Tuesday, June 29, 2004

We finally got over to Jay and Cindy's house on Monday night. (James) Camden was as cute as ever and everyone took their turn holding him.  Posted by Hello

Monday, June 28, 2004


Well, it wouldn't be a trip to the parents house without going fishing with my father. I am very pleased to tell you that he is still quite cabable of kicking my but on the water...
Sunday, I have to say the fish knew I did not have a lisence. It seems that I could not get a nibble. It could have also been the stinking black line I was using, but we won't go there.
MONDAY, was the fish day for Tammy. I caught 4 fish and 3 made it up to the dock. I haven't fished for Bass before. They are pretty quick. I got a trick though. Look for them fishing for minnows and then throw my line where they were. Woot, it works.
Talk to you later
Off to see the new baby - Mom and dad's neighbor - Jay and Cindy. Post a picture later.

Here is one of the fish dad caught on Sunday. They kept swallowing the dang hook. Posted by Hello

Here I am with the last fish of the day. He was sort of small in comparison, but this is the best picture we got of me with a fish. Monday was a good fish day for me.  Posted by Hello

Dad is letting me drive the boat. Whoo Hoo Posted by Hello

Here is the big fish I caught on Monday. I swear they knew I didn't have a fishing license on Sunday, I didn't even get a bite. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 26, 2004

From My Parents House

Hi all,
I'm in Chattanooga for the next week or so. I will be updating with more pictures when I figure out how to make the comcast connection work on my computer.
Anyone else tyring to use one of those "Share the monitor, keyboard and mouse things"? I think they are called K-something. Mine is by Belkin. I love it, I brought my computer (just the box), my belkin and the power cable and tada, I have my computer here to work on at mom and dads.
New Pinnacle Studio 9 came out, I got the upgrade. Someone said it's 8 with a few more toys and it REALLY works. 8 refused to work when I first got it....
Take care.
Please let me know what kind of pictures you want to see. I might do a section on School..
Later Tammy

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

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Sorry, wouldn't let me do them all together Posted by Hello

Here we are after the wedding, doing the million photos Posted by Hello

Here we are at the wedding chapel having the certificate signed before we start the wedding. Yes that is mom hiding behind me.  Posted by Hello

Testing, Testing

Here I am trying out this Blog thing.
My friend Mike Wyzard from ye old days of the "They Might Be Giants" Fan Club on AOL, has one running for his trip through Europe. He gave me the idea to try this for sharing photos and stuff from the wedding and anything else interesting for this year.

I'm working on the picture thing right now.