Thursday, April 26, 2007

Queen Truck Driver

Hi all,
I miss everyone so. I really mean it. I haven't spoken to my friends in ages....

Anyway, Yesterday was the big move. No, not me. Naarah and Rob.
They finally got out of the apartment. Ok, mostly - it has to be cleaned.

I am the Queen truck driver. I picked up the 17 foot Uhaul and basically moved Naarah and Rob. Tom is doing afternoons this week, so he came in the morning and he and I moved most of the furniture into the truck and what ever boxes were ready to go.
Around One, Joel and Melanie showed up and with them, Rob, and myself, we drove over and unloaded into the Mobile Home. It is a really nice size double wide with cathedral ceilings in the living room.
I was there all day. I have to get home after work today and take care of guinea pigs.

So, once again I prove that I have a knack for driving big vehicles. Should I go get that truck licence? They keep calling thinking I have taken the classes.

Oh, by the way - Did I mention that I am now Manager of Ritz at the Great Lakes Crossing store? Come visit if you can..

Sometime in June, there will be a graduation party for me. I officially walk on May 5th, but no way to throw a party then as I have to go to work in the evening. EWWWWWW

There, you are now caught up.
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