Monday, July 14, 2014

Two months Wrap up..... whew Sorry

Shame on Me!!!  It's been since MAY that I posted.  I apologize.

Let's wrap up what happened between then and now....
May- One trip on the Green River- lovely part of 300 springs section with cool waterfalls. Pictures -
Cook out with Bowling Green Canoe and Kayak meetup group.   We were so busy eating I don't think anyone took pictures.. lol

Saw Addams Family at SkyPac.  Went to a Retirement party for someone we Kayak with.
Then tried to get ready for New Orleans.
The end of May got really messy and the first week of June was terrible.

I guess I'm not really ready to write about that yet.  You'd think I could and yet it doesn't want to come out.

June got better starting Saturday, June 7th.  We left mom here at the house and left for the south.  It was wonderful to spend some time with our friends in Alabama.  We talked about life and what to do in New Orleans. I was very saddened that they could not come spend a day or 2 with us in the City.  But, life happens to everyone.

We actually got to New Orleans on Sunday the 8th and managed to have the best dinner in a long time at a nice restaurant in the French Quarter, down past the out door market.  We tried everything.  Shrimp something, Gumbo, Fried Chicken and I can't even remember what I had.  Their bread pudding was to die for - that much I remember.  They gave us so much fried chicken that we had them box it and gave it to homeless people on our way back to the condo.

Monday was the WWII museum and it was worth every penny and more.  The cafe was fabulous!!  The 4D movie was even better.  Plan for ALLLLL day.  Really, it will take you all day.
Tuesday was the zoo.  YES!!
It was a nice zoo, not too big, but not that small.  They are rebuilding the Elephant Habitat so they are not on view all the time.  Two old girls who were happy to get some attention.
It rained on us some and we rode the St. Charles Street Car from one end to the other.  That was fun.  Later that evening we went for a pedal cab tour of the French Quarter, it was great.  The sun had set so it was getting cooler and we did not have to squint to enjoy the view.
Wednesday, we went to the Aquarium and enjoyed the day indoors. It was a bit hot. LOL.
On Thursday, we rode the Canal streetcar from one end to the other in order to see the Cemeteries.  It was fun and beyond hot, we forgot to bring water bottles and basically paid for that. Hats were the saving grace of that day.

On Friday we drove all the way Home.  It was long and mostly boring.  I can not believe how much of NOTHING there was on the drive through Mississippi.  I think we saw one town, the whole drive.
Saturday, I dragged myself out of bed and headed out to Kayak with our group.

There was NEW water scheduled and I was not going to miss out.  Turns out it was about 14 -17 miles.  The distance changes every time someone talks about that trip.  It was a lovely day and it DID take forever, but we did have a good time. First trip I have gone on where I had cell service the whole time.  I almost had a heart attack when the phone rang.  pictures -

Class started in late June and I am happy to say most of my students are kicking butt and will probably finish.
We then did the Green River again through Mammoth Cave park and had a cookout at the cabin afterward.  The coolest part about that whole trip - is- WE are going to be on TV.  PBS came to do a show about the Green river and us crazy folk who go on it all the time.  I did get interviewed and Hubby managed to act a fool at one point, so I figured there will be video of us in the show. It sounds like the show will air in September.   pictures -

I went looking for information and it's not out there yet.

July came on us really quickly!!!! We drove home to Michigan for my birthday and the 4th of July.  What a busy weekend that became.  It was wonderful to see everyone.
We drove a little less this trip - thanks everyone - and survived.  LOL

This past weekend we were in Tennessee to kayak the Caney Fork River and stay at Long Branch Campground.  It's right below the dam that starts the river and WOW, the temperature drops quick and nice at night so you don't die in a tent.  The river is filled with fish, clear to look through and down right COLD..
I will return to paddle this river again.  Can't wait to go back!!!
Here is the link to the Caney Fork trip -

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