Monday, March 02, 2015

Weird thoughts

I like to make a lot of plans.  I could probably tell you where I plan to be most weekends for the next 5 months.  Plus, I know where I want to be for a few more weekends, but not sure if they are all going to pan out. 

The weather is much harsher, creating more barriers to getting certain things done.  There might be snow here on Wednesday and everyone is starting to freak out now.  I could not get near the gas pumps at Kroger today.  I guess I'll get gas somewhere else. 

Working out only gets better if you start with baby steps at my age and up.  I know it feels like you have to go whole hog and jump in with both feet.  Sure, but only if it's for 20 minutes or so.  I've been working out twice a week, most of the time, since November. I guess you could say I am pleased with my results. You can't see it in my weight, but I can sure feel it in my muscles.  (Okay, people tell me I look smaller.) 

Old dogs get cranky, especially if they are a bulldog.  I can not believe how anti-human my poor brat has become.  Don't ring the doorbell, or knock on the door;  otherwise, he feels it is an invitation to start the battle royal.  He's decided that you must pay him homage, and even that doesn't keep him from deciding to bite your leg.  I apologize to all, we just can't figure him out. 

It seems to get harder each year to find that cool job.  I found a place that I really want to work at for a long time and darn it; I just can't get hired full time.  I am getting a great deal out of the professional development they have available, and am just enjoying being at least part of the fun.  Thank goodness I work with extremely nice people. 

Oh, and I do want you to come visit me.  Yes, you.  Family or friend!!  I'm sure we can find a weekend or so to squeeze you in. LOL
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