Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Time for Wedding Pictures.

Well, I know it has almost been a whole month. I actually had the pictures done weeks ago, I just hadn't gotten all the indexes and cd's made to ship out. I can do that today.
Here are some shots from Trina's wedding. Everyone had a great time. And you have to admit that we all looked good.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Position

Well, Many of you probably know that I switched stores in the last week.
I am now working in Grosse Point.

The store is much bigger, the business if mostly finishing - that just keeps going up. And it is a little messed up.
They have been having problems with associates that were giving schedules that were just not useable to the store. Certain days of the week you need more people and when everyone is in class or something - that makes it impossible.

I was allowed to hire someone this last week and I think it will work out ok.
Everyone there is friendly, they just need to get a little more organized. My boss is helping me with my part of the organization, and I'm working on the others now.

Too much to do. Really I am not kidding. I feel like I am running the entire time I am there.
Well, hopefully I can get a few things under control before Christmas. OH MY, that will be crazy.

This also means I work 6 days a week and have no life. I think I'm working 9 days straight the next 2 weeks. OUCH
So, try not to be upset when I am not available.
I barely have time to take care of piggies. Which is just WRONG.. Take care, hopefully I'll have something interesting to share soon.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pirates - Talk like a Pirate day was this week.

My pirate name is:
Captain Mary Kidd

Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!
Get your own pirate name from
part of the network

Monday, September 17, 2007

Career test. HA HA

OK, so I took the career question test on the site Naarah dragged up.
I saw one question that had to do with sales and since I nicked it, of course retail did not hit the list really.
I forget to look at the bottom..
I'll have to go back after I finish this.

HMMM, not surprising at all considering the number of things I have done with my life....

1. Recording Engineer
2. Power Plant Operator
3. Dry Cleaner
4. Printing Press Operator
5. Director
6. Film and TV Crew
7. Film Editor
8. Sound Technician
9. Automobile Assembler
10. Director of Photography
11. Production Woodworker

Too bad getting into a couple of those jobs are very few and far between here in Michigan..
ah well.
Go to Naarah's page to get the place to run your own test.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Camping - oh the joy

As I mentioned in the other post I went camping with Carrie and Matt. We had a good weekend. I was sort of group outing and we met some other cool people there.
Jo Ann is walking with Carrie - they were cleaning up the breakfast dishes.

I cooked and they cleaned, that was kind of nice. You can see the giant blue and white tent past the cars, that is my tent. Matt's is the solid blue that you can barely see.

Matt wandered over and I got a picture of him. Oh I have to find the funny picture of me that he took.

Ok, there is the picture of me. It was raining and I was getting into my tent, or his at the moment. I think his. Matt has a cute little camera and we had fun playing with it.
Once the rain started mine stayed safely in the jeep.

Down here is the picture of the tents up in the back yard. Well, I would try to go take another picture, but they are all over the deck and in the garage. Matt, Carrie - if you think we got wet Camping, You should have seen Tom and I last night. We were in Torrential rain last night taking stuff down, because the big tent tried to blow away. I have to go dig the rest of the stakes out of the ground. I need a bunch of those yellow stakes.

The food tent wasn't going anywhere till I pulled up the one Tom put in the front and back at the zippers.

Off to try and dry out tents again.... Now have to see if there is two tons of grass on them to get cleaned now. I guess I need to buy some tent seam sealer...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where did the summer go?

Time for a couple updates.

I would hazard a guess that I have had a pretty good summer. As my left foot now wears a post -op shoe for the next couple of weeks. I'm not really sure what I did - there is a possibility of brusitis (sp) from working on cement floors. OR I hurt my foot playing paintball and really didn't notice.

I did notice my foot this past weekend while camping. I have not gone camping in YEARS. I had a fairly good time. The giant tent Tom bought for me is a little too large for cool weather camping. Not that you expect cool weather in AUGUST, but what can I say. To save myself from the rain, I slept comfortably on my air mattress in the back of the jeep. Can we say - it's good to be short.

Piggies are doing well. Winslow had a URI in July - no surprise. But then Lenny broke one of his bottom insisors and was rather unhappy for 2 or so weeks. The broken one has since grown back and Dr. G clipped both bottom teeth so that they match. Lenny is a much happier pig now.

Tom is working his butt off. That is fairly normal. He has taken days off here and there and has grilled much meat for Tammy and friends this summer.
My job at the camera store is going ok. I have in essance taken this month off from sales. My numbers SUCK. Oh well. Everyone else in the store seems to be making up for me.

I applied to a couple teaching jobs, had one interview and alas things are going no where in that field. Now what to do?
I think I'm gonna start looking for a office type job. I could use some sitting down again.

Ah yes, and the end of the summer blast will be Trina's Wedding. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

Several friends turned 40 or 30 this year. Congrats to all. My 20 year high school reunion will be next fall I believe. OH BOY - watch out world.

Hope you enjoy the rest of August.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Did you have a good 4th????

Did you have a good Fourth of July?

I would have to say that we did.
Naarah and Rob came out after they close the store at Laurel park, Paul and Carrie came over and the 6 of us went to the fireworks at Kensington Metro Park off of 96, near Milford.

It turned out to be a great evening. We stopped at KFC on the way out there and we took our own pop and stuff.
I was prepared. We had blankets and chairs and bug spray and cameras and tripods.
I know Naarah got a few pictures with her S3is, so those will be cool to see also.
I had to crop a lot of my pictures as I turned on the noise reduction - STUPID.
Well, it would take to long to get ready for the next shot.

Then I missed a good portion of the finale, cause I bumped the camera and messed up the angel.
ANYWAY - no one seemed to lose anything - or I haven't heard yet and over all it was a great evening.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Thursday June 28th, Paul and I went to the Wixom fireworks. It was a great evening, the weather was cool even.
So we ate some food, watched all the little kids act like maniacs and I managed to take a few pictures.

By the time we got home, well - things had sort of just gone down hill all night.

Paul and I were going to walk over.
But, they had fixed the hole in the far fence of the school property. Which meant we had to go around, I said - NOPE and we walked back to the house to get the car.

So we drove over. Now a bunch of people paid to park in front of the VFW - where we went for wine tasting earlier this year. I hoped there wasn't a price to park in the back.
NOPE. So the cops told us where to park and we dragged our stuff to the seating area. We had chairs and a tripod, my camera and the video camera.
I pulled out my book and a water and Paul asked, where is mine. I wasn't sure, and then I noticed that the head to the tripod wasn't on the tripod, it was left on Pauls camera back at his house.

We had gone on a little nature shoot a couple weeks ago. AHHHHH
Ok, so no regular tripod, I had the video prop that sits on your chest in my car. So I went back.
I didn't find his book either.
Well, we got food and sat around watching the crazy children and waited for it to get dark.

We finally realized that he left the book on the roof of the car, and well it is gone.
Then as we were leaving, some kid said - hey is that your cell phone. I had managed to drop it. Whew.
Then it took a good 1/2 hour to get out and well, when we got to the street I realized I didn't have glasses on my face.
They obviously fell out of my shirt pocket as I was packing up the chairs. ARG
So, I am off to the eye doctor today to get more.
Hope had a better day on the 28th.


TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmm, what are my plans for the day?
This morning after giving Tom a Migraine pill and putting stuff in the laundry, I am working on the cleaning the guinea Pig cage. Lenny and Squiggy are mighty fat and over in the play pen already. I have given Winslow the run of the whole cage and he is probably trying to mark the whole thing.
I have an eye doctor appointment at 1:30 to replace my cool glasses that I lost at the fireworks last week. It really sucks. Tom was in Maryland and Paul and I were the only ones to go. It was fun, but different and Paul and I lost things ALL night.
Then I go to Naarah's store to hang out and print pictures on her frontier. You ask why?? I AM GETTING MY OWN.... Yup, someone found a Frontier to give to my store. I grieve for the store who closed, but I GET their machine. Hopefully that will keep me from closing.
So, July 9th I drag my butt in at 7:30 to prepare for the arrival of my new machine. Hopefully it will be running full steam come Saturday the 14th.
That is just about the extent of stuff. Tom is working afternoons this week and is obviously not sleeping well. He woke me up some when he came home and he totally woke up when I got up this morning. I think the migraine medication will put him out for a couple hours.
Have a great day all. Hope you enjoy the 4th, and um. Yeah I have some fireworks pictures somewhere...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Long Time no post

Work, that is what I do all day almost everyday.......

1. Had a grad party - it was awsome; thanks all who came. Totally rocked, and oh the food.
2. No Diploma yet - so I called, "Oh it's right here, do you want it?" DUH
3. Guinea Pigs are fine. They love you all. Need to take more pictures.
4. Anyone know an easy animation program to learn on the computer? I need to learn something quick.
5. Fireworks in Wixom on June 28th, what are you doing? Come with us, it is a really good time.
6. Tom works on my birthday, anything going on July 4th that sounds like fun. Let us know.....
7. Got a bottle of wine to share, Carrie- Where are you?

Hmm, that covers what popped into my head at the moment.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

What's up???

Hi all,

Busy busy busy. Mom and I worked on the downstairs bathroom. You can actually use it now, it has a sink.

We painted and put up stuff, and hopefully there will be baseboard down for the party.
Oh yeah, Party on June 2nd. I did send out emails. Sorry, should have had invites made, but then I couldn't spend that money on FOOD for the party.

I'd show pictures of the bath, but you'd have nothing to look forward to when you got here for the party. Ok, we have to clean. ahhhhhhhhh

What else. I'm manager at Great Lakes. This is good and bad.
Good things - I little more money, and I'm the boss.
Bad things - I'm the boss, too much money in gas, no frontier machine and sales are down in the mall.

Guinea Pigs are doing well. Hmm, they all need a bath. That should be fun.

Found a bunny in the front yard and a baby bird on the ground in the back yard. I would guess the bird is either some cats dinner or he managed to fly last night. He wasn't doing too good on that yesterday. He was crying for his momma.
Guess I should show you pictures...

Oh yeah, I graduated. I told you that right???

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Queen Truck Driver

Hi all,
I miss everyone so. I really mean it. I haven't spoken to my friends in ages....

Anyway, Yesterday was the big move. No, not me. Naarah and Rob.
They finally got out of the apartment. Ok, mostly - it has to be cleaned.

I am the Queen truck driver. I picked up the 17 foot Uhaul and basically moved Naarah and Rob. Tom is doing afternoons this week, so he came in the morning and he and I moved most of the furniture into the truck and what ever boxes were ready to go.
Around One, Joel and Melanie showed up and with them, Rob, and myself, we drove over and unloaded into the Mobile Home. It is a really nice size double wide with cathedral ceilings in the living room.
I was there all day. I have to get home after work today and take care of guinea pigs.

So, once again I prove that I have a knack for driving big vehicles. Should I go get that truck licence? They keep calling thinking I have taken the classes.

Oh, by the way - Did I mention that I am now Manager of Ritz at the Great Lakes Crossing store? Come visit if you can..

Sometime in June, there will be a graduation party for me. I officially walk on May 5th, but no way to throw a party then as I have to go to work in the evening. EWWWWWW

There, you are now caught up.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

More pictures....

Ok, so I did a bunch of pictures and put them on the picasa website.

It took a while.

Enjoy at least two cool pictures here....

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Road to Hana

Ok, weeded the down and have 52 pictures to share of my first full day in Hawaii.

We did the famous Road to Hana on Maui. Someone drove a van and was supposed to tell us all kinds of stuff about the road and the water ways and everything else.
Well, it was good and bad. It was very beautiful and I got some great shots.

Hope you like it, working on rest. Slowly but surely.

We Return

Ah, the long awaited posts from AFTER Hawaii.

I have sent some of you invitations to see my photos on the Ritz camera sight. I uploaded most of the pics while I was away. As a safety and ease of sharing thing.
The sharing was a little harder than I expected.

Well, I will share some pictures right here on the blog. I am also trying to find somewhere to upload a few more pictures that are easier to get to. Picasa seems to have a sight and I just have to figure it out.
I sort of refuse to use photo bucket and stuff like that. I need to put a watermark on the pictures, not that most are worth stealing, but I'd like to well make it a little harder to claim it's yours and not mine....
I'll be back with pictures...

Oh yeah, Happy Easter.....

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NO WAY, I just mean NO WAY

Ok, some of you are horse fans, or fanatics.
So, someone on a web site I check out posted this.....


There are some more horses on the side of the same page. I haven't watched any of those yet..

What is it you ask????

This is the COOLEST thing I have ever seen. Ok, I have done dressage, it is cool and I found it fun. But If I had known that other countries were this cool, I would have demanded to travel to see it. Speaking of which, if you find out they are doing Freestyle in Toronto at any of the competitions, I want to be there.

Can you believe that our television is soooo lame that they don't air it. Ok, probably somewhere on cable or Satillite now I could find it, but WOW.
I hope to see this 9 year old mare out there dancing for a long time.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Music and Lyrics

Ah yes, I said I would do a movie rating....

Naarah, Rob, Tom and I went to see Music and Lyrics and we totally give it 4 thumbs up. Naarah and I laughed out loud quite a few times, and Tom claims that he smiled the ENTIRE movie.
Now if that isn't a great review I don't know what is. If you lived in the 80's at all, OR are addicted to any of the VH-1 I love the 80's shows, you will LOVE this movie.

Videos we rented -
Beer Fest - Tom wanted to see what it was about. And- it was sort of funny. It had some good parts, but it was filled with sophomoric humor (duh) and had a really dumb plot twist. Did I say dumb plot twist, oh yeah - someone's twin brother appearing. Yeah, really dumb. The end was really funny with Willy Nelson making an appearence. Don't spend money on this, catch it on cable if they ever let it get that far.

Thank you for Smoking - I really wanted to see this movie. Basically because the premise was pretty good. AND, I wanted to see someone with all the right answers about Tobacco. You always wondered how they got so far for so long. The guy was great - I don't know who wrote it, but they did an incredible job. Just a reminder - the story takes place BEFORE Big tobacco has to settle and start paying the states for Health problems...

Hope you have a great week...

Where is your family from....?

I just learned something new today.....

As most of you know, I am adopted, and am very grateful for that. But, as we all know, you want to know where your ancestors are from. (Or someone is always asking that very question.)
Today I learned something new. Due to the fact that I have High Cholestral - it is very likely that my ancestors are from somewhere in Northern Europe.

Do you want to know why?? Well, our bodies need Vitamin D. There isn't enough sun in the Winter to collect enough, so our body uses the cholestral to covert and I guess I just need a lot more of it.... Ok, so where are my vitamins....

Monday, February 19, 2007

So, what have you been doing???

Ok, I have been trying to work on some DVD's for the last 2 months.

I got the original footage in December. The person and I agreed it would take a while and they were willing to wait for life to settle in January.

Ok, so January comes and I load all the footage for one person. (There is footage of three different people and I'm making seperate DVD's for each one.)

I edit and get it all done and think - WOW this is great. New version of my software and everything is totally cool. THEN I think - hey I should stick this in the DVD player before I mail it. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH
Ok, it looks GREAT - but there is no AUDIO.

So I try to reburn the DVD's like 5 times to get audio on them. I just kept making lovely coasters for the furniture. AHHHH. I finally get on the internet and go to the posts for the software I use.
GEE, it seems I'm not the only one with this problem.

I figure, go back and use the old version of the software and just get through this stuff. Ok, try to reload stuff, and unload stuff from the machine. Ummm, didn't work right.
So, I decide to reinstall the whole machine. If you know anything about computers - a FIREWIRE input is not how you connect to the internet, someone needed to Tell WINDOWS XP professional this. I finally find the driver for the motherboard internet connection (after 3 hours of screaming and crying.) and get it up and running again. (This was Friday um 2 weeks ago?)

Ok, so I RELOAD the footage, cause the stuff I loaded before does not work with the old version.
I chug through the musical stuff and really feel like I'm getting stuff done. Two DVD's down and mailed. Now time for the gymnastics stuff.
Ok, FOUND way more footage this time and need to get it in there. Tell the people, this may take a little longer.
Last THURSDAY - yeah the 15th. I get all the footage loaded, and edited so that it looks decent and before I went to bed I told the machine - be nice and render all this so I can make DVD's tomorrow morning.

HA - the computer hates me. I tried 3 or 4 times to get it to render. It would just HANG UP in the middle. Just decide - opps not gonna finish.

I think about crying on Saturday. Sunday I go the desperate route. I start chopping big time and tell the machine to make little AVI files that I will peice together to make the final over an hour DVD with all the cool menus.

By Sunday night at 11:30 pm, I finally had all the AVI files of what was left of the footage. Some of it I just could not use.
This morning I asked the computer politely to use the OTHER harddrive and make me a DVD.
I got home from work to find - LOW AND BEHOLD a finished Render of the DVD with Menu's.

5:30pm - threw in a DVD and burned a final copy. 6:30pm - checked it on the DVD player attatched to the TV. Picture and SOUND....

7:30 pm - 2 more copies of the DVD spit out of the machine - now I have to print the labels on the DVD. (I now have a printer JUST for this job.)

So, to recap. The studio 10 software does not make the audio available for a regular DVD player to play it.
The computer thinks that a firewire plug is used for internet connections.
My second hard drive is probably failing and putting more footage on it is a bad idea.
And I have TWO more people worth of VIDEO to load, edit and burn DVD's for.......

And what have you been up to lately..?.....

(Tomorrow I may review Music and Lyrics.)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sorry Forgot - Tammy on News

Hi, Well I added to my 15 mintues of Fame this week.
So, I have what about 10 minutes left.... This was about 5 seconds of it.

(Yes, I have had a least one friend call and say - I think I saw you on the news.)

I was on Channel 7 evening news (11 o'clock) on Monday night.

I forgot to warn people because a - I did not know what time. b- I figured it would suck. c- been busy editing... Don't ask...

Here is where you can see me on TV. Ok it is the internet version. Uses Windows Media player to run. Won't run on this machine. I will try to run it on the others in the house....

Tammy ON the News...

Let me know if it does not work. Or if I am FASCINATING....

I have burned it from the TiVo on to DVD if we must share it that way...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

How normal am I??? HA HA HA

You Are 45% Normal
While some of your behavior is quite normal...Other things you do are downright strange. You've got a little of your freak going on. But you mostly keep your weirdness to yourself.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tired and Cold

Ah, the end of January. We think we are going to do so much when the New Year begins and then it turns out to be tooo cold to even think of doing anything.

Ok, so the beginning of the month wasn't too bad, but it certainly has moved it's way to the 'Oh my it's cold", and it will get worse this coming weekend.

I think I have some more auto show pictures... But that was so last month now.

Work, lots of work...
Took the training class to be able to give the classes to the people who buy our cameras. WAY too easy... But then that is me... Trying to go watch someone teach the classes this weekend.

Some other stuff has been going on, people meeting here and there, and I just haven't felt up to going - or I am stuck working.
So, I apoligize to those who thought they would see me this month. Too much work in December spilled the illnesses that everyone had over break to us in January.... The whole store was basically sick.... Joy

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Autoshow day 4

Here is another car from the Auto Show.
I think this one was in the GM area.
Ok, bad name on this one - EFIJY - Yup that is one weird name.
Tom liked that the dash had the same paint job as the out side of the car. Obviously that is not an easy thing to do.
We liked the shape and the tires were cool, but getting them on and off the car would have to be a pain in the but.
Oh yeah, did you notice, wheel on the wrong side, some crazy from Europe designed it.
Ok, so that was a nice car to look at with horrible lighting around it. I wasn't the only one struggling to get that shot.

Then we looked at some normal cars. Ok, it is still a convertable and probably a pre-production car, but here is the 9 3 convertible from Saab. Could not touch this car, so it is probably a prototype also.

Have a great day.

PS - Piggie news. If you haven't heard, Tuesday night Winslow ripped a toenail off his front left foot. I had a bit of a wig out - but I properly took care of him. He is recovering nicely. I took him to the vet today and they were more worried about his labored breathing than his toe.
He is back on a few anitbiotics and I hope it makes him feel better. I know he is sick of medication.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sorry, been sick - more Auto show

Day 3 of Auto Show pictures. Sorry I was sick and then yesterday (Monday) we had no power in the house from 6:30am until about 4 pm. Thank goodness I keep the basement warmer than the rest of the house, the piggies seemed to survive just fine.

Ok, the first car on the list today is the SMART CAR. Yes, the scary little two seater from Europe that you hear about getting stuck in the grill of a bus.
Actually the car sits up much higher than I expected. It is not quite as tall as sitting in a minivan, but you do not sit DOWN in the car. It keeps you at almost standing height, more like getting into a chair and not a car.

Anyway, it is adorable, starts about $15,000 and the biggest use they think there will be is people with Busses or huge RV's who need to drag a little car with them. No more Jeeps, you just open the back of the bus and drive the smart car up into a tiny space just for them.
I would not recommend them for Highway driving. Just not a good idea. Someone also said, no on Woodward, Hmm - I don't think Woodward is that bad. Parts of Telegraph are much worse than Woodward.

Anyway, that is the SMART CAR.
The last picture is of the Scion line up. I liked the wall of cars. We were looking for a couple specific cars and forgot to stop and take a look at the Scions. It didn't connect to me that it wasn't just a pumped up display of car Art, it was their lineup. They had a few on the ground, but I didn't get to look at any of them. Guess I might go back on Thursday.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Auto Show Day 2 of Pictures.

My last post was eaten by the evil Blog gods...
Anyway, here are some more pictures from the auto show.

These are pictures of what the Sebring looks like with the top down.
I like the look, yes that is one car. I hate silver it always looks funny. The show opens to the public on Saturday...

The second car that I have today is called a Maybach. I had never heard of one before Tom had been to the Auto Show in Los Angeles. They only had one at the Detroit show, as we don't have as many celebrities that want to be chauffeured around all the time. People in Detroit want to drive their own cars. Although I hear it is as cool to drive as it is to ride around in.
The car is about as long as a F150 truck. It has really awesome back seats. They fold out like first class airline chairs. There are LCD screens on the back of both front seats and probably separate cconnections for each. There are tray tables that fold out and lots of room for drinks in probably cooled holders between the seats.

Also the back door is probably 8 inches longer than the front door, making it really easy to get in and out of the car. Sorry, no price listed on that one...

Last but not least today. A picture of me sitting in a Mini. We did a test drive of them a week ago and really enjoyed ourselves. But I don't think we can afford one this year.