Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Finally, we did it.
After a year of talking about it, we put a fence up for the dogs.
Now, we only had Brando last year, so it wasn't that big of a deal. He did very well on the cable run out for part of the yard, but that does not work with two dogs.
Especially since Cody does not do well with a collar on. He scratches and scratches until he gets his neck all infected.

The good news is that it didn't cost as much as we feared. Although we had to get a building permit from the city, then we had to get dog licenses for the county. BTW - Oakland county people have to license their dogs. I don't remember us having to do that in Monroe?? Anyone else???
So, we have a big gate on the side by the garage and a little gate on the other side, just to get the lawn mower between the house, the old fence and the tree.
Yeah, the blue spruce out back is soooo big that you cant get around it anymore. I don't know if we should trim the branches on the side by the fence. I never tried trimming anything that big.

Anyway, the dogs are pretty happy, we now leave the door to the neighbors open. Maggie comes flying over here and Cody goes flying over there. More room to run and chase things.
Just want to get a big twisty or fake lock thing to put on the big fence. Don't want any of the neighborhood kids to just walk through the yard any more. I feel bad, between us and Risners we have throughly blocked the fast pass from one side of the sub to the school.

Off to cut the grass.