needs to be done to the lawn. Need the sprinkler system fixed, the roof redone, and ummmm too many machines fixed.
We inherited the giant roto-tiller, needs work.
We also got a gas weed whip, very much needs work.

Of course, I get paid today and receive a 1/2 paycheck 2 weeks from now. Then I don't get paid until late August.
Yes, I did put money away. Hopefully enough to cover the worst of my BILLS. Next year I have to start earlier on saving for the summer, because next year - IT WILL BE A MUCH LONGER SUMMER. We are so going to get out before June. So, I will have June and July next year to relax.

OH yeah, did Cedar Point on Wednesday with the 11th grade students. I had a great time.
My face has taken on a whole new color. I have a major watch worm - my tan indicator - and a crappy half armband henna tattoo. I felt the urge to get something, it was sad. They are still too new and need better patterns. ewww Oh well, no lemon juice so it might last a week.
Have to drop off the camera to get pictures done. Bought a throw away just in case. You know me, lose them or break them. Tom was unhappy that I even thought of taking my good camera.

Well, that's a long post.
Got more later
Hopefully I'll keep up a little more over the summer. I'll post the before and after pictures. I really have to start cleaning the house.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Final Exams

Well, I gave my final exam today.
I'm not sure how I feel about it. I hate when a decent number of kids fail anything.
Sure it didn't kill most of their grades. On a couple though, it took them from that riding D to an F. I hate when that happens. Well, We have a week of school left - if you could believe that one. So, I'll just have to see about extra credit.....

Took food to Tom at work this week. He is on afternoons. YUCK
Today was the first time we spent more than 5 minutes at 5am together all week. I think I ate too much. Yep, definetly. Greek town for dinner.

So, from the pictures below you can see my trip home down 96 to 275 north to 96 west again. The clouds were really cool. Yes, I'm stupid and didn't stop. But most of where I drove was under construction - so there was no where to stop and take pictures.

Does anyone know about the HUGE church at 96 and I think about 94 that is burnt. I MEANT BURNT. I wouldn't be surpised if it was boarded up for a few years, but it was a huge place. Had round windows, so not really sure it was a catholic church. I need to get some info. I need to get to the surface street up there and get some pictures, It's sad but looks really neat.

well, bed time for me. Not enough sleep lately.
Headaches and now my teeth are bugging me. UGH

getting the rays. Heading West on I-96 through downtown. Posted by Hello

A little more contrast on this one. Yes I was taking these pictures while driving. Yes, I am amazing. Posted by Hello

I- 275 North into the cloud mass Posted by Hello

Driving home today, there were a ton of clouds. These are the pics I took and tried to adjust to get the best out of them. I liked the hole in the clouds and the giant cross (cell tower) Posted by Hello

Something they dug up near I-96 and Beck road. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Ah, My birthday present. Tom could not wait for my birthday. He thought I could use some nice jewlery to match my wedding rings. Hmm, nice choice. All Behold the Sea Turtle. Posted by Hello

Ok, here ya go, a very good picture. Posted by Hello

Michelle and Andrew, they were too nice with the cake. Posted by Hello

Well, for those who were waiting, here is the picture from the weddigng last night. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 10, 2005

Hey, Memorial day we hit the water in the GIANT canoe. Needed Paul Thoma's help just to get it in and out of the water. It was a nice day. and We did have a good time. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

June is here, and I'm still at work

OH my, and so begins the summer. Well, for those of you who teach at a regular school.

You are doing final exams this week and are done on Monday. I have 2 more full weeks to go.
I am supposed to have my final exam on the 16 and turn in a copy of what it is this Friday.
Hmmm, I should really pull out that test and work on it.

BUT, I would rather talk about the 2 phones calls I got over the last 2 days.

Yes, once again, they called me to come take a job in Vegas. Oh what to do?
I started looking for jobs for tom once again. OH HELP ME ANYONE......
I do want to go. This position would be for Drama and Literature. Could I ask for something better. I think not.
So, do you have any ideas... What should we do. Have to find Tom a job.