Monday, July 18, 2005

Dang, end of July

Tom has been complaining that I don't put anything up on the blog. Well, I do it in bunches.
Ok, the pictures that I finally loaded.
Kathy Sequin's birthday. I think 50 over rules my age any day. She got the big party this year.
Chris Federman - Tom's friend from Arvin Meritor from FOREVER ago, was finally in town and so he came to dinner. It was cool.
Sandhill cranes - took us a while to figure out what they were. The red threw us off, but we found it in the bird book. They didn't let Tom get too close. LOL
Then we worked on the Front room. It is done for now. I want a shelf unit of some kind and then a small chair. It is very comfortable at the moment.
Then Tom Dorsey's 75 birthday party. That was fun. and Sunday july 17 - Tom's parents came over with all the stuff to get the molding up in the basement and then they worked on the Rototiller. It took all day. I swear it sounds like a Motorcycle. Glad to know the neighbors were off to church and stuff most of the day. LOL It runs, and Tom even tilled a patch to make sure it would continue running.
I guess I need to cut the lawn. EWW
I have a wedding video to finish.
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