Wednesday, March 04, 2009



We return and work is kicking my butt.
Tom reminded me that I haven't put up any vegas pictures yet.
So, here is the link to the batch.

Firemen for Hillary.
Shots from the Eifell tower, very cool view.
The contruction tunnel we had to walk through too much.
Our favorite casino's and the Spice Buffet, still one of the best on the strip and only $28.
We took a trip to the old part of town and took pictures and gambled. I found my favorite game Flip-Flop at the Fiztgerald casino and saw a piece of the Blarney stone. They claim it is real, I'm not so certain.
Yeah, I should have taken a picture of that.

Yes, I did take a bunch of pictures from the bus. The double decker that takes you from the strip to downtown and to the shopping mall. Must remember to get the 3 day pass next time we are in town. Totally worth it. IF you get tired, just hop the bus.

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