Thursday, July 05, 2007

Did you have a good 4th????

Did you have a good Fourth of July?

I would have to say that we did.
Naarah and Rob came out after they close the store at Laurel park, Paul and Carrie came over and the 6 of us went to the fireworks at Kensington Metro Park off of 96, near Milford.

It turned out to be a great evening. We stopped at KFC on the way out there and we took our own pop and stuff.
I was prepared. We had blankets and chairs and bug spray and cameras and tripods.
I know Naarah got a few pictures with her S3is, so those will be cool to see also.
I had to crop a lot of my pictures as I turned on the noise reduction - STUPID.
Well, it would take to long to get ready for the next shot.

Then I missed a good portion of the finale, cause I bumped the camera and messed up the angel.
ANYWAY - no one seemed to lose anything - or I haven't heard yet and over all it was a great evening.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Thursday June 28th, Paul and I went to the Wixom fireworks. It was a great evening, the weather was cool even.
So we ate some food, watched all the little kids act like maniacs and I managed to take a few pictures.

By the time we got home, well - things had sort of just gone down hill all night.

Paul and I were going to walk over.
But, they had fixed the hole in the far fence of the school property. Which meant we had to go around, I said - NOPE and we walked back to the house to get the car.

So we drove over. Now a bunch of people paid to park in front of the VFW - where we went for wine tasting earlier this year. I hoped there wasn't a price to park in the back.
NOPE. So the cops told us where to park and we dragged our stuff to the seating area. We had chairs and a tripod, my camera and the video camera.
I pulled out my book and a water and Paul asked, where is mine. I wasn't sure, and then I noticed that the head to the tripod wasn't on the tripod, it was left on Pauls camera back at his house.

We had gone on a little nature shoot a couple weeks ago. AHHHHH
Ok, so no regular tripod, I had the video prop that sits on your chest in my car. So I went back.
I didn't find his book either.
Well, we got food and sat around watching the crazy children and waited for it to get dark.

We finally realized that he left the book on the roof of the car, and well it is gone.
Then as we were leaving, some kid said - hey is that your cell phone. I had managed to drop it. Whew.
Then it took a good 1/2 hour to get out and well, when we got to the street I realized I didn't have glasses on my face.
They obviously fell out of my shirt pocket as I was packing up the chairs. ARG
So, I am off to the eye doctor today to get more.
Hope had a better day on the 28th.


TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmm, what are my plans for the day?
This morning after giving Tom a Migraine pill and putting stuff in the laundry, I am working on the cleaning the guinea Pig cage. Lenny and Squiggy are mighty fat and over in the play pen already. I have given Winslow the run of the whole cage and he is probably trying to mark the whole thing.
I have an eye doctor appointment at 1:30 to replace my cool glasses that I lost at the fireworks last week. It really sucks. Tom was in Maryland and Paul and I were the only ones to go. It was fun, but different and Paul and I lost things ALL night.
Then I go to Naarah's store to hang out and print pictures on her frontier. You ask why?? I AM GETTING MY OWN.... Yup, someone found a Frontier to give to my store. I grieve for the store who closed, but I GET their machine. Hopefully that will keep me from closing.
So, July 9th I drag my butt in at 7:30 to prepare for the arrival of my new machine. Hopefully it will be running full steam come Saturday the 14th.
That is just about the extent of stuff. Tom is working afternoons this week and is obviously not sleeping well. He woke me up some when he came home and he totally woke up when I got up this morning. I think the migraine medication will put him out for a couple hours.
Have a great day all. Hope you enjoy the 4th, and um. Yeah I have some fireworks pictures somewhere...