Friday, December 31, 2004

Paul Thoma and Michele, finally come to visit us. Thursday. wow, and now we are off to a party tonight. Friday. Posted by Hello

Tom the action man Posted by Hello

Dowtown Greektown, nice day - Wednesday Posted by Hello

4 of us in the Greek Restaraunt, thanks to Alex the photographer. Posted by Hello

Heidi, Rich and Alex Grant, visiting us on Wednesday. Busy, Busy Posted by Hello

Schawna, Elizabeth and Chloe (sp) - Elizabeth's Baby. Monday Posted by Hello

Schawna, Mike and Tammy - Monday Fun in Ann Arbor Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Ok, so he was really scarey this morning..... Posted by Hello

x-mas morning madness........ (c)thlf 2004 Posted by Hello

Happy Holidays, Look we finally met Michael's new girlfriend. Do we remember her name, no,,, oops. Posted by Hello

Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve - We made it....

Ok, so I made it......
Tom is passed out in bed. He worked the night shift yesterday and did not drag himself into the house until after 5am today. He didn't come to bed until it was about 8 am. I can't believe it is 10:30 already. EWWWW
We were supposed to go shopping with UNK, but I hope he already made plans. I should call over there.

Our first holiday as actual Husband and Wife. I have one good surprise present for Tom, and he claims to have one for me. Even though I have been using my Christmas Camera for weeks now.
It will also be the first holiday without my dad. Thanksgiving wasn't quite as bad. Tom and I were at his parents - that was normal. Moving my mom to Michigan, that was not normal.
Tonight we go to my Aunt's house and I'll see some relatives that I haven't seen since last Christmas.

I'm feeling ok, just tired - too much snow shoveling yesterday. And some last minute shopping.
I guess I better shower and wake Tom up, to see if we are going to his parents. I have to take some stuff over there.

Have a great Holiday. If you don't have 100 presents to open, ENJOY sleeping IN.... All my poor retail friends. I have been there, I remember. Take Care

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Ah, some of my favorite people from work. Jonathan on the right, Keira, Erma, and Kristy. Jonathan is Myra's son, and well we sort of adopted him. The holiday party was fun. We did have a good time. I have lots more pictures, just ask and I'll post them... :~) (c) TLWF Posted by Hello

Hmm, this picture didn't post earlier. I like the camera, it takes very nice pictures. (c) THF Posted by Hello

Got the highlights to come up on this particular fish. Dad raises the discus. They are a little hard to take care of. Lets just say Tom got carried away with the camera on Tuesday night. 12-21-04 (c) THF Posted by Hello

Unk made it to town. Back from Asia and here ever else he traveled this year. In Michigan for the Holidays. (c) THF Posted by Hello

This is the newest addition to the Dog population of the Frederick families. This is Duncan, he was rescued by Amy and Todd. All I can say is he has the cutest face ever. He may be part pitbull, so they had to save him quick, because that is instant death in Washtinaw county. (c) TLWF Posted by Hello

Hi, time for a picture update, this is Gibson, our favorite cutie bulldog. He seemed very sad, we think it is because he lost his mommy dog recently. (c) THF Posted by Hello

Monday, December 20, 2004

What, What - It's Monday before Christmas?

WOW, I almost thought it would never get here. Not that I am ready by any stretch of the imagination.....

Would you believe I spent Saturday at the mall? I know, there must be something extremely wrong with me. I did catch a really good sale, surprise. I dodged the millions of people in horrible long lines. JC Penny had like one line open to buy stuff, Thank goodness I was in the shoe department. I had to replace my winter boots (I loved the old ones, but got more traction like ones this time.) Yes, those boots died in the flood. Anyway, it's a good thing I got the boots, DID you know it is 1 degree Fahrenheit out there right now. I'm Not kidding.
We are hoping for the snow, no school on Wednesday - do the snow dance with me.
For some reason my neck and shoulders hurt this morning. hmmm
Well, I guess I better get the car started.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Dang, My Bad

Sorry, I haven't blogged in a while...
Lets see, I hurt my back. I think it's better now.
The high school kids finally won both games last night. Jv and Varsity. They will be impossible today.
We are stuck in school until next Wednesday. Yes, check your calendar, almost everyone else's last day is the 17. Ugh
What else. I want to see people over break.
We are considering a New Years party.... Depends on what I can get done over break. Just an all day, stop by type thing.
Ok, that's it for now.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Finally a picture of the new Perdita. Picassa doesn't do it justice.
Yes, Everquest 2 - the fun and excitement.
I am home today with a messed up neck and back. So, time to spend time playing online.
I made a character called Amaging - she will get a last name - who will be the craftperson for the few people that we know. That takes a lot of time. Which, I guess I have a little more time than all my friends who work retail and factory jobs.....
Anyway, crafting is going well, and she is high enough to get off the island now. Later
Tam (c) Sony and TLWF Posted by Hello