Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ok I stink

Yeah, forgot the pictures, Been busy.
Get back to you soon.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Actually it's Friday - I'm a happy camper. Ok, so I have a ton of work to do this weekend, but I really don't care.
I was going to give the students a lot of homework, shame on me. I did not.
I gave a quiz today and handed out copies of their progress reports.
I promise to put up some pictures this weekend. I'll be at Paul's tomorrow packing boxes again. OH JOY.

Ren Fest- We had a great time.
Tom DRANK - yes he actually had some alcohol. The phrase of the day was, "I think my face is numb." We did a beer run (actually Hard Cider and some Mead) while waiting for the Washing Well Wenches show to start.
It was Michele's first trip (dating Paul Thoma) and we dressed the two of them up. Michele has been to a Ren fest before but never to ours in Michigan. We made her watch all the good shows. Wenches, Dead Bob and Whip BOY - oh yes, Whip boy. (drooool)
Anyway, we wandered around ALL day long, bought fun stuff and ate a good amount and even drank.
I got candles from our friend. I think his name is Robert. I really like the way they smell.
Oh yeah, HONEY - real Michigan honey. Very good.
I guess that's it for now.
Trying to finish a few grades and go home.
ps. Pictures to come.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Oh another Monday here we go

Paul is here and trying to prepare for the insanity of the first day back in the classroom.
I am trying to ignore the fact that I have lesson plans to finish for the week.

I finished reading Of Mice and Men, thanking everyone for how short it is. I started reading The Joy Luck Club, in preparation of my first group book talk in class.
Yep I am back in school myself and trying not to lose my cool.

Not that I don't enjoy being in school, I just hope I don't drop the ball anywhere, and I have a big feeling that it is about the happen. Too much going on at once.
Although, You can ask Tom or Paul, I read almost 2 chapters in My new Text book for class and finished the first novel and tried to start my first paper. Sunday - not just for ignoring lesson plans anymore. Now- add personal homework to that list. I thought I did good today..

Back into the grind I go.
wish us luck.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I was wondering....

Hey -
Now, I know in Florida you can't turn around near the water ways without running into alligators or crocs, or whatever.
SO, what crossed my mind this morning while I was 1/2 awake waiting for the alarm to go off was - are there any predators of that nature in Louisiana or Mississippi????
I can sort of image that they might not want to go near New Orleans because the water is so disgusting and even animals have more sense than we do in those situations. But what about the other regions? I know a lot of the water has subsided back to the gulf, but what is left?

I know, couldn't I be thinking of something more constructive? I heard an interesting report on NPR about the Live Oaks in New Orleans and the surrounding area. They have a society and all the oaks have names. It seems unfortunate that many will not survive the water - mostly due to the polutions they are guessing. Of course I also heard the story about how New Orleans is sinking. Hmmm Not much of a surprise there.

Well, off to deal with the aftermath of the power going on and off in the school building yesterday. We have a meeting at 7:30. Oh there she goes on the P.A. Later

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Darn, I have to work

Hi all,
It seems we had a little bit of a power outage at work. Ok, it was out almost all weekend. hee hee

So, "no work for you." Actually all the teachers stood out on Outer drive yesterday morning letting the parents know that we were closed. All we needed were some signs and we could have had a good picket going.

You ask, so what did you do with your day.....
I tried to read some for work, I thought about lesson plans and then had to take Paul to get a drug test. WOOT
Yup, they gave Paul an ok Salary. So, yesterday - I was out helping Paul find an apartment. We were all up and down Pontiac trail. If you have ever been down the stretch between Wixom and Walled Lake, there have to be 8 or more properties on the south side of the road alone. We stopped at I think 6 yesterday. I think Paul picked one out. Works for me.
Crazy man wants 3rd floor though. ewww.

I was beat by the time we got home. I was not dressed for the heat. oh well.
Have a fun day. Back to work. eww

Monday, September 05, 2005

It's that time again...

Mom, Mike and Ashley went to Ren Fest this weekend and boy do I have a picture for you...

The Famous Dead BOB Show. My mother was zombie number 3. Yes, the slinking fifi, who sticks her nose up at Zombie number 2.

Either way, they had a great day. Mike and Ashley took a bunch of pictures. I need to get the ones off Ashely's new little nikon camera.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Hurray, NORVELL Lives......

I was just thinking about Norvel at the Highland Games festival in Livionia a few weeks ago. I remember Norvel telling me that his father is all into the dressing up Scottish and stuff. I sort of Looked around for someone who looked like Norvel, but there were a lot of people there.

Please give me a call, or put your email in a comment and then I'll delete it when I get it.

Labor Day weekend.
Hmm, Gas costs too much so I'm thinking we aren't going anywhere.

Paul is still in Limbo on the job. Don't ask you don't want to know. The bad news there is that Paul has to work the stupid Labor Day weekend at Art Van, Hopefully his last.

Whoopee, school is so much fun.....
talk to you later