Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve - We made it....

Ok, so I made it......
Tom is passed out in bed. He worked the night shift yesterday and did not drag himself into the house until after 5am today. He didn't come to bed until it was about 8 am. I can't believe it is 10:30 already. EWWWW
We were supposed to go shopping with UNK, but I hope he already made plans. I should call over there.

Our first holiday as actual Husband and Wife. I have one good surprise present for Tom, and he claims to have one for me. Even though I have been using my Christmas Camera for weeks now.
It will also be the first holiday without my dad. Thanksgiving wasn't quite as bad. Tom and I were at his parents - that was normal. Moving my mom to Michigan, that was not normal.
Tonight we go to my Aunt's house and I'll see some relatives that I haven't seen since last Christmas.

I'm feeling ok, just tired - too much snow shoveling yesterday. And some last minute shopping.
I guess I better shower and wake Tom up, to see if we are going to his parents. I have to take some stuff over there.

Have a great Holiday. If you don't have 100 presents to open, ENJOY sleeping IN.... All my poor retail friends. I have been there, I remember. Take Care
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