Monday, October 29, 2012

Changing title soon

Well, all, it has been forever.
Most of us have moved on to Facebook to keep up with what people are doing.
I thought it was time to post something on here as in 2013, we will be moving.

So, I will be changing the name of the blog, as it has been 4 summers with Cody.
Speaking of whom is still alive and pretty well for a Boxer over the age of 10.
(At least we think he is older than that.)

Brando has gotten crankier in his old age.  He's 6 now we believe and does not like trucks going down the road and sometimes thinks that he should kill who ever comes to the door. Good for getting rid of sales people or Fundies wanting to talk.  I just let him bark and they kind of get nervous and realize that the sign on the door is not a joke.
It says, "Protected by Bulldog."
Brando makes sure you notice him.  :~)

There has been a flurry of activity around here lately that they are finally getting used to.
Cleaning, throwing stuff away, and some painting too.  It looks pretty good.  I seem to be getting a little more exercise this way.

I also wanted to write in the hours before the Hurricane Sandy strikes the East coast of the U.S.
This storm is soooo big it covers almost 8 states and we can feel the wind all the way out here in Michigan.  The wind might be bad enough that trees will come down and power could go out.  I don't really see it getting that bad here, but I found the predictions a little nerve racking.
People have been asked to leave the East coast from Virginia north to Maine almost.  New Yorkers don't want to go and many are not moving.  I would hope most on the lower floors will get out. You can sort of argue against no power, but fighting storm surge is a whole other level of weird.

So, in this time before the eye hits land fall, I hope people really have prepared as much as you could for this situation.  I hope the Zoo's have done what they could to prepare for the water and the weather.  Ugh, the thoughts of all those animals.