Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Oh my,  That means I probably have to change the title of the blog again......

We have officially lived in Kentucky for One whole year.
I'll admit that looking back, it has been rather exciting - doing all these new things and trying to make friends here and connect with the ones back in Michigan.

New experiences - Caves.  I love the BIG caves with the tours and all the campy stuff associated.  I haven't really gotten Tom too interested, but Mom and I did a good job of hitting most of them when her and I came down by ourselves.     I love going to Fundraisers at the Lost River Cave.  It feels a bit glamorous.

Kayaking - sure we paddled in Michigan and did White Water in West Virginia, but I have to tell you - it is very different looking at the blue holes, and the hill sides, and the caves, and the cow farms.  We upgraded our Kayaks and built a darn trailer to haul all our stuff around.  I'd say we went from occasional water folk, to full on outdoorsy even..
  I can not wait for the over night trip in Mammoth Cave Park on the Green River.

Community College - I LOVE IT.  I really enjoy working there.  The students are fascinating and the people I work with are really great. I look forward to continuing to work there.  (I have a fall schedule already. :~)

It's a College Town - Okay, we don't go downtown where the kids hang out. But once in a while we go somewhere and it is VERY obvious that we live in a town with a TON of 20 somethings.  It helps me feel young. HA

The weather - I should not brag.  We moved down here the right year....  I'm sorry all my Michigan friends and family-  You can keep all that snow....

Friends coming here to visit.  That means YOU!!!!!  
We have had a great time having visitors.  You are welcome to visit.  We might even take you Kayaking.  LOL

It has been an interesting year. I'm so glad we took this chance and tried living somewhere new.  Life is too short to sit in one place for too long.  For all the faults you could find here, there are plenty going on in Michigan too.  Just need to take where you are and work with it.  I am working this place as well as I can.!!!

I think the Dogs like it here too.  LOL
Hugs, I miss you all.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Kayaking in The Nashville area

I stumbled across the Nashville website through the  Jackson Kayak blogs.
I was looking at stuff about taking your dog with you...

ANYWAY-  I found this.......

Water Access and Blueways in Nashville.

Tomorrow, Tom and I (and the Bowling Green Canoe and Kayak Meetup Group) are going out on the Harpeth River in Tennessee.
It's about an 1 hour  & 45 minutes away.  I'm not sure we are going to the put in and take out that are listed on the website above, but I would hazard a guess it will be close to there either way.

I wanted to put that Link on my blog so that I could find it later.......
I'll probably put up pictures from the trip soon, and well - Sunday is our 10th Anniversary.
Oh MY!!!!

Enjoy your weekend, I certainly will.