Monday, September 26, 2016

"Much Ado about Nothing"


How is everyone?  We are doing pretty good.
I have taken on what feels like a Herculean Task this semester.
As you might know, I am working on my Masters in English degree at WKU in Kentucky.
This semester I became a full fledged Grad student by taking the GRE and passing the English and the writing.

The semester started in August and I took only one class, because that is all I can afford - thanks Progressive for this semester... (You can call me on that one... lol)

I go to my first class and get a phone call the next day offering me the Graduate Assistant spot that had opened up.  As I had JUST begged all my teacher friends to write recommendation letters so that I could become a Graduate Assistant.  You know, those annoying graduate level students who teach the 100 level English classes or are teaching the labs for your 150 student math class.  Yup, me.

Well, I'm several weeks in now and I must be crazy. I really only need to survive this semester and next semester and then I am free to relax again.
I'm teaching three FULL 90/91 classes at Sky.  (Asked not to do that next semester.)
AND I'm now taking 3 classes  - as that is part of the Grad Assistant deal - AND I have to work in the writing lab at school.

I am sorry to share to all my friends that I no longer work at the mall (good thing I got out when I did.)
Soooo, I no longer have that fabulous discount. Boooo.  

Life is hard and Tom is not thrilled with my hours or crankiness. I often have the urge to say, "I'm too old for this shit."

Anyway - we are surviving and Kayaking is very much on the back burner for the next 9 months. I think we may survive.......

But, Friday night we saw a play. I was soooo happy - Shakespeare is my main man.
Western Kentucky University presented - "Much Ado about Nothing."

"Much Ado about Nothing" is such a funny play, I still love "12th Night" but "Much ado" has some good stuff.

The student actors did a good job. It was Friday and probably their first real night. They did not have the awareness to slow down a little and breathe while the audience is laughing. More than a few lines were lost in the laughter.  Also the beginning was a little fast, so the first set of snipes out of the main characters were lost.
The poor guy playing the town sheriff had the attitude, but not the line delivery. Some of the words were not as clear, so the audience could not tell that he was using the wrong words in a very wrong way - which is why he is supposed to be so funny.

If I had not seen the movie several times, I do believe I could have been as lost as some other ladies at intermission. It took Tom about 15 minutes to catch up to what in the world is going on.
It is hard for the actors to remember, most people have never read the play and need you the actor to get all of it across.
 I'm sure the rest of their shows could only get better.  They did a great job.
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