Monday, December 20, 2004

What, What - It's Monday before Christmas?

WOW, I almost thought it would never get here. Not that I am ready by any stretch of the imagination.....

Would you believe I spent Saturday at the mall? I know, there must be something extremely wrong with me. I did catch a really good sale, surprise. I dodged the millions of people in horrible long lines. JC Penny had like one line open to buy stuff, Thank goodness I was in the shoe department. I had to replace my winter boots (I loved the old ones, but got more traction like ones this time.) Yes, those boots died in the flood. Anyway, it's a good thing I got the boots, DID you know it is 1 degree Fahrenheit out there right now. I'm Not kidding.
We are hoping for the snow, no school on Wednesday - do the snow dance with me.
For some reason my neck and shoulders hurt this morning. hmmm
Well, I guess I better get the car started.
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