Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

Brando got some Reindeer ears for Christmas.

Family photos in front of mom's tree.
We had a really great time.
Christmas eve was spent traveling lower southeaster Michigan.

We started at Mom's house and then moved on to Aunt Pat in Lincoln park where we see family once a year usually. Make sure we know who is alive.
Then we drove to Monroe to see all our friends that we made during all those 4-H years.
Kathy hosts the party and we all had a great time.
Between the ugly (or as this year under protest says- funniest) Ornament contest between Kathy, Mom and Linn and the jello shots and shrimp. We all had a great time. Ice on the driveway, but what did you expect.

Christmas day was spent with Tom's family. So MUCH FOOD. Started with crepes about noon, dinner was around 3 or so and TOO many presents to open.
We had a lovely time. Friday, we sat around and did nothing.
Ok, I lie - I hooked up the blue ray player and we watched Batman. WOW
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