Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday Madness

The Holidays are upon us and it feels different this year.

I would guess that the temperature being above 30 degrees at some point each day can certainly change someones outlook on everything. It is currently 43 degrees here and 29 degrees in Michigan.  This can explain my little extra enjoyment of the days.

I also, can not really do any Christmas shopping yet for many of the people that I get stuff for.
First- half the stores I like are not in this town.
Second- why drag it across 4 states to get it to people.
Third- It doesn't feel like I have any money to spend on people anyway.
        This brings me to the silly list of things we really need to do or get while in Michigan.
 I want the nice LED down lights from Costco to replace the dead ones in this house.  They don't get all hot and Costco has the best prices.  There are 12, (I don't need 12)  not including the weird lights in the bathrooms, but those take regular bulbs.
        Tom needs a new Winter coat. The 0 degree coat we left at his parents is a little over kill for the 4 hours of 32 degrees or less one runs into here in the morning or late night.  My coat is a little bulky looking for here, but does the trick nicely and 1/2 way through the day I just toss it in the car.  Everyone laughed at the Fleece coats we bought in the spring. Wear it ALL the time.
        Oh yeah, Tom has started craving Polish Sausage from Milford Meats. That is on the list of dinners he plans to make.  We both want Chinese FOOD.  There are a couple Chinese Buffets here, they just do NOT do any justice to the food.  I see a trip to Lei Ting in Milford on our list of places to hit.  We'd meet people at the red door (something Gardens) on 5 mile, but Ted and Amy aren't around to meet there.  We miss them.
         I have to admit - Tom said we need to hit a Coney island.  They just don't have anything like it here. He wants simple fish and chips.  Sure, we have Long John Silvers and Captain D's here- but that's Greasy Chicken and fish - not the same.
        I would love to have some GOOD Greek food, Mediterranean, - LAMB. The ONE place here is not so great and no one eats Lamb here, soooo, She never makes the lamb dishes.  The problem is the last four restaurants we liked in Greek town are gone.  Pegasus is always too busy and crowded, and it's not the same.  The don't make the "stolen lamb" recipe. Boo!!!!!  Where, oh where, can we get good Greek food now?
         Well, hope we can see you while we are in town.  Hit up our Cell phones.

 Oh, you ask about the dogs.  Why, yes - they are a joy and a pain.  Cody's back just got so yucky that we finally took him in for surgery.  They sent some tissue off for study and it came back as a skin cancer.  Plus - the area was NOT healing.  It was gross on so many levels.  So, they went in again, dug out more and this time sewed it up with big stitches.  Tada! - it has healed and they took the stitches out today.

That's the current catch up.  See you soon.....

Saturday, November 02, 2013


Never underestimate the playfulness of an older dog. 

After we are out for a while the dogs always seem rather needy. 
They follow us around whining or begging for food. 

Today, Brando comes into the room with a little ball that's sort of in pieces. He tosses it around and acts all cute. I throw it at least once or twice. He comes over and bats it past me.  I notice him digging behind me in the curtains. 
I turn around to help him find it, as Cody gets up and wanders away. 
Brando and I look around for a few more minutes.  Then Brando gives up and wanders away. 

I go back to what I'm doing. 
About a minute later Cody shows up at the door of my room looking in with the missing ball hanging out the side of his mouth. He'd snatched it up while Brando was distracted with me. 

Of course Cody knew he was being sneaky.  LOL. 
I had to chase him to the living room where puppy play ensued. 

Just goes to show you. Dogs are little smarty pants. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013


I just lost my mind.  
Listening to family Halloween on Pandora and low and behold Monster Mash comes on for the millionth time. 

I giggle to myself thinking someone is doing a great imitation of President Obama.  The song goes on and near the end the line is "Tell them Boris sent ya". 

I about peed my pants when I heard the chuckle and laugh of Goofy.  
He said the line, " Tell them Goofy sent you!"

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mish Mash

Happy Halloween

Probably one of my favorite holidays of the year, and I haven't done a darn thing to celebrate.   Other than eat caramel cake a few times. (yum)

I've spent the last few weeks dealing with crazy online class content.  "Hello, tech support..."
AND health insurance weirdness,  "Hello BCBS".

Neither of these things were any fun.  I was very nice and pleasant every time I talked to someone from either place.  I managed to not bite anyone's head off and I also TOOK care of business.

The thoughts wiggling around the back of my brain really only consist of - I really hope the students realize that I have nothing to do with the problems we are having with the software.  I have no way to check and make sure the stupid stuff works from their end.  I have shared this particular thought with the associate professor at my school and the tech people at the company.

I keep telling myself - just be glad you are not afraid of the technology.  Imagine what someone with out your skills would be doing and feeling.......    This helps a bit.

The health insurance crap, well that could send anyone over the edge.  I understand that Doctors are not going to understand ALL the stupid ways that the insurance company can make life more difficult for all of us, but this was more annoying than usual. I believe it started with the FREE stuff that manufacturers of Medical stuff and drugs like the give to doctors.

The doctor gives you something saying, "Look, it's Free!"  And yet, the prescription you are given to get the items to use with it then cost an Arm and a Leg because it's not really a prescription - it's a medical device.  That has to be billed in a very different way and goes against the amount of your deductible for the year.

After several days of 12 or more phone calls, I managed to find a place that billed correctly and had the items. (yea)  The problem is - they did not take any money, they are going to bill the insurance and then send me a bill for the amount the insurance did not pay.  AND this is how people wind up in debtors prison --- I can't decide if prison would be preferable than the actual going bankrupt we have today........

Happy Halloween.   Eat some candy for me. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Green River Over Night.

This was my very first Over Night on any river.  We had to haul EVERYTHING with us and it was rough camping.  Thank goodness for Michael's tent and air roll, my ability to pack crap and the help of another camper, I survived - wet but well!!
Here is my Poor Boat with too much stuff in it.
 Here is the Tuna Barge that John drove, he already offered to carry some of my stuff, before we even got on the river.

Here we are loading the boats to take off down the river.

Here is a couple and his son who brought the MOST stuff with them. They brought most of the cooking gear and 2 tents, and 3 sleeping bags and everything else that you could imagine. They had it...

Some falls.  Really cool- they are very striking in the spring when all the water is running.

This is lunch time the first day right after we packed the Tuna Barge with all my stuff and my deflated boat. I fit right there near the front and even have stuff between my legs.  I am sooo happy John helped me.

This is Sunday Morning as we were packing up to get on the river. Breakfast was almost made and it started raining.  I had my tent down and was packing it as the rain started.  I got my rain gear on quickly and managed to get ready to go.

This is what The Tuna Barge looked like right before we left.  John was packing up all his stuff and mine on the boat. We had to readjust some stuff at lunch, but overall it was impressive. We had to fight the current a bit and the rain was an interesting part of the day.  We got back to the cars before noon, and after we sent people to pick up the trailer that had the boats on it, we left after 1 pm.  It is a bit of a drive between the put in and the take out.  I wanted to make sure I did my share of hauling stuff.  I wasn't the oldest person on the trip by far, but I guess I looked like I was having the hardest time.
Several people offered to let me borrow a boat the next time we go out.  I think that would be a great idea. I can try out a few different ones and next summer get some thing I can get a bit more use out of . :~)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Break

           A new experience has been added to my life.
This thing called Fall Break.  
Most of you who are from the land of Michigan or slightly more northerly climes surely think  this is weird.  "School just started, why would you need a whole week off in October."

           Well, that is where the whole premise breaks down.  School, did not just start here.  School started for most children right before or after August 1st.  I felt so very queasy when I was presented with this truth.
Then the Community College I work at started on August 17th or so. And that felt a bit early for me too.
Then Western Kentucky University then started a week later.  So, almost everyone here has been in classes for 8 or more weeks of school. 

          I've asked people over and over, "why in the world do you start so early?"  Their answer always has something to do with the likely number of snow days we shall have over the winter.  I've been told that it ranges anywhere from 10 to 25 days off from class.  If there is a big enough ice storm, power being knocked out becomes one of the biggest problems.

           The community College even has a system on the website ready to go for those days when you should not come in to work.  Come January, I'll be working Monday / Wednesdays.  How likely am I to get days off??  

         What have I done for Fall break, you ask?  It started with appointment for Cody to the doctor and myself later in the week.  I tried to figure out how to get my GOOD microphone hooked up to work with my computer for voice over/ audio book situation.  (Found that the fans in the big desktop are so loud that it vibrates everything and I'm better off using the microphone on my headphones to my phone, records a clearer sound.  Plus if you hide in the closet the clothes soak up all the bouncing sound.)

       I found that shower heads are REALLY cheap now and had to replace the one in the spare bathroom already.  It cracked and started spraying water everywhere. STUPID- I barely use that bathroom and really need the shower head on a hose for dog washing. :::Groan:::: 

      I'm also having a guest come stay Sunday night. I'm thrilled to be a stop over for a friend driving from Memphis to Chicago.  We have known each other a couple years now, but as we live so far apart anyway, we only see each other maybe once a year.  Facebook has been rather cool in keeping up with people you have known forever, or have just recently met.
Yes, I have started cleaning. I have plenty more to do.

      Okay.  I'll get to the other post I should have done a couple weeks ago...  Overnight trip on the river.  It was great...

Here are random photos from this year....
Brando at the pool.  So much fun!!!  Love Bowling Green Humane Society. Pony Baby.  There are at least 8 of them out there.  I really need to get better shots of them.

Tom with me on a Paddle.  Poor boats just not built for what I wind up doing. LOL

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spastic Brando

Sometimes I think our dogs are the only thing that makes me not go crazy living here.

Brando had a fabulous time at the Puppy Paddle - held at a pool park here in Bowling Green. The Humane Society does it as a fund raiser.
The pool was great and I was silly too not avail myself of it over the summer.  I knew it would be filled with kids. What I didn't know is that it had Lanes for real swimming along with the kiddie section and the big water slide.
The Kid section was perfect for the dogs. It had a slope in like a beach on one side and steps on the other about 50 feet away.  I figure at the deepest part it was 3.5 feet.

Brando followed Tom around really well.  We did not have to chase him down at all. He wanted to be right next to Tom. We did not take Cody because why pay for a dog that doesn't like the water and I would have to follow around. He would have loved to see all the other dogs, but NOT the water.
So, I contented myself to take pictures and we wore Brado out so much he limped and slept the rest of the day.

It's time to get new tags for the dogs as the days are less than 90 degrees now. I should start taking them back to the dog park. Cody can get his social time in and Brando can wander a bit.  I need to walk more, but I can't drag them with me, they get tired fast.
I was walking them almost everyday, but I started getting tired of having to drag them back to the house.  It wasn't walking as much as Sniffing and Peeing on everything. When Brando gets tired, he just stops to smell something and practically lays on the ground with his face stuck in the dirt. That's 70+ pounds of dog to try and drag away using a collar.  It Looks Ridiculous.

Oh Tags- that was a funny story. Did I tell you?

We go to the Humane society to get dog tags. The signs at the Dog park said the dogs need tags.
We get to someone at the humane society and give them our papers showing the dogs have their rabies shots to get the tags. They ask where we live, we tell them and they are like - You don't live in the city, you don't need tags.
We said,  "That doesn't matter, we want to take them to the dog park and it says we need tags."
The person keeps saying - but you don't live in the city.
Tom finally asks, "Okay, who gets the money from us buying dog tags?"
"Well, we do."
"So, why are you fighting us on this, don't you want our 20 dollars?"
I'm like, "We are happy to give you the money, dude take our money."
He had to go ask someone else about the whole situation.  Then they said, but really you should wait till June and get them then. We asked why and they said- well you have to get new ones then.
"WHATEVER people."
If we really cared about how much the dog tags cost we would not have shown up.
Of course, it was too hot in June to hit the park, so I haven't stopped to get new tags yet.

I guess I understand them not wanted to Gyp someone out of $20. But still, we were obviously willing to part with the money, so take it already.

Last night they had an Adopt-a-Thon on the local public access station last night.  It was cute.  It wasn't elaborate, looked like they had 3 cameras. 1 in a room with dogs coming in to show off; 1 in a the Cat room, and then one that looked over some of the people answering phones.
We watched for a few minutes and Tom was like - this is too dangerous- we can not get a new dog now.  So, we turned it off. Later on Facebook it said that between adoptions and donations they made over 14,500 by 8:40 or so.  They were trying to hit 15,000 by 9 pm.  I was really impressed, that was a nice chunk of change.

I could talk about the boys all day.  I'll let you go, and share a couple pictures.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My office.....

Today has become - "I'm Lazy and just posting a picture of my office."

I will gladly say I stole this from Jenny - The Bloggess.

Of course it doesn't look that clean now, except I haven't figured out what I am going to put on the walls around it yet.  This is a corner of my bedroom.  I don't get a full office, Tom does, which is fine by me.  I am next to my bathroom and just 5 steps from my bed and a chair to read in.

I have some pictures I can put on the walls, but I haven't set a bunch of them out to see what really should go where. I do think I need some shelves over my desk to put some books.  Or need them in the opposite corner over the reading chair.  Too many options and only 2 years to live here???  It's been 5 Months here so far???  How crazy is that.

I thought I would add this also, as it's the most work we have done in one room of this house.  That wall was TOOOOO boring.  And the tub looked weird sitting in the corner so alone. We added a couple of shelves that we picked up a long time ago and got the picture.  Now, you can dream that you are on vacation in the tub.  Works for me.

Monday, August 26, 2013

My Weakness

Oh, that just brings up big ideals, doesn't it.

  Sadly, I wasn't going there.  I figured it was time to mention my style of writing.  And if you haven't figured it out, then well - thanks you have more faith in me that I thought.

I am a stream of consciousness writer. I sit down, start writing and sooner or later I get to the end.

One would hazard to say,  "But don't you teach writing?"  "Isn't this what you tell you students NOT to do?"

YUP, exactly! Although, I can make one major distinction. I am pretty sure that I do not completely write this way when I have to do a research paper. It has been about 6 years since I wrote a research paper, and oh the grades were not pretty on those. All my "reflection" papers got A's. Hence, you would be allowed to say that I have broken the laws of writing.

"Why?" You may ask, am I actually looking at this.

Well, I picked up the book they are using to teach English 101 at the Community College I work at; The Longman Reader, tenth edition. Today, I read the first chapter.

Actually, I noticed the difference in my writing compared to others lately, when I read several blogs that interested me. The Bloggess, is one of those blogs that I keep track of.  I caught a few more yesterday when I checked out the Time Magazines list of Blogs of the Year.

Most of those blogs are VERY WELL WRITTEN. A couple were silly with moving pictures of beer labels. ( I spent at least 10 minutes there). Another was of this guy taking pictures of his Coon hound all over the United States. (I spent WAY more time there- Pictures- Dogs- Cool places in US- How could I turn away?)

After checking out at least 5 new blogs and a couple more I have encountered from Facebook, there was a very disturbing trend of people who actually write and edit their work, before they post it on their blog.

I would guess my writing style comes more from what I started using this blog for in the first place. (Oooh, see how I used first there- wasn't even trying.) I started this blog back before Facebook was a real thing. I think myspace may have started, but I didn't have a clue how to make it work. (I did not want to spend the time to learn and it's dead now, so no one cares.) I started this blog to share pictures and my life with friends and family.
People were starting to spend a lot more time online. I had just gotten married in Vegas, and everyone wanted to see the pictures. This is where I put them along with notes about whatever was going on at the time.
So, really my blog is Facebook, before there was Facebook.

I have to admit that when I look at all the silly stuff I have on here, it's quite easy to track the last 9 years.  Or most of the last 9 years, as I moved most of my rambling to Facebook.  Although you have to admit, I get really long winded on here.

This brings me to my Dilemma!!!  Do I really start writing and editing my blog for Grammar and Content, or do I continue the off the top of my head, writing like I talk blogging?
Please weigh in on this topic....

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Inevitable.

Has anyone ever told you,  "It will work out - just watch."?

I'm sure I've heard that at least a few times in the last year.

Well, I guess it is working out.

I want to Brag, yes my new job is going so well RIGHT NOW that I want to Brag.

But we all know that is probably a bad idea. Because the minute you love something, well something else messes it up.

So, what Can I say without making it go bad.

I work 4 days a week. Awesome.   I teach 2 classes now and 1 class later this semester.  They have something called bi-terms.  It's an interesting concept.

I picked up a few TA like positions. They call it Tutor, but you are more like a helper in the class during someone else's version of the SAME class that I teach.  So, not only do I get practice with what I am teaching, I also get to see how other people teach the same classes. This will certainly help when I get to the point that I have to grade a bunch of papers.

I have been up and down lately with the amount of money I'll make doing this.  I don't want to seem ungrateful, but WHOA - if you thought teaching in a community college as a PART TIME person was the bee's knees.  I am here to tell you that NOPE- the pay is not all that.

The Tutor positions are going to make it possible for me to not lose sleep over my paycheck.  AND I am thrilled that I am going to get a paycheck!!

So click here to see where I actually work....

Monday, August 19, 2013


A new job, in a new city, in a new setting, with all new expectations.

Officially it has been 1 year and 1 month since I was at work. I have actually been to meetings and the running around one does for a new job for the last 2 weeks. But my first real meeting was Aug 5, so yes it is official 1 year and 1 month.

I am beginning to find an interesting pattern in the ebb and flow of my work life.
It seems that I get a full time job that last a year or a few (thank you last job) and I make a good amount of money.  Just when you start to think that you can dig out of a hole or two- wham. No job.
Then I take jobs that are a way to pass the time before I can find another full time job.  Ritz Camera was a really good example of this.

This new job is an in between version of both parts of my work life.

  1. It's not full time.
  2. But it's actually teaching.
  3. It's in a Community College setting. (way cool)
  4. If feels like a lot of pressure right now, but should calm down.
  5. The people I have met that are full timers at the college are awesome, and many of the teachers are also rather cool.
  6. I'm not getting paid very much. I totally miscalculated what I'm getting and almost made myself sick.  But when you look at the actually hours and work - it's not too bad.

So, it looks like I'm in need of a rather part time job.  I do not want to get wrangled into somewhere that wants to make me a manager or full time.  That will be the problem.

Today is the first day of classes.  I'm off to watch someone else wrangle Freshman and then try to do it myself right afterwards.  Hopefully students can find the building we are in.  There are like 8 or 9 single story buildings mostly in L shapes around each other, so you can't see some buildings hiding behind other buildings.
  Plus, the parking up front in going to be over flowing.  I might have to walk a wee bit to get to my building today.  Another good reason to show up way early.  Tomorrow will be harder as my class starts at 8 am.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Charities and an AWESOME venue.

I want to yell!!!!!!

Why?  Well, this is the silly part.
I want to go to every event possible at the "Lost River Cave" here in Bowling Green Kentucky.

If you saw some pictures, you would know why.
I went to the big event they hold each year for the Cave itself. They created a non-profit in the 90's to clean up the cave and start using it for the better and tourism.

The first time I saw the cave was as a Tourist.  P.L. and I were traveling to see my parents in Tennessee way back when and we had decided to hit as many tourist traps on the way down as possible.  So we went to the west side of Kentucky, through Nashville then on to Chattanooga.  We had a great time.
I need to dig up those pictures.

Anyway, after hitting Mammoth caves and doing a tour, we noticed the signs for Lost River cave and thought, if the trip isn't too long this could be very cool.  P and I went and it was sooo cute.  They had fun stories to tell us and and cave front was so awesome I wanted to return right then for a party.

The best part is that in the 20's-30's they rebuilt the front of the cave to have big bands play there. Full on traveling bands would come play in the cave. The cold air comes out of the cave and acts as a natural air-conditioning for the whole area right there in front of the cave.

Move ahead to now.  In December I dragged my mom down there during our tour of Bowling Green and they have done a bit of work to make the place even nicer. They have stuff going on in the evenings there all summer long. Thursday nights to Saturday nights. (lots of weddings)

AND this is where my problem comes in.  They scheduled 2 Charity things 1 week from each other.
Hence my wanting to yell.  As I totally want to go to any event being held for the Humane Society here in Bowling Green, theirs is tomorrow night.  I've been to two events and one online thing. (And we've only been here since April.)
The other event is for the Boys and Girls Clubs here in town and their event is Next Thursday. ARG.

Tom has told me to pick one. BOOO.
Okay, so that is totally reasonable, but not fair in the least. LOL
I've had plans to go to "Spirits in the Cave" for months now as my neighbor is a part of the companies that sponsor the event. So, yes we are going to that event.

Whine, cry and all that other jazz.

Next summer I'm going to all three.  And I'm counting on YOU out there to make it happen.  People need to schedule to BE HERE to go to ONE of them.  That way, I can go to all three.

The closest thing I can figure is that Night Club in the Caves is going to be around July 20th.  The Saturday night one- with a Big Band.  It was fabulous this year and I know a few people have already said they would like to go.
The Humane Society one and the "Spirits in the Cave" are both in August.  Humane society looks to have a Band with Brass and I'm not sure the style - they are calling it "A garden party in the Cave".  The Boys and Girls club is have a rock band (probably local) playing and calls it "Spirits in the Cave".

All parties have food, drink and run between $40 and $50 a person.
I know that most things in Michigan that are charity events start closer to $50 and go up from there.

So Pull out your Calendar for next summer and make a PLAN - Middle August I need a few people to come visit to hit an event with.  If you want to come for the July fun, we might have to make Condo arrangements, which isn't bad either......  To make room for everyone. LOL

Well, I'm off to another meeting before school starts on Monday.  Later.....

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Road Trip

Woo hooo-  a road trip with three other women. The Dinosaur, two other friends and I are traveling East. 
It's been Many years since I've done this. 
I remember the one road trip we took to Illinois  somewhere for a 4-H competition. 
It was my mom, our 4-H leader and 3 teenagers; myself and the twins. I'm pretty sure that I drove part of the trip. We went past Chicago on that trip. 
I have to admit that the trip between Detroit to Chicago is pretty boring. Especially when you've done it more than 5 times. 
Anyway- 5 women in one hotel room is stretching the limit on anyone. 
I think it was more taxing on my mom as the other two girls were terrible sleepers and slow to get ready. In my head when I think of it - I imagine my high school French teacher yelling "Veit, Veit" at students to hurry up. I heard that story from students who went to Europe with her. 
( I just spent 10 minutes trying to get the right spelling for "Veit" and proper translation.  Well- can't find one that works. I tried hurry up, rush, faster, & something else- nothing works.  Maybe one of my Canadian friends can help me - as my teacher was from Quebec and the word might be slang from there. )

Road trips- that was the point of this post.  
Today we are driving from Detroit to Niagara  Falls, NY.  Thru Ohio - yup one person does not have a passport or enhanced license.  Although people on this trip have said other people have told them that going thru Canada is slower due to Construction and the boarder crossings. 
Ohio is just the turn pike and the cops.  We have seen lots if Po-Po in Ohio today. They were totally nailing everyone today. We saw them out with radar guns and friends. 

We just got to Pennsylvania and saw this Casino race track when we stopped for gas. We hit a Sheets gas station. It was pretty fabulous. Think like 7-eleven and huge gas station. It was new and clean. Just what I like.  :-). 
Off and on we can see Lake Erie out the driver side of the car and the weather is beautiful today. I'm glad we decided to drive to the falls today and not on the way back.  I'm sure it will rain on the way home. You just know it. 

Well off to watch out the windows to Buffalo. 
We'll be on the mountains of Massachusetts for most of the weekend with no phone or Internet service. See us when we emerge. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Job Applications

It occurs to me that job applications now are much more difficult to deal with.

My case being today, I spent 5+ hours working on ONE job application.
First because they asked a question that I really had to think about and go searching for the proper words to express my thoughts in the answer.
Second because they asked for 15 years of job info.  Yes - 15 years.
I had to dig around in papers that I thought were long gone to get the rest of the info.  Thank goodness for Google, otherwise I would not have had addresses to go with some of those 15 years.  Heck, I don't have address for at least 1 or 2 because the business is no longer around.

The funny thing is - this is not the first day I have worked on that application.  I was just very determined today to finish it.

I don't feel to terrible about the really hard question, even though I know I asked about 5 people for help.  I got some and got some better ideas of where to find the right words, but it was tough.

I just sort of felt 15 years was a little too much to ask for.  In this world of I only had that job to tide me over, or that business closed down and that's why I'm looking, to the poor teachers who keep getting laid off (You know who you are). 15 years could take a couple pages.  I even left out the substitute teaching I did this past year, because I have NO idea what address to put down for those weird companies.

I have tried to keep some of the more difficult information stored in my contacts now, but I still have to hit google almost every time I do an application, because I just don't have a list of ALL the jobs I had in one place.

So, MY suggestion to all of you- is to start that list now.  Sure you'll be dropping those wonderful years at Taco Bell off your Resume real soon, but who knows how far back your next employer will ask you to take your list.
Make sure you have a company name, address, phone number - the actual dates you worked there and probably someone you liked to keep on a list with their own email and phone number - just in case the company goes down.
I do have info on a couple people who I worked with from companies that are no longer around. I put their name and number down in case they want to just talk to someone who worked with me.

Good luck in Your Job searching.  I know mine is going very slow.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Best items ever

We have been on the road for a week. 
Sleeping is always a worry on the road.  It's not your bed, it doesn't have the same sounds, or your pets aren't in the same place.  
Well, I give you the next best thing. 
And this worked even on my mothers hardest bed of the universe. ( I woke up in pain but I did sleep). 
There are two items here and the only thing missing is iPhone ( which I used to take the picture). 
First is the double USB plug from Costco- although I know they are at Kmart, meijers and probably Walmart. I have an iPhone 5 so it uses the bottom plug- to the white cord. 
The second item is the speaker. Mine is a rechargeable USB powered speaker. There are two kinds of these. Mine is the kind you can daisy chain a few together to maximize sound. The Dinosaur has one that changes color while it plays. 
I use this for sleeping so the lights don't help me. 
With the 2 USB plug both items have power and are close enough to each other to work just fine.  I like it on a bedside table. 
WHY?? You ask.  
Well I found an app called Sleep Machine lite. 
It plays different white noise sounds. Like wind, waves and stuff like that. You can take a few sounds and mix them to get your blend. 
It also has a timer and you can add an alarm at the end or not. 
These items have made it so that I can get at least 5-7 good hours of sleep even in the worst situations. Plus- I only have to carry ONE small bag with me. Not my whole computer. Or blow out the tiny speakers on the phone. 
(Which I did last summer to my old phone after 2 weeks on the road.)
Hey - it also works great for a instant hotel room party.  Or sharing music with a small group. 
The speaker does work with its rechargeable battery, but I have not tested out its battery life yet. I'll probably do that later this month. 
Well- sweet dreams. Off to plug in and pass out.  

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wonderful explanation.....

Think Tech tumblr - Technology in Education

Okay, so the guy (I assume) did not have his name anywhere on his blog.  Anonymous is a good way to go in many things.

Someone posted it on Facebook - oh that would be Kelli the queen of Adult Ed.  Anyway, this is a lovely explanation of why Teachers get fed up with other people telling us how to do our jobs.  Have you ever looked at the class list for teacher curriculum.  Philosophy and "How the brain works" types classes fit in there.
 "WHY?" you ask, because teachers are dealing with Brains that are NOT done growing.

Those students sitting out in front of you have half Baked brains and that is BEFORE they drink that caffeinated beverage or Monster Drink, or eat that horrible bag of Hot Cheetos in front of you, or even worse, get High before school or even better drunk.  (Don't get me started on Red Dye 40)

Those students are still creating brain cells that will be important to them down the road.

So the next time someone tries to tell me or my friends how to do our job. You can go take a couple classes on adolescent development, and maybe a few more on social work in teenagers.
Think that would be a great thing for parents to need to do.  Your kid enters High school or Middle school and you need to go take a couple classes.

Matt, I think that is a calling for you.

Thanks for letting me rant.

Twitter- 20 things to help teach  - Just found that and figured this was the best place to stick it.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Sorry for the Screaming.

I wanted to share this really cool article with you.
And I refuse to do it.


The sight that the article was on had not just one Fill the screen Ad that I closed but then ANOTHER ad popped up at the bottom of the page with AUDIO and Video.

I was impressed with the writing of the article so I slogged past the horrible ads and read the whole thing.  But I will not Share a link to an article with that much garbage on the page.  There were like 6 more ads running down the side of the page.

The Article was about WHY they ask you so many questions when you adopt an animal.  Be it a dog, or cat or whatever.
I was impressed with the overall quality of the article.  Yes, they really do need to ask you those questions and yes, answer them honestly, or you are no better than the person that was the reason the dog showed up at the rescue in the first place.

I love my two dogs, and yes, they have done things that I think other people might have taken them back.  The $600 in medical bills for that garbage escapade is the price you pay for having a pet.

So, the next time you hear someone complain about the price of a pure bred dog or even worse the price of an adopted dog.  The agency is trying to pay for all the other dogs that weren't adopted, the cost of the shots, the ring worm they had to get rid of and the neuters for all the animals that show up.  If you aren't willing to pay that price, then you might not be willing to get medical attention if something happens to YOUR pet.

Remember, the money you spent to get the pet is not the last you will pay, like a toy.  (Although with tablet you just keep right on paying)  So, that pet - is going to COST you more money.  Figure out if you can AFFORD it before you bring it home.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Update Apps - Lose it!!! and Coupon Sherpa

Alright-y then,
Tom gave me all kinds of crap for not actually TRYING the apps out.
So I did.

Lose it -

I think I like it.  Not sure if the novelty will wear off, but it's sort of fun putting all the stuff i that I'm eating.
I love the scan the bar code deal.  Coke, Chobani, Grape nuts,- the thing works a ton better if you can actually scan a bar code of whatever it is your eating.
My biggest problem is that the size of things like - Milk or cereal - how much am I really eating?  I am not going to measure out all the food I eat. I don't see that happening.
Here is a screen shot of this mornings excitement.

I had to manually add the walking, but that wasn't too bad. I actually did more walking than my Run Keeper would admit, because When I stopped to pick up the poop in the yard - well she kept pausing.  I think that map probably looks hysterical today.  Lets see.

These are screen shots from Run Keeper.  This app I have been using since Early April.
And as you can see, my road does not exist yet.  If you come see me it will take you to Turkey run, behind our house.

 That is just my back yard.  HA
<---- p="">
This was the entire walk ---->

You can see all the pauses on the left side of the whole walk, where I was walking the dogs.  They either had to sniff, pee, or leave me presents.

Of course most of you are like - why is she talking about this.  Well, it shows WHY- I can't get my time down for a mile. LOL

Coupon Sherpa -

Yeah, I was right.  Not much in there- okay- lots of stuff that some people I know will be happy about.  Toy R Us and Baby's R Us of course have a bunch of stuff.

They have in Store Coupons, that have the bar code on them, so the person at the cash register can get it off your phone.   (Warning for those of you YOUNG people who have cracked screens or the cracked Screen film on your phone, this isn't going to work well for you - but what do you care - you won't use coupons anyway.)
They also have online coupons, where they will tell you the coupon code to type in.

My biggest problem is that they want you to give your email address to all the wonderful stores to sign you up to get the coupons.  Now, I know a few people and I myself get email from some stores.  It CLOGS up the darn inbox.
If they would PROMISE not to email me anymore and just send stuff to Coupon Sherpa - I would LOVE IT.  But, I am very sure that when I sign up to get coupons from Qdoba they are just going spam my inbox.
Yes, I know how to filter all that stuff to other spots in my inbox- but I still have to set it up to do that.

I have several more apps to work on- expect more on this subject.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Back to Dinosaur Training......

I was asked today by the Dinosaur to check out some apps to see if they were worth using or losing.
This is a bit of a challenge for me, because, well - I've gotten rather lazy.  (See previous posts. LOL)

Anyway - First one on the list is - Lose it.

I Google'd Lose it and found there is an App for both the iPhone and Kindle fire.  It might be the same app, didn't see a picture of the icon on the Amazon page.  But I did find the reviews there and that is really what I am looking for.

  • The good - people say it is sort of balanced and they do a pretty good job of keeping track of all the stuff they eat. You can find lots of food from different restaurants.
  • I noticed someone on the iPhone said it used to sync with RunKeeper (which I do use), but after an update it wasn't working.  Those kind of complaints happen when one app updates and the other hasn't yet.  I figure that is what happened.  RunKeeper and this app look like they are in it for the long haul.
  • It has some complaints that connecting to social media might be on the premium version - of course, same for RunKeeper.  I still use the free version and am doing ok.  
So the question becomes - would I use this app.   I totally should use this app.  I know I need to lose a little weight and maybe my lovely self could be addicted to the filling in the info, instead of filling my face.  Ahh, what a lovely idea.  I haven't used it, but I'd be willing to give the free version a try.

Second app -  Coupon Sherpa

Ah, they named stuff after me.  Actually there are about 10 Apps with Sherpa in the name and then there is a company called Sherpa Solutions Business that makes a ton of apps.  So, much came up when I did a search for the app.  I found an About.Com review of the app and it made sense.

  • This app is great if you have kids or buy lots of clothes, shoes and books.
  • This is does nothing if you want to get your grocery coupons for food.
  • Oh, if you love Starbucks- I saw it listed, so yeah okay- if you could get a Starbucks coupon each week, that could be a big saver.
  • I think they have stuff for fast food and entertainment. 
Tanya from said she saved 15% on something at Barnes and Noble and then 10% at Petco.  Sadly my dog food does not come from Petco.  My boys have delicate stomachs, ha ha ha. 
 For Free I would be willing to give it a try, I need to make some room on the screens. LOL

Third App -  Book Crawler Lite  

This app I can way in on a little more myself.  I did go check the reviews on my phone and then hit someone else's blog and their full review on it.  I personally use iBookshelf, that came out way before the Apple IOS update that included the books and newspaper shelf thing as a part of the phone.  And I found some interesting info.....

  • Book Crawler shares all your books.  Other people see what you are reading.  (umm, I already do that with Goodreads - I don't need another app to do that)
  • The Blog I found said they had a real problem with scanning their books in.  YES, you do have to download one of the Pic-to-shop or something like that scanner- but I already have that stuff for the QR codes everywhere.   Their problem was the phone can not keep up with the scanner, you can scan a ton of books, but it has to search online for the info to go with the ISBN number. (which means it has to connect online)
  •  Oh, I just noticed on my iBookshelf that it connects to Goodreads and will show me reviews from that website.  (I totally do not need Book Crawler)
  • I liked iBookshelf because it had a space for me to say if someone borrowed the book from me and WHO has it.  THAT is worth everything.  
Overall, I already have this app covered and I'll certainly stick to iBookshelf.  I still have a ton of books to add to it anyway, hate to start over- because that would suck... LOL  I wonder if I can go in and link iBookshelf to my Goodreads log in.  That would save a ton of time.    I totally PASS on this App.

Last one today -  Walkie Talkie Apps....

This category I'm not so sure about.  There were 15 apps right at the top.  One had a free version and then a paid version. ugh.  Okay, so I guess the point of this app is so that you are not using minutes but you can still talk on your phone.  This is where they DIVERGE greatly.

I read a ton of reviews and it is almost like there are two versions of this type of app.

  1.  The phones talk to each other over wifi - okay we already have that with Face Time???
  2.  The phones talk to each other using Bluetooth.  (Um, severe distance limitations)
  3.  They can either be live conversations or sort of saved things that go over the internet to someone else and they can listen later.  Basically like text talking.  The one app had people saying they really liked that feature as they were not texting but talking to someone- while driving. hmmmm  
  4. The biggest problem is that you MUST have both people with the same app on their phone.  I know young people are really into a million apps on the phone, but really, I think I'm not impressed.
  5. Several people used it as baby monitors or a way to talk to each other from one end of the house to the other without waking the baby.  Okay, useful.
  6. One person said it was the best way to keep in contact with family overseas and deployed.  If you have wifi you can talk, I would think Facetime would be better, but hey Facetime uses a ton more bandwidth and battery I would guess.
The one that seemed to have the best reviews was Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT.  
I would be willing to try it out, but you have to have someone else with the same app, and I'm not sure if you have to start on the same wifi network.  

That used way more brain power than I was expecting.  Sure, only looked at what other people had to say.  I will download the first two and give them a try.  I don't really have any spending money right now so I don't know how much good Coupon Sherpa will do me for a couple months.  

Dinosaur wants me to figure out how to link Calendars - that is going to be way harder.  I'm hoping someone figured that out......  
Maybe tomorrow I'll have more....  Sorry no pictures this time.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Feeling Sick - but not....

Most people know that my husband suffers from Migraines.
Migraines suck- and I guess you could say I have joined the ranks of Migraine sufferers.

If I count today- which I should as I just took a pill - it has been 14 days with a headache.
Now, I would never say it is the worst thing that ever happened to me. But I will tell you- I can not get much done in this state. I'm content to sit and stare at the world and try to ignore the pain in my head.

Now, I didn't ignore this. I went to the doctor. We guess I have a sinus infection, probably from the new and exciting allergies that I'm experiencing in Kentucky. The bad part is the allergies I'm experiencing here do not affect me the same way as Michigan. Usually an allergy attack has me sneezing and draining and miserable. I had some drainage, but nothing worth mentioning. Guess what- it isn't draining like I need it to. That seems to be the problem, it is all stuck in my head and I can't get it out.

If one more person mentions the Netti pot to me I might snap. Yes, I have heard of it and no, I don't like it and sure I really should give it a real try. It just bothers me that I need to do something that feels so very wrong.  I don't know if as a kid all the time I tried to spend in pools basically did this for me. LOL  Isn't that a lovely thought.

I'm going out today, so you win. I'll get a Netti pot and see if I can figure it out. It can't be all that much worse than the almost constant headaches. ugh
Oh yeah, the weather here is beyond weird.  Hot and Humid today- in the 90's. Not my idea of fun....

Sunday, June 09, 2013

1 or 2 spaces?

I just read the most frightening thing ever in my adult life.
Two spaces is WRONG.     (Article from Slate Magazine)

I pride myself on remembering many things from my time sitting in a classroom. Most of the time I catch some really cool stuff and that I will pass on to others. Hence the reason I am a teaching in the first place. But I just read something that makes me feel about one inch tall. "Using 2 spaces after a period is wrong."

I almost feel ill.

I have to admit that I did learn to type on a manual typewriter. My first class in typing was on one. I then proceeded to take electric typing, because we had it- instead of the computer classes I so desperately wanted but was unable to find at the time. So, I admit- I do the 2 space thing after the period.

Well, I did until today. I vow to try and not do 2 spaces behind a period ever again. Now, I can't promise the iPhone will not do it for me, but I will not do it on purpose ever again.

The worst part about the whole thing is that I'm sure I own or owned an MLA format book that specifically tells you not to do the 2 space thing.  I will happily tell you that I probably never opened the book other than to look up how to do a citation.  And I bet, I never really even used the book for that.

At MSU I had a book for newspaper writing, all the proper abbreviations and a few other things like that in there. You would think the professor that made me get that book would have taught us the 2 space thing???

So there, feel stupid right along with me. Typographers stand up tall and tell us like it is, NO NEED FOR TWO SPACES. (We can talk about the all caps thing later.)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Yup, just lazy.
Not really, but writing about anything hasn't struck me in a week or so as you can see.

I decided to break it up a bit and tell you what I've been thinking.  HA

WHY - why does it take soooo very long for anyone to decide to have interviews - or at least tell me - you suck and we don't even want to interview you?

WHEN - do I break down and go work at a store or something?   I am about at the end of my rope and I know Tom is at the end of his....

BUT - I have tons of stuff planned this summer.  Like First week of July in Michigan, yup schedule your day now, or come to the party in Mt. Pleasant.

HOW - am I to meet some more people around here without spending a bunch of money?  Should I tell you I considered a country club....  We don't golf so that dropped the price a bit, but still a lot so I'm looking for a health club with a pool...ARG

WHO - do I have to Know around here to get a real job?   I've applied to other than teaching jobs, I'm not completely silly.

WHAT - shall I do with myself.  I enjoy being home a ton, but yeah, I miss having money......

Okay, enjoy - stew in my thoughts for a bit.
I did not want to bore you with these things floating around too much at the front of my brain.
Tom has next week free so I guess that's the last of the fun.  We'll try to go Paddling and do a little sight seeing - probably in Nashville, maybe even hit the Mammoth caves.
We almost went out of town, and then realized - nothing sounded awesome that didn't cost a ton.  boo..

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Someone posted on Facebook- bra sizing

BRAs, yes those horrible things all women are expected to wear.

This is a pretty good summation of what you should know.  Enjoy


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved the movie.  Not sure how much Tom liked the movie but I am thrilled.
I will not ruin it for you......
But don't think I don't want to tell you!!!!!

I went out of my way- as I try to do on some movies- especially James Bond- to not watch the commercials or read reviews or just talk to people who have already seen the movie.
I hate when the commercials give you the whole darn story, or enough of it that you want to smack someone.
Previews at the movies for other movies are the worst, they give it ALL away.

I have to admit the new ones for Despicable Me 2 at the theater yesterday were great, they did not give anything away.  Sadly I had already gone looking on Youtube at videos and know almost the whole movie.  Oh well, still going to see it on my BIRTHDAY thank you.

Now some people can tell me that the new Thor movie is just a copy from the comic books and they already know the stories.  FINE, you know what happens, I DON'T, so don't try to ruin it for me.

I read an interview with Cumberbach - plays villian in Star Trek- and he is right there with me on the DON'T tell me the whole darn story before I get there.  Going to the movies was supposed to be about the surprise of finding stuff out.  "Luke, I am your Father"  come on, that had to be one of the best ones EVER and I'm sure a bunch of people ruined it for others.

So, please - go see the movie and CALL me, so I can talk about it with someone.  I noticed a few fun things while watching the movie that die hard fans will be beyond excited about.   Hmm, I may have to drive to Michigan just to drag my one friend out to the movies.  He has to see this.  It was awesome!!!

Enjoy your day.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Once upon a time people used to comment on blogs, now it seems to silent.  LOL
Do you all just comment on facebook or what??
Just my question for the day...

Movies and Stuff

I seriously need to make that book someone found on Pinterest.
It's mostly about organizing yourself to write a blog.  The funny thing is, I like writing on the blog and sadly wait until I have way toooo much to talk about and then finally get on.  Then I forget half the stuff I wanted to talk about and ramble for 20 minutes.

TODAY- Movie Reviews -
I remember doing reviews a while back. Okay, a long while back.  Well, it is the summer blockbuster season and we are pleased with the Options.

First big movie - that we care about - is Iron Man 3.  
SAW it twice already, it's only been out 3 weekends I think.  Tom and I went for 3D and enjoyed a loud but good crowd with a lot of kids.  I personally think the movies are a little violent for the little ones, but hey- I'm not their mom.  There was a ton of good action and a nice little mystery at the end to see what the heck would they do to top this.
Then I saw the movie with Dinosaur and Minion.  HA, I think I enjoyed the Dinosaur's reactions to the movie more than seeing the movie again.  It was still good and I will probably own it. :~)

Second big movie - Star Trek (2) Into the darkness or some crazy thing.
Why do they make the names hard to remember?  It's #2 in the new version.  That suites me just fine.
Okay, I haven't actually seen it yet.  Probably today. LOL

We re-watched the first one last night. Awesome, although I do not like the beginning at all.  I saw the movie 2x's right away the first time.  First in 3D and then in IMAX and guess what- IMAX sucked big time.  I had to move my head from side to side to figure out what I needed to look at.  That sucked and the beginning is SOOOO big and crazy that you can hardly see what is going on to begin with.  Even last night watching it again, you can barely see what is happening.  It's dark and shot very close up and from very weird perspective.  I understand they wanted it to be different - oh it is.

Also saw the director JJ Abrams on Jon Stewart and he didn't like Star Trek as a kid.  ARG- oh well he didn't understand them.  I get that, I really enjoyed watching them with my dad.  He didn't give me any commentary, he just let them be what they were.  The funny thing is, I was a kid when Star Wars came out and NEVER saw them in the theater until the re-release in the 2000's or something.  I still haven't seen all of them in the theater.
Abrams is doing the new Star Wars too.  I find that really Weird.  Stewart did too.  I just hope they get better, cause the last ones were seriously lacking in acting.

Okay, enough blathering about movies.  I best go see the new one.  LATER

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


As I find myself in Michigan today, many thoughts were running through my head as I got ready to go out and meet the world.
As I was musing over how awesome it is that George Takei has become such a big hit now, even more so than when he was on Star Trek.  And there is one HUGE reason for that - FACEBOOK.
I know, it seems soooo very weird that an actor that I would see maybe once every few years when they finally started making moves in the 80's, is now bigger than ever in his golden years.
Think about it.  What did he do between the 60's when they made the original Tv Show and the 80's?Being that was more than 10 years.
Ok, I know - go buy one of his books and he will tell me.  I plan to, just haven't gotten around to it yet.

But now, 20 years after the 80's and BOOM!!  With a little help from Facebook and the Star Trek Movie franchise getting a BIG smash in the new version, George is Back.  Along with Lenord Nemoy actually being in the movie, and William Shatner managing to keep his career afloat with commercials and sit coms - our friends are back and better than ever.

I really wish my dad was around to see all this.  That is the crux of today's thoughts.  My dad would have LOVED Facebook, once he realized that he could see George and others almost everyday.  I'm sure the idea of watching what other people do all day would have bored him to tears, but he enjoyed Puns and George is full of those, and he enjoyed reveling in those great moments we share with each other on Facebook now.

I love that I get to know when my Friends kids do something amazing.  I know I won't be there for most of the things that happen, but I get to KNOW about them.  Heck I even get to see some of them.  

So, I know some people think, why in the world would I move away, Hey a job is a job and you have to take what you can get.  Plus, I think Tom and I both needed something new to do and look at.  I was going stir crazy with the politics and the job situation here in Mich.   Not that it doesn't look bleak and weird in Kentucky sometimes, but at least it is new.

So, wake up, enjoy your day and think of what thing or device your family members would have thought as completely awesome today.  My dad would have LOVED a Kindle or Nook - book Hog all the way-  and I think he would have got a kick out of Facebook.

Sunday, May 05, 2013


I know. So exciting.
It's ok. We finally bought a few rods. Nothing fancy, but not the cheapest things at the store.
Thankfully my mother had a million windows in her last house. She gave me the bulk of them and they are finally being put to use. I found one that's a little short. Hoping another in the box can take its place.

I'm hoping the curtains will help with the echoes. It can get a bit loud.

Here's s couple pictures.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

The vet

Well, Cody is still at the vet.
When we went to visit he did not seem overly excited to see us.
But that could just be me. He was more interested in the other dogs in the waiting room.
He was happy to get outside for a walk and was ready to get back inside - to either
1. The other dogs
2. The wet canned food they have been feeding him.
3. Who ever has been petting him.
4. The cat room or whatever was behind the glass we could not see but he might have been able to smell.

The vet says someone is there 24 /7 with the animals. It looks like the place may have been a house at one time. There is an apartment or something.

He does have an IV, they managed to get a stint in his front leg. So they could hook it back up easier. I'm not sure but I think they had to unhook him and take off the cone of shame when they brought him out to us.
He wasn't wearing his collar. I guess they thought he'd catch it on something. Or it was in the way of the Cone. Or he bamboozled them because it is Just So Itchy.
They had the pass through leash thing like when I brought him home. At least they had two together to give you more than 2 feet of lead.

The vet thought he might be well enough to come home tomorrow - Friday. He just needs to have a bowel movement. Much like at a regular hospital.

Brando has been rather calm about being alone. I expected a little more whining or something. He prances and gets all excited when we walk in, but he seems to be sleeping a lot.
Maybe he is still trying to catch up on the million naps he did not get while I was packing to move and we had people in and out of the house a lot.
He still loves the morning walk and has to stop at every mailbox. Joy.
We cleaned the back yard today and it was really GROSS. We need a rain. Eww.
I trimmed the weird tree on the trellis- it reminds me of the tree/ bush things growing along the fence in Michigan. Then I trimmed the tree I thought was a Japanese maple and it turned out not to be.
I'll have to take pictures - someone can enlighten me of what it is. There is another tree near the house I'm sure is a lacy leaf. Not sure if Japanese, because its light green.
Well. That's our excitement besides driving in circles today looking for certain places. We found the harbor freight store and got an air compressor(major cheap). Once Tom puts it together we can air up the bikes.

Oh. And here is a map of our neighbor hood. Made with the help of run keeper.
I love that most of the map is not really there. You can see some of the streets that are brand new but haven't been officially added yet. I like the look of walking in fields- which is what this all was.
Oh yeah and the rain last weekend was crazy. Enjoy

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Cody the garbage boy.

Well from Facebook most of you know the boys were bad on Sunday and tore up the trash. Emptied it all on the floor and proceeded to lick every little thing and enjoy some quality beef bones chewing time.
There were at least a couple pork ribs in there that we did not see when cleaning up. So we figured Brando ate them- and he'd be the one we really had to worry about.
I've been watching them both like a hawk. Cody seemed to get the worst.
I knew he wasn't feeling well as he's had me up several times the last 2 nights.
When Tom got home today - Cody puked up everything he ate today.
We took him outside for a bit and he came and drank some water, but would not take green beans or a soft cookie.
If that dog doesn't take food you know there is a problem.
We called and got in immediately. (Thanks Stephanie, for the suggestion )

Anyway - could not see bones or foil on the X-ray but he has some serious gas and unhappy looking colon. Plus his gums are red.
They decided to keep him and give fluids and antibiotics to make sure he doesn't get anything else wrong.
He won't sit still. He's following people and trying to visit with everyone. I'm not sure he's staying in a cage or what. But he's being the typical wiggly boxer who doesn't feel as sick as he is.
Sadly that means no IV. She did not want to stick him in the giant Cone of shame. Lol.

She took a second set of X-rays - about 3 hours after the first and it looks like stuff is moving.

The vet said they would call if anything changes tonight. They will call me in the morning, Hopefully he will be feeling much better tomorrow.

I'll keep you updated.

One month- Friday

Ok, I have 1/2 a post floating on my phone.  Not sure I'll post it.
Mostly about Dogs getting old and not liking it.   And mostly about Cody hurting his toes, I'm sure he has arthritis and running around like a puppy does not help his situation.

No, this post is more about the craziness of moving across state lines.
I just want to tell you it does suck.
For one- why doesn't each state put out a pamphlet telling you the things you need to do in their state and how to find those things out?  How hard would it be to have one sent when you get your mail forwarded at the Post office.  I mean that is the ONE thing almost everyone knows to do when they move anywhere.

Most of us know the obvious- bank, electricity, gas or whatever they have, phone, cable or whatever.
In Kentucky you are also supposed to show up and Declare you live here in the county you move to.
Also, you have to go 2 different places to take care of your cars.
You go to a state clerk office to get your Drivers License,  good news it was basically empty when I wandered in today.  I did have the right paperwork, thank goodness I checked online before I went.
BUT - you have to go to the County to get your license plate and tags and all that other stuff.
You also have to have your TITLE to the car.  Plus they want to INSPECT your car, make sure the Vin number matches the title and the car.  Joy....

Currently - I don't seem to have a title.  Being that I just got a brand new car.  I did manage to get insurance on the car- which took an extra week because I could not prove lived here yet.  I swear they need to have an order that you do things.
First take your rental agreement, or house papers to so and so to get proof you are here.
Second get your drivers license, and so on....

I guess if you were to buy a house here, you would be dealing with a title office that probably has all that stuff written down, because they want things to go smoothly.  But Renting, doesn't quite work that way.

Anyway- that is my big Rant.  I have lots more to say about all this, but you get the drift.
ugh, have to go deal with Tom - whose phone screen has died.  He won't be calling anyone he can't remember the number to any time soon.  We'll see how long it takes work to send him a new phone. JOY...

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I've officially been here for three weeks.
Last night the Dinosaur said I sounded like I finally realized how far away I am.
Yup- I'm feeling a little stir crazy.

I know it could be way worse.
If the dogs weren't here and Hubby was gone somewhere I could go days without talking out loud.

We've even had people over for dinner twice. Neighbors and then guys from Michigan down here for work at the GM plant.

I'm not miserable- although I looked it yesterday. Between the rain and cold I was so out of it. The dogs and I watched YouTube videos on tv for HOURs. LOL.

I spent 1 1/2 hours trying to get through to mi unemployment. They don't park you on hold- they hang up on you. Then whee you get in the cue it's at least 10 minutes of on hold before a person gets to you.

They love telling you that you can do everything online- which of course you can not. They also love to tell you that you only get so many weeks and yes the government took back that 10.9 percent so yes you did get less so stop calling about it.

I finally have car insurance on the new car so I feel better about driving it. I found it weird that they didn't demand I have insurance before I drove off the lot. They do in Michigan. Sure I had insurance on the one I turned in but that doesn't necessarily transfer over to the new car.

I have to go get a new drivers license - actually we both do or no insurance - such fun.
Which means I lose my enhanced license. Arg. Now I have to get a new passport. Just more fun for me. ;-)

Well. It's Noon and I really do need to get out of the house. So I'm off.
More later.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dinosaur exercise

Just a quick iPhone update.
With all the walking and exercise I've been wanting to keep track or help me get motivated or whatever.
I started with the couch to 5k app and well it sucks because it assumes you honestly want to run.
Yeah that's not going to happen.

Then I noticed Chicken Paul doing stuff and it showing up on Facebook. He uses Runkeeper and I now have the free version for myself. Or $20 it will broadcast for the whole year and do some other analysis for you. I don't feel the need to share it all. Lol. I can post stuff afterward- but I think I have it so only I can see it.

That is something else I found with several games and such that want to post to Facebook. I just put the setting to me only when I set up the app and it doesn't spam my timeline or my friends.

Anyway - I like Runkeeper. It shows where I went- it's fun because the streets back here in the sub don't exist on the map yet. So it looks like I'm off roading it. It gives you the choice of activity- with biking and other stuff- not just run or walk. It tells your phone to play music.
I spent a hour or two making a walking playlist that's actually several hours long. It just picks up where I left off. So far so good on that front.

Plus it keeps track of how fast you go and personal bests of all kinds.
It works because of GPS. So it's not going to work in the caves- which is a bummer. And it doesn't work on a treadmill, but you can hand enter that stuff.

At the end of each activity it asks you to take a picture and write about it. I like that. Because I can distinguish between walking with or without dogs. You can also say how you felt. Which can help you remember how long it takes to hurt or whatever.
So yes. I give Runkeeper a definite thumbs up!!


Yup - just walking.
As of today I've averaged almost a mile + a day walking around my neighborhood.

Saturday I tried a 5K walk for the humane society of Bowling Green. Tom and Stephanie blew me out of the water. They paced close to 15 or 18 min a mile to my normal 25 or so. I was getting tired after the first mile. 5k = 3.? Miles.

I was walking with a nice lady and her greyhound. Wow. She talked my ear off. That was ok- I was getting tired and couldn't talk anyway. We cut the corner at the back end to catch up with Tom and Stephanie - and Tom starts dragging me and I couldn't talk and was breathing hard. He's like- come on. Ugh.
He and Stephanie could have run the whole thing.
Sadly that is one activity that I hated beyond anything else. I can not run. Between my weird knees and now the weight - running is not something I can do.

So I'll walk.

At home Taking the boys is getting a little annoying. They love going for a walk, but to them it means stopping to sniff everything in sight and then peeing 50 times.
Today they walked almost a 1/2 mile then I dropped them off and walked more than a mile without them.

I'm sure I'm going to get bored walking my neighborhood soon enough.
I found yesterday that there are some trails out behind Lost River Cave that people walk and jog. Some one posted a run with the camera strapped to the dogs back. It was cute.
That is also next to the dog park.

I'm not really losing any weight - but I feel a bit better. And I will admit I LOVE the weather here right now. Especially when I hear how crappy the weather is in Michigan. The hottest so far was 85 and coldest was 32 at night. Average is about 55 right now. Getting closer to 70's every day.
A couple people have warned me that it will get into the 80's soon and not come back down. Bummer.
At least the Heat/Air pump now works. I thought it seemed a bit weird the air wasn't really cold and the heat seemed weak. Well it Really was!!! The motor power switch was burnt out. So the big fan that actually does most of the work was not turning on.
I wonder how long it has been that way. I can't imagine this past winter being very comfortable that way. Brrrrr.
It makes me fear the electric bill. Because it was using the back up electric heaters to help keep the house warm. Ewww.
The ceiling fans made it almost livable without the air, but the house at 80+ everyday would have killed me. I can leave it around 78 in the summer. But that was with the basement to hide in. Not sure what I'll be able to take here.

Well I need to talk to Marvin and clean some. Tom said some guys are coming down from Michigan to the plant this week. So it looks like he wants to cook one night.
Place isn't that bad but I miss my cleaning fairy. :-).

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Find 1/2 the garage.

Wow. That took a few hours.
I put together one shelving unit in two pieces. Tore up my right hand and then managed to get my car in the garage.

The big thing was taking most of my teacher papers and putting those and my books in plastic totes so the mice can't eat them. I hope to get the regular books into the house in the next month or so.
Don't want to stack them in the house - helps to get the shelves up and then put in the books.

The weather is a bit exciting today. It is storming big time in Detroit already. It's supposed to hit here later today. Probably after dark. Chicago had flooding and we probably will too.

And the guy came to mow the lawn. Yeah.
Few more people are trying to get theirs done before the storm.
Hmmm what's for dinner.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Terrible day......

This is mostly just as a memo for myself.

Once again on a Monday, I'm alone at home and a tragedy strikes in the U.S.

It feels a little surreal.  Our country is so very large, but in a matter of minutes you can get the entire country to stop and pay attention to what is happening in one place.

There was no facebook or twitter last time.  I really only knew it happened as it popped up on the side of the screen on facebook.  When NPR posts something, I certainly stop and go check it out.

I found some of the first pictures that came from people on Twitter.  There were a couple of pretty bad pictures, although I know I did not see anything near the horror the people on the ground there saw.

I have a friend that works in a streaming company, that passes on video from one place to another.
After I posted on facebook they contacted me to share the link to the live feed from Boston.  It turns out to be a lot of repeating video and just talking heads in the back ground, but I'm sure I've heard far more about this situation than the average person on the street.

It started at 2:50 edt today.  The interesting part is that it happened after the big races were already done.  The men's, the women's and the wheelchair elite races had already finished before this happened.
The largest group of people were starting to filter into the finish lines of the Marathon.  
A huge group of spectators had just sort of cleared the area before it happened; and it did not happen on the side with the grandstands.

President Obama spoke to the press around 5:10 pm Cdt.  The biggest problem is that they can not connect people to each other. All of their preparations to connect people to their friends was ruined, because the area you were supposed to meet your friends became the place no one could go to.
Then they shut down cell phone service, which now has made it impossible to meet up with your friends.
I feel for those families that are still looking for their runner this evening.

The game for tonight has been cancelled and the air space around the area has been cleared.

The live feed has been interesting.  They have managed to find plenty of people to talk to and they have cleared out a lot of places in that area.  Hotels are locked down or being cleared.

Once again, we will probably never know what really was the point.  No one has claimed responsibility.  I can only hope that the person who placed those bombs went up with one of them.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Settling In....

We have been in Kentucky for over a week now.

It feels really weird.  Most of the time we are busy trying to find things, or trying to put the house together.  I have almost all the clothes put away, I have 2 bags I've been avoiding.  I don't know why, I just don't feel like doing it.

I put the spare bedroom together some.  It needs a lot more work, but I rearranged some boxes and managed to squash some more things down.  The bed is made and ready for visitors, but not much room in the closet. Ah well, there are a couple drawers empty. :~)

The Living room seems to be the state of flux.  Tom keeps moving things around, he's not sure where he really wants stuff.  I think we are waiting at least a month to look for shelving.  We wandered around that first day looking mostly for a desk for me, but certainly for shelving too.  It seems that Ikea really does have the most options, I've seen other cool shelving, but never in a store - so where are they buying it???  

We have been discussing the master bathroom.  We have two shelves from Ikea we can put up in there.  My first thought was over the toilet  but the shelves are way longer than that space - so why cut them down, find something closer to the right size- I know Ikea has them.  Check my Pinterest to see what I'm talking about.  But those shelves may wind up on another wall.  We are thinking on the one between the tub and the shower.  Put one low enough to put things on for being in the tub and Another higher for decorative or storage.

Speaking of Pinterest, I know most people think its silly, well that silliness has given Tom and I several ideas that we would have never thought of; including - how to clean a microfiber couch, how to keep your rugs from sliding around and how to clean your washing machine.  I still have to clean the dryer screen.  
It's also giving us some ideas for outside and storage options to make the house feel better and not so crazy.  We still have a ton of boxes in the garage, I have to go work on my teacher stuff again.  It's mostly in crates and that's not going to work when the mice decide paper is good enough to eat and nest in.  So, I'll need to transfer that stuff to the empty plastic totes from all the kitchen stuff.  The good news is most of the kitchen stuff is fitting just fine in the kitchen, we even noticed that we hadn't put anything in one under section and we really do have enough drawers. YES!

Other news:  I guess I'm on a fitness plan of sorts.
        My neighbor asked if I wanted to do a Fun 5K walk for the Humane society in Bowling Green.  Even if I hadn't been to the Humane society here and almost cried, I probably would have done the walk.  
  Tom and I went over there to get tags for the boys.  We want to take them to the Dog park and the signs there say they need tags to be in the park to show you got their shots.  The boys were thrilled - we finally took them to the park yesterday.  It is BIG, they do have the small and big dog sides and the big dog side is as big as both big dog sides in Michigan at the one on Pontiac Trail.  Right now there is no shade on the space that looks like they could put a shade up, hope they do soon.
    Anyway - the Humane society down here is REALLLLLLLLY busy. They have over 200 dogs on a regular basis and they shipped 105 or more the other day north to other rescues.  There seems to be big Pit bull fighting going on down here.  $5000 reward if you can get fighting or people involved busted.  They won't let a Pit bull out of the rescue without getting chipped, so they can prove who owns it.  They need to invest in a few GPS chips for the Pit bulls to catch these people.  

The fun walk is Saturday April 20, and I have been walking everyday.  I did over a mile yesterday and almost a mile today.  Trying not to over do it before the big day and then not be able to walk at all.  We've taken the dogs for a walk almost every day last week.
  I'm walking farther most days and not feeling quite as whipped yet.  I was terribly sore from weed whipping last weekend, but this moving stuff has been keeping me moving.  

And I'm sorry to tell you all, I LOVE THE Weather here right now.  It's been in the 60's or 70's almost every day since we got here.  We had one day of rain and a couple of chilly.  This is SUCH a big difference from Michigan already.  Spring has sprung here, sorry you are all still suffering.  Of course, I'll try not to be the big cry baby this summer when it's 90+ here and it's only about 80 there.  Ok, you probably have a ton more to do.  Later