Saturday, July 30, 2005

We're Back

Wow, such fun, did not want to come home.
ok putting pictures in the post takes too long. just gonna have to do the other way.
put more up tomorrow.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

In Minnesota

We are in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. I have officially been to the mall of America and bought stuff.

We made it to Rich and Heidi's house this morning. We had fun in the Wisconsin Dells. Will put up pictures when we get home later this week.
Hope you all are having fun.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Eeek - we leave tomorrow

Am I ready?
Of course not.....

Tom of course is working a totally stupid shift today and I have doctors appointments and the grass to cut and the Explorer to jump - PLEASE BUY IT FROM ME NOW - I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE.....
I put it back up on the web. I got A CALL last night. Sounded more promissing than most.
Oh, my rant - I got caught up in the E problem.....

Laundry to do, dishes to put up, molding to deal with, cleaning the fridge to do.
That reminds me - today is trash day, I best get on that one right now.

Well, too much to do to stay here - just hit everyone elses blog and remembered- I should post.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Dang, end of July

Tom has been complaining that I don't put anything up on the blog. Well, I do it in bunches.
Ok, the pictures that I finally loaded.
Kathy Sequin's birthday. I think 50 over rules my age any day. She got the big party this year.
Chris Federman - Tom's friend from Arvin Meritor from FOREVER ago, was finally in town and so he came to dinner. It was cool.
Sandhill cranes - took us a while to figure out what they were. The red threw us off, but we found it in the bird book. They didn't let Tom get too close. LOL
Then we worked on the Front room. It is done for now. I want a shelf unit of some kind and then a small chair. It is very comfortable at the moment.
Then Tom Dorsey's 75 birthday party. That was fun. and Sunday july 17 - Tom's parents came over with all the stuff to get the molding up in the basement and then they worked on the Rototiller. It took all day. I swear it sounds like a Motorcycle. Glad to know the neighbors were off to church and stuff most of the day. LOL It runs, and Tom even tilled a patch to make sure it would continue running.
I guess I need to cut the lawn. EWW
I have a wedding video to finish.

Hmm, I'm not the only one with a big birthday this year. Yup - Kathy Sequin turned 50. It was a nice day of Softball, volleyball, crochet, food and insanity over at Trina's house. Posted by Picasa

She did manage to blow all the candles out. Posted by Picasa

Can you see the very melted candles. It took a while to get it lighted... Posted by Picasa

Well, that is a new use for the hanging titty bra. Kathy's birthday gift. Posted by Picasa

We found these sandhill cranes out in Brighton on Fathers day. Sorry, forgot to post the picture. Tom took the pic. Posted by Picasa

Chris Federman, he lives.... Posted by Picasa

When Paul came to visit we found this really cute rose bush at Lowes. He said to just stick it out front. Looks good to me Posted by Picasa

The first coat of paint. Mom and I are finally redoing the front room. I washed the walls, then she came over and I baked cookies (I know) while she painted. It was a weird first day.  Posted by Picasa

I was putting up the shades before she was even done with the rag painting. Posted by Picasa

New curtains and shades. Oh my, the whole neighborhood can not see into the house any more. Posted by Picasa

Tom fighting with the shades for over the door window. I'd prefer a new door actually. Posted by Picasa

Use the stuff you already have to help decorate. I like it. Posted by Picasa

She finally sits, 2 days of painting insanity and now for the decorating Posted by Picasa

We don't look so great but the new paint and stuff looks really nice Posted by Picasa

Tom showing off one of his new suits. Looks good. Posted by Picasa

New wall, behind a dressed up Tammy. We almost never dress up - oh my I think there is makeup Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday to Tom Dorsey - 75. He looks good. IT was a surprise party at the Karoub house in Novi. He was in the dark till he pulled up to the house and the valet parkers were there. lol Posted by Picasa

Mom Frederick and Sandy Dorsey lording over the snack table upstairs. And what snacks there were. :~) Posted by Picasa

The birthday cake that no one had any of... We left before it was cut. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Changing blog again

It was freaking out again and I hate that. May take me a couple trys.
Like the stuff, but harder to read...
Try again.


It would be July 3rd - if you didn't notice.
If you don't know how old I am, I am not about to tell you. I'm sure you can figure it out if you think for a few minutes.
TOM made Breakfast in bed for me. Toast and Eggs. How cute. Now he is mowing the lawn, hurray.

This has been a fairly good first week off work. Monday was the basement-found the storage room and put away my work stuff for the fall. Tuesday was the deck - real scrubbing and cleaning, then the furniture. Wednesday was most of the house. Chris Federman finally made it over for dinner. It was fun. Then about 9 o'clock Paul Lautenschlager showed up. HURRAY He still lives.

Paul and I spent Thursday running around after the guy came and did my Sprinkler system. It works once again. HURRAY -and didn't cost me an arm and A leg.
We visited Mom, We hit costco and wow was that dangerous. Paul stocked up on everything. I just can't find the vitamins I bought.
Pizza and A movie for the night and Tom got home from work around 9. Poor guy - it has been really bad this week.
Friday- Paul and I hit Lowes and I found some cute stuff. Some plants, and pots and redid my plants, so hopefully they will survive another year. LOL We repotted plants, ate and off he went to work. Man it soo sucks his job. Art Van. Have pity ----
I have sort of been a bum ever since he left.

Now it is Sunday.
Have B-Day party to hit and stuff.
So, later