Thursday, May 24, 2007

What's up???

Hi all,

Busy busy busy. Mom and I worked on the downstairs bathroom. You can actually use it now, it has a sink.

We painted and put up stuff, and hopefully there will be baseboard down for the party.
Oh yeah, Party on June 2nd. I did send out emails. Sorry, should have had invites made, but then I couldn't spend that money on FOOD for the party.

I'd show pictures of the bath, but you'd have nothing to look forward to when you got here for the party. Ok, we have to clean. ahhhhhhhhh

What else. I'm manager at Great Lakes. This is good and bad.
Good things - I little more money, and I'm the boss.
Bad things - I'm the boss, too much money in gas, no frontier machine and sales are down in the mall.

Guinea Pigs are doing well. Hmm, they all need a bath. That should be fun.

Found a bunny in the front yard and a baby bird on the ground in the back yard. I would guess the bird is either some cats dinner or he managed to fly last night. He wasn't doing too good on that yesterday. He was crying for his momma.
Guess I should show you pictures...

Oh yeah, I graduated. I told you that right???