Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What its MARCH already???

Someone pinch me, because it still looks like January out there. Well, I certainly hope that the March coming in like a Lion is going to help it go out like a lamb. Easter is very early this year, and I really do not want to be dealing with SNOW during my time off.

3 and 1/2 straight weeks before we get there. Did I mentions having to hang on lately???
Oh yeah, a lot of schools took yesterday off because of the snow... Once again I work in an insane district that is always open.

I spent some time with adults this past weekend, it was amazing. Friday the teaching crew hit 8th hour. We needed some adult talk time. Saturday I helped mom move a bunch of stuff. We got help from Mike, Kimmy and Lynn. That was nice, Lynn brought food. VERY Big help.
Saturday night, ran into Rob and Naarah on the freeway home. Almost literally from their point of view. Ok, so I passed them. Car has a V8 what did you expect.
Naarah rings me up and says, "You drive a bit fast don't you?" By the time I figure out I passed them it was funny. We talked while I drove home and decided, hey adults at dinner. What a concept.
I drag poor tired Tom out the door and we had dinner at El Nibble Nook. It was nice.

Sunday I FIXED the router. It was working, but not up to its potential. Happy to say I managed to fix it myself and did not have to go get a new one. Hmm, need to remember to update firmware more often. LOL

School is school and snow keeps coming. I was greatly wishing for that snowblower yesterday. Paid a kid walking by with a blower $20 to help me find the driveway. I felt it was worth every penny, the snow was REALLY heavy yesterday.

Life is rough, and on we go.
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