Saturday, April 05, 2008

Happy first 60 degree day of the year!!!!!!

Can it get any busier around here??????

OK, so we start with my job. Meetings after school wear me out. The most recent is how are we going to get the kids to follow the rules as we get to the end of the year??? JOY

Two, - We now own a Dog. Yep, English Bull Dog. He has been here for a over a week now. I'm sure Brando (it was Rambo - give the poor thing a break) is very happy to be in one place for more than 3 days. His old owners left him locked up for up to 10 hours at a time and wondered why the poor guy kept peeing on the floor.
(I can't hold it that long can you???)

Tom was rather happy up until yesterday. Brando has been rather good until we went to work yesterday. Tom came home to find smarty dog had chewed up a wood chair. Not the whole thing, and you can't tell unless you look at the other chairs and go - Oh something is missing. But man was Tom an unhappy fellow. (I have theories on why - but doesn't really matter.)

Next, I finally gave up the grand marquis. Yes the giant boat car has sailed away. Between the gas and getting it fixed - I think we were in a losing battle.
I kept saying I wanted a Honda (Hybrid) well, I got 1/2 way there. I got a Low emmission (maybe came here from Cali) Honda Civic lx. Not a bad car, but an '03 and well - as long as I get more than 30 miles to the gallon for a couple years, It should be worth it.

Yes, I know - post pictures. I have to go out today and wash the car and then I can take pictures.
My happiness comes from - I can now use my new floor mats that match the steering wheel cover and I can finally get my seat covers out again. I have seat covers that I bought my first trip to Hawaii and they only go on Bucket seats, PARTY.

Well, off to get Lenny's stitches out. (Poor boy lost a few parts.... lol) I have heard that a little girl pig is coming to a shelter near me. I hope to hear something this weekend. I don't want to go buy a pig. I want to rescue one.

Happy first 60 degree day of the year - ok if they didn't lie....
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