Friday, October 28, 2005

Confusion abounds in my world

Ok, first the good news.
Tom did get a new job and he seems to be enjoying it. I can not get him to log on and say anything himself, So I have to do it for him.
The new office is like 15 miles away and no where near down town Detroit. No more horror hours driving through the Ghetto. (think Cartman singing Ghetto)
They finally opened Beck road to the freeway and across the bridge. You can get to the other side now, where there is a coffee shop, staples, Kroger, Homedepot, and Outback Steakhouse. Hurray.

Lets just say - if you read it - I lived it.
Not 2 minutes after I posted this blog last friday, everything changed in my life.
You'll know soon enough if you haven't heard.

Hope yours is going better.
BTW - Tom's birthday was yesterday. We wanted to have a party, but no one is cleaning and ummm I'm too tired.
Hope to see you soon.
Have a happy Halloween.
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