Monday, June 22, 2009

Start your summer off right.

What better way to start your summer off than to go camping and bring home a new dog?
The camp ground and the rescue center share space.  The dogs kept the woodland friends you would rather not meet off the property.  No skunks in our world.
Cody is a Fawn Boxer who I think is too thin.  He ran with at least 50 loose dogs and had to probably fight for his food.  I should fatten him up in a couple weeks. 
We are off to the vet today to make sure we got all the bugs out of his ears.  I have a feeling we didn't.

I know, I have to take pictures with Brando.  Yes, they get along very well.  Cody is soooo very laid back that Brando really can't find anything to complain about, except for Cody sitting on me.
It took us two days to get home from Missouri, in the middle of no where.  He seems comfortable here and happy.  He has not met the pigs yet.  I already know he chases squirrels.

Come meet him soon.  He may be going to work with me this week.  I need to check for permission first.  I have some editing to do at school.

Have a great day,  my first real day of vacation at home begins today...