Saturday, June 26, 2004

From My Parents House

Hi all,
I'm in Chattanooga for the next week or so. I will be updating with more pictures when I figure out how to make the comcast connection work on my computer.
Anyone else tyring to use one of those "Share the monitor, keyboard and mouse things"? I think they are called K-something. Mine is by Belkin. I love it, I brought my computer (just the box), my belkin and the power cable and tada, I have my computer here to work on at mom and dads.
New Pinnacle Studio 9 came out, I got the upgrade. Someone said it's 8 with a few more toys and it REALLY works. 8 refused to work when I first got it....
Take care.
Please let me know what kind of pictures you want to see. I might do a section on School..
Later Tammy
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