Friday, June 22, 2007

Long Time no post

Work, that is what I do all day almost everyday.......

1. Had a grad party - it was awsome; thanks all who came. Totally rocked, and oh the food.
2. No Diploma yet - so I called, "Oh it's right here, do you want it?" DUH
3. Guinea Pigs are fine. They love you all. Need to take more pictures.
4. Anyone know an easy animation program to learn on the computer? I need to learn something quick.
5. Fireworks in Wixom on June 28th, what are you doing? Come with us, it is a really good time.
6. Tom works on my birthday, anything going on July 4th that sounds like fun. Let us know.....
7. Got a bottle of wine to share, Carrie- Where are you?

Hmm, that covers what popped into my head at the moment.