Monday, March 04, 2013

Dinosaur training. Rocu

Not sure where to start.
It's been busy.
Between getting the dinosaur an IPhone and Internet at home to this weekend getting a TV and Rocu box - wow. And packing to move.

The good news is everything seems to be working well.
I on the other hand dropped my phone on the clean commode and had to replace it. That became an ordeal in itself.
I was able to do the upgrade to a 5 w/out paying the $600 price. Then Radio shack had it on sale. But of course - Apple decided to do an over haul on the phone and so began my torture.
First they changed the pins on the bottom. No longer the 30 pin slot that they had for at least 9 years. Had to change it to make you replace all the Ihome stuff we' ve collected over the years. (Bought an adapter- there went the savings)
Second they've upgraded the brains enough that my laptop was running the equivalent of win 98 or 2000. The phone refused to talk to the computer.
After hours of google and Apple help searches I broke down and called Apple. ( I had just bought the new phone- I had 90 days banked to use with help )
We determined that yes my computer was probably to old for Mountain Lion the current Apple OS. But- there was a strong possibility that the newest ITunes and IPhone 5 would talk to Snow Leopard and my computer could handle that .
Thank goodness it was only $20- thank you Apple. Took a couple days to get here then 8 hours of downloads and updates later it all worked. Whew.

More later.