Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What, when where why?

Sure it is.

The weather is confused.

Life in Wixom - I still have a job. How about that. Looks like I get to keep it for next year too.
I have to admit that I have been hiding out a bit. But actually Tom and I have dragged ourselves out of the house several times in the last few weeks.
We drove to Toledo to see "The Friends of the Bob and Tom show". If you live near Toledo or north far enough, you can hear "Bob and Tom" on a hard rock station in the morning. Funny guys.
We went to a movie. Wow, can't even remember what it was.
We managed to go out to eat with Rob and Naarah - but I mentioned that in the other blog.
We had to rebuild one of my computers. It is still acting up, I had to get a new power supply. I have a back up mother board for the moment. Either the one I have will puke, or I will be sending it back. I got the mother board, because the one I had made no boops, or beeps. Made me very nervous.

THE GOOD NEWS...... They have changed Tom's job once again. He is no longer a slave to the machine. They found someone else to do that. Tom is now in charge of all the updating on the machines, because - they would make him do it anyway. At least now they found someone else to babysit the line people. They really can not seem to keep running correctly without someone standing over there shoulder. Sort of like my high school students.
Tom is so very happy. He does not have to work 14 hour days and 7 days a week now.
The paychecks will be smaller, but spending time with him will be worth it. Plus, now I can make he help get some work done. lol

OK, Stuff you might want to know about.

Mom is moved in, she has her furniture and everything out of the storage units. How, I don't know. You can not walk in the basement of the condo.
She is practically done painting the house. I am freaking amazed. She is going to get tendinities again, I know it. At least Aunt Shirley and Kim have been helping with the base painting and Kim's boyfriend has been doing a lot of the manly stuff. How nice.
I finally dragged Tom down and we helped her with a big load of stuff. We filled up both vehicles and moved some stuff around.

I have to take some pictures of her house and post them.
Rob and Naarah are getting married in May.
School doesn't get out until June 23 and I have to be back to work on August 1st. So, if you want to see me. It has to be in July.
Rich, clean the house, we'll be there in July. Not sure if over the 4th or the week after. LOL
Anyone else we have to fit in???

Thank Goodness for Spring Break (that is too early this year), it starts on Friday.
Have a great Easter, if that is your bag.
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