Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Our Friend TED, is the one with the Paintball Marker facination. So, the picture is basically for him.
This all started in July when Tom's Work decided to take the German interns on an activity. We played Paintball with 20 other people. Tom had played before long ago and far away. I had never played, we even talked Paul L to go with us. Pictures were posted a while ago from that trip.
This Sunday, a guy from work wanted to go again and we managed to get 9 people to meet us there. Of course, Tom wanted his own gear. I just wanted a face mask and chest protection.

Well, I did get a new camera this summer, so what could I say. Tom got a paintball marker (they are officially not GUNS), and the stuff needed to get to shoot it. He got a full helmet, to keep his head from getting bruises again and some paint to play with.

We played the morning games at a place in Pinkney that isn't too bad. (Sure I should know the name of it.) We played there last time and this time we met and played with some guys our age and older who call themselves Team FUBAR. If you recognize the acronym, good job. These guys play like every weekend and have two tons of gear.
I was too lazy to walk back from the jungle game, so I hung out with a couple guys from that team. They told me that they placed third in a 3 man tournament before and enjoy the exersise they get from playing. One noticed that I had a rental "gun" and said, "Hey, I got a nice marker for sale, you should come see it." He had brought it to the games.
Hense the blue Marker in the picture below.


Yes, we run around in the woods for several hours of the day. Actually you go out for 15 minute games. They have sort of a camp area in the center and then you wander out to the fields. I got hit this game. I don't seem to have bruises, but I certainly got hit in the leg and the butt on the last trip out to the jungle. I didn't get to shoot much, my rental did not shoot very far. It was fairly accurate, but no distance. I survived a couple games, but got whipped on the first and last.
AND We found out our friend Tony is very good at paintball.

We seem to have found about 4 or 5 other people with their own gear to place with and 2 or 3 more that will certainly play again.
Here is my call, to anyone who thinks they might be interested in playing at least once.
I have asked for Labor Day weekend off. That gives me three days to do three things.
  1. I want to hit the Rennisance festival. If you wish to go with us, pick which day and let me know. I don't care which day, just that weekend please.
  2. I would like to play paintball that weekend. We have gear and need to use it again before Tom starts working 60 - 70 hours a week at the plant.
  3. I want to go to the Michigan State Fair. This is not a priority, but I have not been in about 10 years. I have never walked the entire fair either, we would go see people show and that would be it.

Those are my plans for Labor Day weekend, if you want to go with us; Let me know, and take a vote on days.

Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was interesting to say the least.
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