Saturday, November 29, 2008

Redid the cages

2 cages become one Fortress as Tom likes to say.

Thanksgiving and Sadness

Lenny and Sammie

The link above is to the last pictures taken yesterday before Lenny went to the vet for the last time.

We have been struggling with his condition for most of the fall.  We did what any animal loving persons could do for him, but he just got worse and kept losing weight.  For as long as he was happy in most of his life and not wasting away, we were willing to keep medicating him.

Lenny and his brother Squiggy were the cutest little brown guinea pigs I had ever seen.  Poor guys were probably from an in-bred family and wound up having lots of problems.  Come February they both would have been 3 and they spent almost the whole time with me.

They were buried together - as I had Squiggy's ashes- in the flower section of Tom's parents garden.  May they Rest in Peace together.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Trimester over

Thank goodness something is changing.....

This fall has been rather rough and I have been pulling my hair out trying to get it all together.

We finally changed one of my classes for 2nd trimester and I think it will be a little less work. I keep having to remind the counsilor that I AM NOT certified to teach newspaper and that stuff.- Only television.

So, I have two tv type classes and two english classes this trimester. Lets get the lead out.

Thanksgiving will be a great respite.
I need a day or two to chill.

Off to clean pig cages.....

Friday, November 07, 2008


Ok, that was silly, but man what a way to start the month.
Big crazy election. Hurray - it was decided completely with no questions to be answered and simply. None of this wait a darn month before we know the real result.

I have become an NPR junkie.
I don't know what to really say about that. I had a bunch of stuff down here, but it seemed ridiculas.
I want to go hear Don Gonyea speak on Monday in Grand Rapids, but I don't want to drive there and take a day off work and all that other crap.

Don is one of the older brothers of my highschool locker mate Holly.
Her family has done a lot in the spotlight types jobs. Don works for NPR, Another does comedy stuff and Holly was a heck of a singer. Anyway, he has a great job following around the President or Barack Obama during the election process.
I know his family must be thrilled any time he gets back to Michigan.

I know I wanted to go somewhere with this, but I really don't know where. Just to say - NPR is cool.