Monday, June 28, 2004


Well, it wouldn't be a trip to the parents house without going fishing with my father. I am very pleased to tell you that he is still quite cabable of kicking my but on the water...
Sunday, I have to say the fish knew I did not have a lisence. It seems that I could not get a nibble. It could have also been the stinking black line I was using, but we won't go there.
MONDAY, was the fish day for Tammy. I caught 4 fish and 3 made it up to the dock. I haven't fished for Bass before. They are pretty quick. I got a trick though. Look for them fishing for minnows and then throw my line where they were. Woot, it works.
Talk to you later
Off to see the new baby - Mom and dad's neighbor - Jay and Cindy. Post a picture later.
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