Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spastic Brando

Sometimes I think our dogs are the only thing that makes me not go crazy living here.

Brando had a fabulous time at the Puppy Paddle - held at a pool park here in Bowling Green. The Humane Society does it as a fund raiser.
The pool was great and I was silly too not avail myself of it over the summer.  I knew it would be filled with kids. What I didn't know is that it had Lanes for real swimming along with the kiddie section and the big water slide.
The Kid section was perfect for the dogs. It had a slope in like a beach on one side and steps on the other about 50 feet away.  I figure at the deepest part it was 3.5 feet.

Brando followed Tom around really well.  We did not have to chase him down at all. He wanted to be right next to Tom. We did not take Cody because why pay for a dog that doesn't like the water and I would have to follow around. He would have loved to see all the other dogs, but NOT the water.
So, I contented myself to take pictures and we wore Brado out so much he limped and slept the rest of the day.

It's time to get new tags for the dogs as the days are less than 90 degrees now. I should start taking them back to the dog park. Cody can get his social time in and Brando can wander a bit.  I need to walk more, but I can't drag them with me, they get tired fast.
I was walking them almost everyday, but I started getting tired of having to drag them back to the house.  It wasn't walking as much as Sniffing and Peeing on everything. When Brando gets tired, he just stops to smell something and practically lays on the ground with his face stuck in the dirt. That's 70+ pounds of dog to try and drag away using a collar.  It Looks Ridiculous.

Oh Tags- that was a funny story. Did I tell you?

We go to the Humane society to get dog tags. The signs at the Dog park said the dogs need tags.
We get to someone at the humane society and give them our papers showing the dogs have their rabies shots to get the tags. They ask where we live, we tell them and they are like - You don't live in the city, you don't need tags.
We said,  "That doesn't matter, we want to take them to the dog park and it says we need tags."
The person keeps saying - but you don't live in the city.
Tom finally asks, "Okay, who gets the money from us buying dog tags?"
"Well, we do."
"So, why are you fighting us on this, don't you want our 20 dollars?"
I'm like, "We are happy to give you the money, dude take our money."
He had to go ask someone else about the whole situation.  Then they said, but really you should wait till June and get them then. We asked why and they said- well you have to get new ones then.
"WHATEVER people."
If we really cared about how much the dog tags cost we would not have shown up.
Of course, it was too hot in June to hit the park, so I haven't stopped to get new tags yet.

I guess I understand them not wanted to Gyp someone out of $20. But still, we were obviously willing to part with the money, so take it already.

Last night they had an Adopt-a-Thon on the local public access station last night.  It was cute.  It wasn't elaborate, looked like they had 3 cameras. 1 in a room with dogs coming in to show off; 1 in a the Cat room, and then one that looked over some of the people answering phones.
We watched for a few minutes and Tom was like - this is too dangerous- we can not get a new dog now.  So, we turned it off. Later on Facebook it said that between adoptions and donations they made over 14,500 by 8:40 or so.  They were trying to hit 15,000 by 9 pm.  I was really impressed, that was a nice chunk of change.

I could talk about the boys all day.  I'll let you go, and share a couple pictures.