Sunday, July 03, 2005


It would be July 3rd - if you didn't notice.
If you don't know how old I am, I am not about to tell you. I'm sure you can figure it out if you think for a few minutes.
TOM made Breakfast in bed for me. Toast and Eggs. How cute. Now he is mowing the lawn, hurray.

This has been a fairly good first week off work. Monday was the basement-found the storage room and put away my work stuff for the fall. Tuesday was the deck - real scrubbing and cleaning, then the furniture. Wednesday was most of the house. Chris Federman finally made it over for dinner. It was fun. Then about 9 o'clock Paul Lautenschlager showed up. HURRAY He still lives.

Paul and I spent Thursday running around after the guy came and did my Sprinkler system. It works once again. HURRAY -and didn't cost me an arm and A leg.
We visited Mom, We hit costco and wow was that dangerous. Paul stocked up on everything. I just can't find the vitamins I bought.
Pizza and A movie for the night and Tom got home from work around 9. Poor guy - it has been really bad this week.
Friday- Paul and I hit Lowes and I found some cute stuff. Some plants, and pots and redid my plants, so hopefully they will survive another year. LOL We repotted plants, ate and off he went to work. Man it soo sucks his job. Art Van. Have pity ----
I have sort of been a bum ever since he left.

Now it is Sunday.
Have B-Day party to hit and stuff.
So, later
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