Sunday, May 25, 2008

What's new for you?

ME -   Well, I guess it would be this new MacBook  -  ie.  Laptop.
It all started when Paul's Computer sort of took a crap and then his hard drive took out my power supply.
I was trying to save him a lot of trouble, and caused myself a little.  It wound up be a little more than just his Hard Drive.  We went shopping around to see what to do for him.  

If you haven't talked to me in a while - or watched TV with me, you don't know that I make Tom stop the Tivo when the Mac/PC commercials come on.  I always feel so bad for PC.  
Well,  I have also been talking about a laptop.  Not that I really like Laptops, but I could certianly use one.  I go enough and have found myself in a few situations that I could really use one.  
So, now I have the ulitimate toy.  A MacBook Laptop.  This is the one right before you spend the big bucks on a Mac PRO.  Could not afford that one.  
Tom was like - there goes the money from the government.
I also ordered Final Cut Express 3.5.   Yes, that is a video editing program.  It has been a while since I have used a mac video editor, but I'm sure I can 
plow through learning how to do it.

Hope you have a great holiday weekend.
I'm off to visit people.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lenny and Sammie - oh the fun...

Everyone had to get a bath before the meetings could begin.
Tom was bathing, I was cleaning cages and getting the basement ready.

Sammie was not much of one for swimming.

Lenny and Sammie were finally introduced to eachother.

It was a fun afternoon.

Lenny is MUCH more talkative now and not nearly so fat....

Trip to Mejier Gardens in Grand Rapids with Paul

Here is a frog that Paul noticed and told me to get a good picture of him. I like frogs. He was very cute.

So many butterflies and then tiny birds.
I swear the momma bird (I think they are quail) was only as big as my hand - not even. Then the babies were even smaller.
The people who worked there, said the mom usualy keeps the babies hidden most of the day as they could easily be stepped on or grabbed by little kids.
We went mostly to see the butterflies.
The area was really big and had a waterfall and lots of trees and it was amazing.

Tom didn't go, I guess he figured it was like the one on Mackinaw - small.
I was amazed.
We had missed the extra special - more expesive butterflies. Although we saw a couple really awsome moths and the blue backed ones. Paul knows the names - not me.


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