Monday, August 30, 2004

Monday morning.

Dead tired.....
We worked our butts off yesterday. We finished the base coat in the basement, and then Tom decided he wanted to find the garage. Well, we have a "few" cabinets that his parents gave to us. I'm sure there are more to be found. So, we put some up in the garage. Help get the smaller stuff off the floor. We also weeded out some of the cardboard that wasn't doing anything but taking up space.
Took a couple of pictures.
Off to work I go....

We finally hung the holders on the wall, Hurray, more stuff off the floor. You can actually walk through the garage now. It's not big enough to put a car, although it was never big enough to fit a car. Posted by Hello

Tom's parents are getting a whole new kitchen, imagine enough cabinets to fill my mom's old kitchen. Yes, they have given them all to us. We decided to put a few in the garage. Don't worry, there are more than these. With no upper thing to screw them into, we had to get creative. Posted by Hello

Ah, the trailer from Heck........ Glad that thing is gone. I made it home in one piece. Posted by Hello

Ok, I forgot to send at least one picture out of the ton I took with my and mom's camera of the hummingbirds. I was testing out all the features on mom's. I'll have to get her to post one of them for me. Posted by Hello

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Sorry, almost a whole week

There hasn't been much going on.
I went to the all school meeting on Thursday and met a few of the other people we have hired for the high school. We met a good number of the people from the middle and grade school. The one major thing that was stressed at the meeting - GET Direct Deposit. Well, I have been doing the for ages, so no sweat there.
I spent a few hours Wednesday and Friday working as a consultant. We video taped on Wednesday and then started some major editing on Friday. The owner, Allen, needs to practice pausing between thoughts. Makes it easier to edit.
I figure that I'll be getting phone calls this week on how to help them edit. I think they will do ok. We added some pictures and need to add the phone numbers and stuff. It doesn't look 1/2 bad.

Saturday, well Rain and this morning also. We were going to Ren Fest, but being rained on all day was not something that interested us. So, we'll go later. Instead we spent the afternoon with Rob and Naarah. Now that they live near Yspilanti it gets harder to spend time with them.
We saw the movie HERO, and I liked it. I was afraid they weren't going to do the sub-titles this time. I have seen Crouching Tiger-Hidden Dragon in English and I have to tell you - it STINKS. But this movie is in Sub-Titles and the COLOR is amazing. Not sure if he did a lot in filters or if they did it in computers. They had to erase a ton of wires from the fight scenes, sooo they may have done most of the color in the computers.

Today, I think we are going to get some painting done. If both of us work on it, we should get a good portion done and be ready to start the color. Have to try not to over do it this time. I don't want to be sore all week.

MONDAY - I start work. Need to be there at 9am. Hopefully we will start figuring out which classroom is which. I'll take my camera with me. :~)
I just found a whole ton of books that I need to pick up - or get the school to acquire for me. I like Borders, they did a whole display on writing and stuff. Very useful, I could max out a credit card doing that. lol

Have a good day. New pictures soon.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Hurray, I am now a part of the working class once again.

Today was the 2nd interview at the Charter School. OLD REDFORD ACADEMY.
I am now an English teacher for them. I may teach 9th grade, or whatever. I think I may wind up with a speech class also. The great News - they are paying me more than Marysville, and more than Vegas offered. The scary news- I have to come up with lesson plans. LOL
The books are from HOLT, they have fairly good series. We will have all new books - very cool. We have over head projectors - just in. All new desks for students, they look ok.

YES - I took a little tour of the school. I know what rooms I am willing to take. There are like 4 that face the inner court yard, and I want one of those. The others face either the front street - which has a shopping center across it or the behind the school is a 8 or so story Apartment building. ewww I would not get one of those rooms, we are sticking the 8th grade students back there. But, I could wind up with a front window of the street. I am hoping that since I am one of the first hired, I may get my pick. Hee hee

I have to pay Detroit taxes, oh well, that is both of us now. No, we won't move. I think we live close enough. I'll have about a 1/2 hour drive. Not bad, not sure what the afternoon drive will be like. Oh yeah, they closed the Beck road exit on I-96 this week. Traffic got a bit messed up today - early. So, if you are coming to visit me, you have to use Wixom road exit, or take M-5 to miss the nasty mess.

We are probably going to the Ren Fest this weekend. Look for new pictures next week. Yes, I'll post about my classroom and stuff. Never fear.
Take care

Monday, August 23, 2004

Made it back to Michigan

And so the adventure continues....
I made it home in one piece from the parents house. I don't think I have ever had a more nerve wracking ride home. You would think after all these years and the hundreds of travels with the horse trailers that I would be comfortable. Well, there is a first time for everything. Saturday proved that.
I can not dwell on this any longer. Lets just say, the trailer and I DID not get along.
I'm tired, my back hurts and just everything else you can think of. The house in disarray is starting to get on my nerves. We are supposed to get the carpet on Saturday and I think I am going to have to postpone it. The carpentry isn't going to be done that soon, and well, we have to finish painting.
I guess we wont be done by labor day. Darn it.

JOB- Tomorrow is my 2nd interview. Lets hope it goes well. I have one possible snag, but I have done everything I can to get that corrected. The other funny thing is that I finally realized that I should have told my friend Paul Lautenschlager weeks ago about the openings. I finally told him last Thursday, he got in an interview on Friday and goes back this Wednesday. SO, that would be so very wild- Paul and I in the same building. - and possibly the token white people. LOL

So very much to get done today.

Friday, August 20, 2004

At the Parents House

Good news. I got the parents computer up and running again.
After Ron did all the work on it, the hard drive decided it couldn't take it anymore and gave up the ghost.
Everyone will have to send mom and dad at least one e-mail to get all of the addresses back into their computer. If you do it before Sunday I can then back up their e-mail addresses and we won't have to do this again any time soon.
By the way, lots of the family has new e-mails and I certainly don't have them. Please check and see that you have my address and just send a quick note. I know the e-mail address is listed on the new house notification I sent out forever ago. Its green.......

My counselor from Wayne did email me back and I have 4 classes to take. Joy, but I know what they are and can try to start scheduling them in.

The weather is nice in Tenn. and mom and I are going shopping today. Need to find some conservative stuff for working at the Charter School. Ewwww Oh well. It's almost time for the mall to open so I have to bail.

A good picture of mom and dad out of the boat. :~) Posted by Hello

Here is the dream house. They have a ton more of the brick and stone work done. They really did build a castle right on the river. Feel bad for the neighbors. They have really nice houses, but compared to this. ha ha Posted by Hello

We did a little fishing after taking a trip down the river. Dad caught two right off the bat. I think this was the first one. I caught one, and snagged two more, but they jumped off the hook. Oh well. It was a nice day. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Charter School Here We come.

HURRAY, They called.
I will have my interview on Tuesday Next week. SO, off to Tennessee I go.
It has been a long day... I hate waiting around to hear from people. But we said that.
Got paid for the consulting job. Another good thing.
Have a great day all.

Waiting and Waiting and Waiting

Well, I started cleaning the house.
Joy, ok so I have been trying to pack and get ready to bail and run to my parents. It doesn't look like I will get out of here today. I'm not happy about that at all.

BACK TO COLLEGE - I spent some time figuring out what I need to do to get a major in English. I don't actually have enough English classes to cover that little stipulation in the "No child left behind" crap. So, I looked up what is being offered this fall and found about 5 classes that might just fit in the categories that I need. Of course, most of them are offered at the same time, or might be full.
If I don't get the job, I need to take about 11 credits. It might be 7 if they accept the journalism class from State. If I do get the job, I need to take at least one of them. I am trying to get an evening class. I like Wayne for that reason. They try to offer things in the evening for the working people, most of the people that go there drive in for class.
unfortunately, all the classes are being offered downtown and not out here at Oakland branch.
I e-mailed my counselor and hopefully he doesn't make me come do an appointment and everything. He can look up what I have as fast as I can and also he has forms that just get filled out. You mark off what you have taken and it leaves what choices you have listed to take.

PHOTOS - I added some misc. pictures from around the house. I know most people haven't seen all the silly things we have around here. Nice gifts from people and our new (old) canoe. Oh, yeah, camouflage.

I think I have run out of things to do while waiting for them to call. I am very tempted just to leave town. They can call on my cell phone and I can get down to Tennessee. I really had plans.

THE GIANT CANOE. Oh my. Yes, it really is almost as one as the shed. Hmm, so we might be able to squeeze it in there. There is an upper access door for the rafters, wonder if we can pull that off. lol It tried to squash me when we brought it home. Thanks Mom and Dad Frederick Posted by Hello

The wedding gift from Paul Lautenschlager. Yes, he made it. Isn't it great. Ah, another frog to add to the house. Looks great in the window. Posted by Hello

The cute bag Naarah found and gave to me for my birthday. I used it when we went to the Ann Arbor art fair. Yes, those are frogs. :~) Posted by Hello

Here is little Scottie in the cutest outfit. He is 4 months old now. We went out to late late lunch and took a stroll. He was great all day. Jane and I had a great time. Posted by Hello

Monday, August 16, 2004

Monday afternoon and no call

Hmmm, I really hate waiting on other people.....

I have been waiting all day for the lovely people from the Old Redford Academy to call and set up the 2nd appointment. I hate waiting like this. I called this morning to get an idea and they had no answer. So, I think I'll plan to take off tomorrow morning for mom and dad's.

Speaking of the new computer - I will have a scar on my left hand, on top of the thumb, where I managed to tear a hunk out on Saturday. WOW, did that hurt. I haven't done that much damage to myself in a really long time. It's about a 1/2 in long and is next to that bottom knuckle. Using the wrong tool for the job at hand, that will do it every time.
I computer works, runs fast and I haven't had any major problems - YET.

Consulting job going well. We are trying to decide on a couple of things. Like Camera equipment. Not sure how much he really wants to spend. Hmmm, think the guys is looking at overly expensive stuff for what he's doing.

Ok, I wrote an entire paragraph that most of you would have had your eyes glaze over in 2 seconds. Lets just say - I spent a lot of time playing with a video editor program today and unfortunately because it is a trial version - it would not let me save anything to show to other people. I can not get it out to tape or CD. UGH
The graphics - words and stuff- have great effects (flying around and stuff) and I would really like to make them work in my other program. Don't see that happening too soon. Anyone wanna give me $400 to buy this new program....... Pinnacle Liquid Edition --- The new computer runs it well. (hmm Christmas early gift from a bunch of you. LOL)

Well, I guess that covers today. Tom and I got some painting done yesterday. I guess I should go do some more. Did a lot of laundry and am packed to take off. Good news, should only be $50 to rent the trailer to bring the stuff home from mom's. Hey- Aunt Pat, I think I want a delivery fee for all the stuff I'm bringing back for you. LOL (They claim I should go 45mph, duh - sure I wanna get run over.)

(ring, ring) That was the chiropractors office asking if I'm gonna get off my butt and get in there. Yep, so I have to run. Enjoy the strange weather we are having.


Sunday, August 15, 2004

Low and Behold the computer runs

Hi, working on replacing the editing computer.
I have very little time to get it all running. Since I stupidly didn't realize that I didn't have the driver for the darn Lan Port on the machine. I spent hours last night messing with it.
Anyway, I got the motherboard disc back out and wa la (and asking Ron why I messed up) and it now works. Updates are being loaded. Editor updated and a quick thing being thrown together to test the new burner.
Talk to you later.

Friday, August 13, 2004

It's Friday and way too Early......

Wow, I know I got enough sleep. Just can't seem to wake up.

News- I had a teaching interview on Thursday with a charter school in Detroit. Northwest Detroit - I prefer that area if I have to go there. Looks to be about a 30 minute drive from the house. (wow)
So, you want to know.... Well, so do I. I'm kidding- the Principal basically told me that I am going on to the second interview. I don't have to wait around and fret. Now I just have to wait for them to call me and set up the second - informative interview. I will probably get to meet the guy who holds the charter for the schools - has three- Elem, Mid and now a high School.
He got the Charter through Central Mich U. which is a good thing, means they are based in state and not out of state.
Hopefully I pass the stupid no child left behind crap for teaching english. I think I do. If not, there are a couple classes I can take a Wayne to catch up. There is one class I want to take anyway, so we'll see.

Consulting - It is going very well. I got the girls over the "Scared" hurdle and we are getting to the point they could actually finish something. They had a little meeting about me probably getting a teaching job and realized that they feel much more capable of doing it themselves now. Which is what I was hired for!!!
Just having a little trouble getting the right program for them. We are going to test something out today.

Travel - Not sure if I can pull it off. Need to visit Mom and Dad, and might be able to go for a couple of days. Wanted to do the whole week, but I don't think I can do that. I have to report to the Charter school on Aug 23 and the students come to school on Sept. 7. So, I get two weeks to prepare for school. Ewwww
Ok, it is better than one day.

Anyone else think the weather is screwy?? Oh, Tom will be on nights for a month or so. Not positive of when that is going to happen. He keeps mentioning it, but not saying "when".
Take care

ps. I think I hate painting. Still hurt and umm, not done with primer yet. HEY - I started working......

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The best part about the basement being done. We put shelves into the wall between the main room and the "bedroom". We expanded the wall on the inside of the "bedroom" and used drywall to make it look cool. We even covered the ugly paneling on the box over the ventalation going across the room. Posted by Hello

The New Walls

Yes, the walls are up in the basement.
I can hardly believe the difference it makes in how it looks. Your eye goes right to the shelves and they look cool.
I started doing the primer on the walls on Monday. OW, my back and shoulders hurt. I got almost the whole main room done. I have to do the bedroom and probably do another coat. I have a gallon of Killz to do the bathroom, the hall and the laundry room, and probably the doors. Hmm, I may have left over primer, anyone doing new drywall.....

Job Search
I took the consulting job as a part time worker for the guy. I might work 20 hours a week for them, depending on what is going on. This week I am going to set up their computer for editing and try to get them to finish something small.
They need to do something from beginning to end to see it isn't that hard to really do.
I stopped by Ritz and told Gordon I would like to work. I stopped by yesterday (had to fax stuff at UPS next door) and Sandi was in. She seemed interested in having me come back. I guess she does like me...... lol
I turned in my paperwork - most of it - to sub again in the Walled Lake district. Need to see if they are doing Building subs and go see the principal next door.
I HAVE AN INTERVIEW FOR A TEACHING JOB. Yep, one of the charter schools called to invite me to an interview. Going on Thursday. No idea what I would be teaching and what grades. I have had several charter schools call and ask me questions, this is the first interview. Hope, I like the place. OH YEAH, the good news. It is no farther than driving from Wixom to Ferndale. (where I used to live, once upon a time.) The school is on Outer Drive near Greenfield, so really not a bad trip for me. Traffic will depend on what time school starts.
That is all that is happening here. I must be working hard in some way, cause I can't get rid of the circles under my eyes. Oh, may go to Mom and Dad's next week if I don't get the teaching job.
Take care

Here is Scott and Tom (The cook) checking out the sanded drywall in the main room. They both think the shelves turned out good. Posted by Hello

Here we have the "Bedroom" area in the basement. The drywall is up and we have to get the painting decided. Need quotes to get it done. Posted by Hello

Friday, August 06, 2004

Friday Fun

Tom is home and now bugging Scott, so how much work is going to get done. UGH

I have my consulting meeting at 11am. Hope to get about 30-40 dollars an hour. I tried to look up peoples prices and that seems fairly resonable.

Has anyone checked out the JIBJAB blog. OH MY - the comments get interesting. Someone linked the letter from Ludlow about making them yank the movie and copyright infringement on the music. OH well, what did you expect.

Monroe County Fair

It was an interesting day. I think I burnt my nose - again, as usual. I saw many people and added a few pictures to the blog. I sort of have the urge to tell everyone about the accident in the Stock areana with the Draft Horses, but I'm guessing you can get it from the Monroe News or something. The good news is, no one died - and the horse in question did get up. The guy who got hurt went to the hospital and from the last news I heard, he had lost a finger - but they may have found it. All this is from watching it happen - ewww. And then talking to people who know a paramedic who was out there.

It was great to see people and I think we are going to try to get out there on Saturday and hook up with Michael and who ever follows him in.
take care

ps. Checked the Monroe News online - nothing in there yet.

Stampede into the corner. A couple of the pigs were good runners. So we had a pile up, look at the different bats people are using now. Is that yellow one an extender off a vacumn cleaner?  Posted by Hello

The pig part of the grand champion showmanship from Thursday night. My favorite part of the fair. When all the grand champions from the Horse, Goat, Sheep, Pig, Steer and Dairy area compete for the ultimate champion of the year. Once again the Dairy girl won it. (Think a new one this year.) Posted by Hello

Lynn and Kimmy were Child rangling for the Stepping Stones club. Lynn is now leader and they had several girls in the Princess contest. It was great to see them participating in more than just the little riding they do on Wednesday afternoon. Posted by Hello

Can you find the STUMP Child in this picture. She is the blond in jeans and red boots looking at me like I'm nuts. She was carrying the MSU Flag in the Thursday night parade of the fair grounds. All the little King, Queen, Prince and Princess wanna be's were to walk in the parade also. Over 250 this year. WOW, a little crazy. Posted by Hello

Here we have Lisa Albring (um married now) with her Belgian horse - Ben. She rode him late in the afternoon with Lori (formerly Dubke) and another girl in the only draft riding class. They seemed to have fun. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 04, 2004


We are not going to Las Vegas this year.

We finally came to the conclusion that we aren't going to find a job for Tom in time. The currently do not have a posting for a school police officer, soo we have to wait. I emailed the personnel office and let them know that I can not take the job this year, but would be more than happy to come out next year. Then I mailed back the paperwork they wanted.
They may post a position for a police officer later this fall, and probably again in the spring. Spring would be great, then Tom can get out there for the academy and we can get to moving.

Basement News:
Scott is doing a great job on the walls. It's taking a little longer than expected, but not much of a surprise to me. He has the main room done, the tricky shelves in and started tearing out the baseboard in the bathroom and such. That is where the bad news comes in. MOLD - yep we found the black mold. Gonna have to get that room to dry out some before he can put anything up. I guess I'll have to clean and get in there with the bleach. ewwww

I haven't heard from the agents yet about our list. I also haven't heard about the carpet choice and who I can use. And I am tired of waiting on that! But I guess it will give me time to maybe paint before the carpet gets here.

Other Job News:

Walled Lake School District starts on September 7th this year. PARTY
I am way too excited about that. I went in today to work on my subbing paperwork and of course the lady was not in. They said she'll be back next friday or so. Vacation, yep no surprise there.
I was going to stop at the school next door today, but it looked like no one was in. I'll call on my way out the door tomorrow. They might be in early.
I stopped by Ritz and Gordon is happy to try to fit me in, he wants to send a person down to Dan (Laurel Park Store) and have me work for him. LOL Now doesn't that tell you something......

While at Ritz this guy called again. I guess I sold him a video camera a year ago or so. He and I talked for a while and he was giving me his life story on the video work he wanted to do. Well, I got him hooked up the best I could. Well, FRIDAY, I am meeting him (at his office) to talk about doing consulting work. He doesn't know how or what they are going to do in the editing department of the video they are shooting.
This could be good for me. I know its going to be a few weeks between my last paycheck from Marysville (I think I might have gotten it) and the first one from Ritz or anywhere else.
Does anyone have suggestions on what to charge someone? I'm guessing at least $25 an hour? Let me know.

Take care.
Tammy and Tom

This is the area between the toilet and the shower. NOT GOOD. Not happy at all. NOw what to do, other than replace all these boards. Posted by Hello

OH NO, Look what was found in the bathroom when Scott started pulling out the bottom drywall. YES, that is black mold. Posted by Hello

This wall is going to be sooooo cool. We are building in book shelves. I think it will look great. So what color do you guys think??? Posted by Hello

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


It is Tuesday and Everyone wants to KNOW.......

Yes, I know, I said I would tell everyone on Monday. Well, I have been a little busy. Monday was spent working with Scott to figure out what we could do in the basement and buy the stuff to do it. From the pictures you can see that we found a few more of those HOLES in the basement walls. That was not a fun prospect. I bought the stuff and got the wrong tube for getting it deep into the wall. Anyway - Tuesday morning I was able to fill the holes and paint over the ugly black stuff the previous owners had used to fill holes.

So, VEGAS. What did we decide?

I called them today to talk about stuff. I found e-mail from the extremly nice woman (have talked to her today) who is to be my mentor for moving and everything. I called the personnel department to let them know that I really would not be able to come out there this year, unless we came up with something right away. She was extrememly simpathetic.
We talked for a bit and she decided that we should really try to get Tom interested in being a School Police officer. They would send him to the academy. WHOO -HOO, that is what he wanted to do. So, currently I am waiting to hear from the woman in charge of hiring for the school police and then I'd get her connected to Tom.
I just got off the phone with Tom and he promised to be open about this opportunity. He is a little afraid of the salary - about 30,000 I am guessing. But the personnel director said they wind up with a good deal of over time. I'm guessing the games and other events at the schools.

So, the bottom line. I have informed them that we probably wont make it and I would love to stay in the pool to come out next year. I am going to wait until tomorrow to mail stuff off. I am going to use this last 24 hours to see if we can get Tom to be a School Police Officer. They would obviously look at him seriously because they asked me to work there.
Yes, there is a bit of Nepotism, but I guess that is how you get people to come work for you......

Thanks for all your support. I should have final news tomorrow or Thursday.

Check out the pics of the basement.
Narrah started her own blog. If you know her and are interested.

Have a great day.

This is from the basement bedroom. You won't see the shelves from this side, but I wanted to show you want the set up was. The ones on the left here are going to be big enough to hold paperbacks and the other smaller section - but taller - is for a few of the larger books we have. The wall is two 2by4s thick. Good size for paperbacks. And we were gonna make the wall thicker anyway, it had a weird ledge in the bedroom from the main house beam running over it. Posted by Hello

Here is Scott putting up the most difficult wall we have. He was totally game to putting in the book shelves. He has the first book shelf cut out and you can see the far end where the three shelves are going to go. (Scott is married to my friend Jane from Wayne State. I'll post pictures of their baby soon.....) Posted by Hello

The First walls put up by Scott, after Tammy filled holes and painted all the bad spots on the walls white with cement sealer paint. Posted by Hello