Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday Madness

The Holidays are upon us and it feels different this year.

I would guess that the temperature being above 30 degrees at some point each day can certainly change someones outlook on everything. It is currently 43 degrees here and 29 degrees in Michigan.  This can explain my little extra enjoyment of the days.

I also, can not really do any Christmas shopping yet for many of the people that I get stuff for.
First- half the stores I like are not in this town.
Second- why drag it across 4 states to get it to people.
Third- It doesn't feel like I have any money to spend on people anyway.
        This brings me to the silly list of things we really need to do or get while in Michigan.
 I want the nice LED down lights from Costco to replace the dead ones in this house.  They don't get all hot and Costco has the best prices.  There are 12, (I don't need 12)  not including the weird lights in the bathrooms, but those take regular bulbs.
        Tom needs a new Winter coat. The 0 degree coat we left at his parents is a little over kill for the 4 hours of 32 degrees or less one runs into here in the morning or late night.  My coat is a little bulky looking for here, but does the trick nicely and 1/2 way through the day I just toss it in the car.  Everyone laughed at the Fleece coats we bought in the spring. Wear it ALL the time.
        Oh yeah, Tom has started craving Polish Sausage from Milford Meats. That is on the list of dinners he plans to make.  We both want Chinese FOOD.  There are a couple Chinese Buffets here, they just do NOT do any justice to the food.  I see a trip to Lei Ting in Milford on our list of places to hit.  We'd meet people at the red door (something Gardens) on 5 mile, but Ted and Amy aren't around to meet there.  We miss them.
         I have to admit - Tom said we need to hit a Coney island.  They just don't have anything like it here. He wants simple fish and chips.  Sure, we have Long John Silvers and Captain D's here- but that's Greasy Chicken and fish - not the same.
        I would love to have some GOOD Greek food, Mediterranean, - LAMB. The ONE place here is not so great and no one eats Lamb here, soooo, She never makes the lamb dishes.  The problem is the last four restaurants we liked in Greek town are gone.  Pegasus is always too busy and crowded, and it's not the same.  The don't make the "stolen lamb" recipe. Boo!!!!!  Where, oh where, can we get good Greek food now?
         Well, hope we can see you while we are in town.  Hit up our Cell phones.

 Oh, you ask about the dogs.  Why, yes - they are a joy and a pain.  Cody's back just got so yucky that we finally took him in for surgery.  They sent some tissue off for study and it came back as a skin cancer.  Plus - the area was NOT healing.  It was gross on so many levels.  So, they went in again, dug out more and this time sewed it up with big stitches.  Tada! - it has healed and they took the stitches out today.

That's the current catch up.  See you soon.....