Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Shrub physics

Here is a link to a simulator of a rag doll falling. (Click on the Title of the Post.) It has doubleyou's head on it and you can click on him and throw him around. I thought it was kinda cool so give it a try.
Also Break.com has some neat stuff on it so feel free to browse.

We went to the Kelly Miller Circus with Rob and Naarah on Saturday.
It was cool, but too dark to get any really good pictures. They will be a little blurry, hopefully Naarah got a couple better ones.

The Whole Ring, The crazy family that did everything, and the lady with the animals. The lama was too cute.

Ringmaster, Ball of death (motorbikes) and one of the elephants.

And one of the camels that was giving rides.
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