Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Yup, just lazy.
Not really, but writing about anything hasn't struck me in a week or so as you can see.

I decided to break it up a bit and tell you what I've been thinking.  HA

WHY - why does it take soooo very long for anyone to decide to have interviews - or at least tell me - you suck and we don't even want to interview you?

WHEN - do I break down and go work at a store or something?   I am about at the end of my rope and I know Tom is at the end of his....

BUT - I have tons of stuff planned this summer.  Like First week of July in Michigan, yup schedule your day now, or come to the party in Mt. Pleasant.

HOW - am I to meet some more people around here without spending a bunch of money?  Should I tell you I considered a country club....  We don't golf so that dropped the price a bit, but still a lot so I'm looking for a health club with a pool...ARG

WHO - do I have to Know around here to get a real job?   I've applied to other than teaching jobs, I'm not completely silly.

WHAT - shall I do with myself.  I enjoy being home a ton, but yeah, I miss having money......

Okay, enjoy - stew in my thoughts for a bit.
I did not want to bore you with these things floating around too much at the front of my brain.
Tom has next week free so I guess that's the last of the fun.  We'll try to go Paddling and do a little sight seeing - probably in Nashville, maybe even hit the Mammoth caves.
We almost went out of town, and then realized - nothing sounded awesome that didn't cost a ton.  boo..

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Someone posted on Facebook- bra sizing

BRAs, yes those horrible things all women are expected to wear.

This is a pretty good summation of what you should know.  Enjoy


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved the movie.  Not sure how much Tom liked the movie but I am thrilled.
I will not ruin it for you......
But don't think I don't want to tell you!!!!!

I went out of my way- as I try to do on some movies- especially James Bond- to not watch the commercials or read reviews or just talk to people who have already seen the movie.
I hate when the commercials give you the whole darn story, or enough of it that you want to smack someone.
Previews at the movies for other movies are the worst, they give it ALL away.

I have to admit the new ones for Despicable Me 2 at the theater yesterday were great, they did not give anything away.  Sadly I had already gone looking on Youtube at videos and know almost the whole movie.  Oh well, still going to see it on my BIRTHDAY thank you.

Now some people can tell me that the new Thor movie is just a copy from the comic books and they already know the stories.  FINE, you know what happens, I DON'T, so don't try to ruin it for me.

I read an interview with Cumberbach - plays villian in Star Trek- and he is right there with me on the DON'T tell me the whole darn story before I get there.  Going to the movies was supposed to be about the surprise of finding stuff out.  "Luke, I am your Father"  come on, that had to be one of the best ones EVER and I'm sure a bunch of people ruined it for others.

So, please - go see the movie and CALL me, so I can talk about it with someone.  I noticed a few fun things while watching the movie that die hard fans will be beyond excited about.   Hmm, I may have to drive to Michigan just to drag my one friend out to the movies.  He has to see this.  It was awesome!!!

Enjoy your day.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Once upon a time people used to comment on blogs, now it seems to silent.  LOL
Do you all just comment on facebook or what??
Just my question for the day...

Movies and Stuff

I seriously need to make that book someone found on Pinterest.
It's mostly about organizing yourself to write a blog.  The funny thing is, I like writing on the blog and sadly wait until I have way toooo much to talk about and then finally get on.  Then I forget half the stuff I wanted to talk about and ramble for 20 minutes.

TODAY- Movie Reviews -
I remember doing reviews a while back. Okay, a long while back.  Well, it is the summer blockbuster season and we are pleased with the Options.

First big movie - that we care about - is Iron Man 3.  
SAW it twice already, it's only been out 3 weekends I think.  Tom and I went for 3D and enjoyed a loud but good crowd with a lot of kids.  I personally think the movies are a little violent for the little ones, but hey- I'm not their mom.  There was a ton of good action and a nice little mystery at the end to see what the heck would they do to top this.
Then I saw the movie with Dinosaur and Minion.  HA, I think I enjoyed the Dinosaur's reactions to the movie more than seeing the movie again.  It was still good and I will probably own it. :~)

Second big movie - Star Trek (2) Into the darkness or some crazy thing.
Why do they make the names hard to remember?  It's #2 in the new version.  That suites me just fine.
Okay, I haven't actually seen it yet.  Probably today. LOL

We re-watched the first one last night. Awesome, although I do not like the beginning at all.  I saw the movie 2x's right away the first time.  First in 3D and then in IMAX and guess what- IMAX sucked big time.  I had to move my head from side to side to figure out what I needed to look at.  That sucked and the beginning is SOOOO big and crazy that you can hardly see what is going on to begin with.  Even last night watching it again, you can barely see what is happening.  It's dark and shot very close up and from very weird perspective.  I understand they wanted it to be different - oh it is.

Also saw the director JJ Abrams on Jon Stewart and he didn't like Star Trek as a kid.  ARG- oh well he didn't understand them.  I get that, I really enjoyed watching them with my dad.  He didn't give me any commentary, he just let them be what they were.  The funny thing is, I was a kid when Star Wars came out and NEVER saw them in the theater until the re-release in the 2000's or something.  I still haven't seen all of them in the theater.
Abrams is doing the new Star Wars too.  I find that really Weird.  Stewart did too.  I just hope they get better, cause the last ones were seriously lacking in acting.

Okay, enough blathering about movies.  I best go see the new one.  LATER

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


As I find myself in Michigan today, many thoughts were running through my head as I got ready to go out and meet the world.
As I was musing over how awesome it is that George Takei has become such a big hit now, even more so than when he was on Star Trek.  And there is one HUGE reason for that - FACEBOOK.
I know, it seems soooo very weird that an actor that I would see maybe once every few years when they finally started making moves in the 80's, is now bigger than ever in his golden years.
Think about it.  What did he do between the 60's when they made the original Tv Show and the 80's?Being that was more than 10 years.
Ok, I know - go buy one of his books and he will tell me.  I plan to, just haven't gotten around to it yet.

But now, 20 years after the 80's and BOOM!!  With a little help from Facebook and the Star Trek Movie franchise getting a BIG smash in the new version, George is Back.  Along with Lenord Nemoy actually being in the movie, and William Shatner managing to keep his career afloat with commercials and sit coms - our friends are back and better than ever.

I really wish my dad was around to see all this.  That is the crux of today's thoughts.  My dad would have LOVED Facebook, once he realized that he could see George and others almost everyday.  I'm sure the idea of watching what other people do all day would have bored him to tears, but he enjoyed Puns and George is full of those, and he enjoyed reveling in those great moments we share with each other on Facebook now.

I love that I get to know when my Friends kids do something amazing.  I know I won't be there for most of the things that happen, but I get to KNOW about them.  Heck I even get to see some of them.  

So, I know some people think, why in the world would I move away, Hey a job is a job and you have to take what you can get.  Plus, I think Tom and I both needed something new to do and look at.  I was going stir crazy with the politics and the job situation here in Mich.   Not that it doesn't look bleak and weird in Kentucky sometimes, but at least it is new.

So, wake up, enjoy your day and think of what thing or device your family members would have thought as completely awesome today.  My dad would have LOVED a Kindle or Nook - book Hog all the way-  and I think he would have got a kick out of Facebook.

Sunday, May 05, 2013


I know. So exciting.
It's ok. We finally bought a few rods. Nothing fancy, but not the cheapest things at the store.
Thankfully my mother had a million windows in her last house. She gave me the bulk of them and they are finally being put to use. I found one that's a little short. Hoping another in the box can take its place.

I'm hoping the curtains will help with the echoes. It can get a bit loud.

Here's s couple pictures.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

The vet

Well, Cody is still at the vet.
When we went to visit he did not seem overly excited to see us.
But that could just be me. He was more interested in the other dogs in the waiting room.
He was happy to get outside for a walk and was ready to get back inside - to either
1. The other dogs
2. The wet canned food they have been feeding him.
3. Who ever has been petting him.
4. The cat room or whatever was behind the glass we could not see but he might have been able to smell.

The vet says someone is there 24 /7 with the animals. It looks like the place may have been a house at one time. There is an apartment or something.

He does have an IV, they managed to get a stint in his front leg. So they could hook it back up easier. I'm not sure but I think they had to unhook him and take off the cone of shame when they brought him out to us.
He wasn't wearing his collar. I guess they thought he'd catch it on something. Or it was in the way of the Cone. Or he bamboozled them because it is Just So Itchy.
They had the pass through leash thing like when I brought him home. At least they had two together to give you more than 2 feet of lead.

The vet thought he might be well enough to come home tomorrow - Friday. He just needs to have a bowel movement. Much like at a regular hospital.

Brando has been rather calm about being alone. I expected a little more whining or something. He prances and gets all excited when we walk in, but he seems to be sleeping a lot.
Maybe he is still trying to catch up on the million naps he did not get while I was packing to move and we had people in and out of the house a lot.
He still loves the morning walk and has to stop at every mailbox. Joy.
We cleaned the back yard today and it was really GROSS. We need a rain. Eww.
I trimmed the weird tree on the trellis- it reminds me of the tree/ bush things growing along the fence in Michigan. Then I trimmed the tree I thought was a Japanese maple and it turned out not to be.
I'll have to take pictures - someone can enlighten me of what it is. There is another tree near the house I'm sure is a lacy leaf. Not sure if Japanese, because its light green.
Well. That's our excitement besides driving in circles today looking for certain places. We found the harbor freight store and got an air compressor(major cheap). Once Tom puts it together we can air up the bikes.

Oh. And here is a map of our neighbor hood. Made with the help of run keeper.
I love that most of the map is not really there. You can see some of the streets that are brand new but haven't been officially added yet. I like the look of walking in fields- which is what this all was.
Oh yeah and the rain last weekend was crazy. Enjoy

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Cody the garbage boy.

Well from Facebook most of you know the boys were bad on Sunday and tore up the trash. Emptied it all on the floor and proceeded to lick every little thing and enjoy some quality beef bones chewing time.
There were at least a couple pork ribs in there that we did not see when cleaning up. So we figured Brando ate them- and he'd be the one we really had to worry about.
I've been watching them both like a hawk. Cody seemed to get the worst.
I knew he wasn't feeling well as he's had me up several times the last 2 nights.
When Tom got home today - Cody puked up everything he ate today.
We took him outside for a bit and he came and drank some water, but would not take green beans or a soft cookie.
If that dog doesn't take food you know there is a problem.
We called and got in immediately. (Thanks Stephanie, for the suggestion )

Anyway - could not see bones or foil on the X-ray but he has some serious gas and unhappy looking colon. Plus his gums are red.
They decided to keep him and give fluids and antibiotics to make sure he doesn't get anything else wrong.
He won't sit still. He's following people and trying to visit with everyone. I'm not sure he's staying in a cage or what. But he's being the typical wiggly boxer who doesn't feel as sick as he is.
Sadly that means no IV. She did not want to stick him in the giant Cone of shame. Lol.

She took a second set of X-rays - about 3 hours after the first and it looks like stuff is moving.

The vet said they would call if anything changes tonight. They will call me in the morning, Hopefully he will be feeling much better tomorrow.

I'll keep you updated.

One month- Friday

Ok, I have 1/2 a post floating on my phone.  Not sure I'll post it.
Mostly about Dogs getting old and not liking it.   And mostly about Cody hurting his toes, I'm sure he has arthritis and running around like a puppy does not help his situation.

No, this post is more about the craziness of moving across state lines.
I just want to tell you it does suck.
For one- why doesn't each state put out a pamphlet telling you the things you need to do in their state and how to find those things out?  How hard would it be to have one sent when you get your mail forwarded at the Post office.  I mean that is the ONE thing almost everyone knows to do when they move anywhere.

Most of us know the obvious- bank, electricity, gas or whatever they have, phone, cable or whatever.
In Kentucky you are also supposed to show up and Declare you live here in the county you move to.
Also, you have to go 2 different places to take care of your cars.
You go to a state clerk office to get your Drivers License,  good news it was basically empty when I wandered in today.  I did have the right paperwork, thank goodness I checked online before I went.
BUT - you have to go to the County to get your license plate and tags and all that other stuff.
You also have to have your TITLE to the car.  Plus they want to INSPECT your car, make sure the Vin number matches the title and the car.  Joy....

Currently - I don't seem to have a title.  Being that I just got a brand new car.  I did manage to get insurance on the car- which took an extra week because I could not prove lived here yet.  I swear they need to have an order that you do things.
First take your rental agreement, or house papers to so and so to get proof you are here.
Second get your drivers license, and so on....

I guess if you were to buy a house here, you would be dealing with a title office that probably has all that stuff written down, because they want things to go smoothly.  But Renting, doesn't quite work that way.

Anyway- that is my big Rant.  I have lots more to say about all this, but you get the drift.
ugh, have to go deal with Tom - whose phone screen has died.  He won't be calling anyone he can't remember the number to any time soon.  We'll see how long it takes work to send him a new phone. JOY...