Monday, May 05, 2014

Chicken Hair Dressers

Last week I got my hair colored for like the 4th or 5th time since moving to Kentucky.

This is usually not any kind of big deal, my hair grows fast and so the grey is starting to peek out a little sooner.  Actually most of the time I wish it was the grey, it's the weird brown that looks terrible under everything else.

This time, as most of you have seen on Facebook, I'm finally back to the COPPER and Blond stripes that I had before I moved down here.  It took an entire year to get this color back.   Why did it take that long??

It seems that I must chalk it up to "chicken hair dresser"  or "hair stylist", which ever you prefer.
Back last year we started with the exact same color I used in Michigan.   I was flabbergasted that it did not work.  It came out brown.  Why??   The only thing we can guess is the CITY water in Royal Oak (Detroit water) has different chemicals in it than the water here in Bowling Green.  Hence the problem.

I let her experiment with some other stuff a couple times and then the kicker.  The last time she did my hair, they had found a Copper color and she had the nerve to put - neutralizer in it.  Really, really???  Neutralizer, you saw the color of my hair the first time, it was crazy copper.  For some reason you thought I would freak out?  Am I really that old??  Do I look that cranky???

It's HAIR, I have been doing crazy (although not as much as others) stuff to my hair since I was a kid.  Heck, I even got perms in the 80's - don't judge.  It grows really fast (as long as it is short) and ta-da, if I don't like it today - give it three weeks and it will change.

Anyway - I now have Copper and of course it will fade to brown, but that's the whole point.  You are shiny and crazy for a couple weeks and then become a normal person again.  I guess this is how I stay out of the Tattoo shops.  Needles---- {quiver}

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Kayamping in Kentucky.....

The title really doesn't express the true BIGNESS of this experience.

The last weekend in April, we did an overnight Kayak trip in Mammoth Cave National Park.
It was our longest paddle to date - 20 miles Saturday and 11 on Sunday.

You may ask, "Who in the world are you doing all this crazy stuff with...?"
I have to tell you, it's a group of people we met through - Bowling Green Canoe and Kayak group.
This particular group has been around for a while now.  The website says it was founded back in 2008.  There is a pretty good group of hard core paddlers, who try to go out almost every weekend, or at least the 2 x's a month as scheduled .  I've sort of wormed my way into the group.  Hey, if you show up, you belong.

Being the person voted most likely to - bring tooooo much stuff -  it was very interesting trying to pack for this trip.
I spent several days organizing all the stuff we really needed and then the stuff we were bringing to share in food.  I thought I did an impressive job of bringing the least amount of stuff possible, but more than what I needed.  I did need my jacket, that I almost left behind.  I also could have used a sheet or something - my sleeping bag was not quite right for the bum I was trying to squeeze into it.  I wiggled around enough to finally get the important bits warm and Hubby fit in his fine (except for his feet (of Course)) and we did get a bit of sleep.

Thanks to my brother for the tent and little air mattress. Hope you weren't planning on getting that back any time soon.  I found an air mattress thing for Tom (on sale) and we got back-packer sleeping bags.

We have accumulated a few dry bags now and thank goodness.  I spent an evening packing and repacking to fit everything the best I could.    Funny thing is- we almost forgot to cook the bacon before we left.  That would have taken FOREVER to do in the woods.  We got it done and packed for the trip in record time.

In actuality, Hubby and I had a LOT more room to take stuff than we needed.  The loaded down cooler was really the only thing that put his boat at a feeling of tipsy.  I had plenty more room behind me in my boat and I know we did not over stuff his boat; I'm thinking of getting a camp table or tiny camp chairs.  Our boat seats are the camp chairs, but getting up and down is a little rough.

15 people went and we did have an excellent time.  And Hubby was the only person who wound up IN the water.  And that was saving someone else's gear.  It was warm enough that he dried out and didn't suffer from the quick rinse.

So, you probably want to see pictures.....  Of course....  Here....

 Blue Hole- very cold water...

 need a new sign...

Yes, lovely canoe as table..

Strawberry ice cream. yum...

Packing to leave 

 Cooler weighed a lot less going home.

If you want to see more photos - including some from a big DSLR ( oh I'm too chicken to take mine..)  The link is at the bottom of this page.  The DLSR photos are at the end of the pictures - go to page 13 and 14....