Saturday, November 02, 2013


Never underestimate the playfulness of an older dog. 

After we are out for a while the dogs always seem rather needy. 
They follow us around whining or begging for food. 

Today, Brando comes into the room with a little ball that's sort of in pieces. He tosses it around and acts all cute. I throw it at least once or twice. He comes over and bats it past me.  I notice him digging behind me in the curtains. 
I turn around to help him find it, as Cody gets up and wanders away. 
Brando and I look around for a few more minutes.  Then Brando gives up and wanders away. 

I go back to what I'm doing. 
About a minute later Cody shows up at the door of my room looking in with the missing ball hanging out the side of his mouth. He'd snatched it up while Brando was distracted with me. 

Of course Cody knew he was being sneaky.  LOL. 
I had to chase him to the living room where puppy play ensued. 

Just goes to show you. Dogs are little smarty pants. 

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